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I appreciated all the previous comments from people. I’m here in Ramona visiting my mother. I’m from Minnesota. I love this area and was interested in walking places I haven’t been to yet. Today was a wonderful day for a walk and this trail was just perfect. I loved the wildflowers peeking out along the trail. There was decent bird watching too. I found a nice place to sit in the shade near the end of my walk. I just had to watch out for the cow pies! If you are enjoying this trail on the weekend there is a winery nearby that would make a good place to refresh. Unfortunately it wasn’t open today. I hope to be back again!

Easy trail to do with kids. Not very busy. Little pond. Horseback riding. Nature hike.


Lovely hike! Saw so many beautiful birds including 2 Eagles! Very easy walk approximately 4 miles.

Wonderful trail! Have seen bighorn sheep many times. Hot this time of year; drink water!
Horses are not allowed.

11 days ago

Did this hike on a Saturday morning at sunrise, was the only person at El Monte County Park and the only person on the trail. Lovely hike with a lot of switchbacks, a ton of wildflowers, cool rocks, and great views of the valley. The bench with the Blossom Valley Summit plaque is a good place to end the hike and head back, if you continue along the all trails track it just takes you between a couple houses to the roadway to the south, the bench is a much nicer finishing point.

mountain biking
12 days ago

Id rate this trail as easy although there were short sections that were steep and rocky. But those sections are too short to make this trail above and easy rating.

It was a Quiet but came across 30 people and 5 dogs. It was busy. Trail is mostly cleared and all of it can be ridden. Short vertical section on the west side. This is NOT lake Jennings. The map is clear what is what if you take the time to study it.

Very beautiful and scenic easy hike. Perfect for close by hike

16 days ago

This a an easy hike compared to Cowls mountain.
Very beautiful with lots of green grass, trees and rock formations.
Excellent views along the entire hike.
We went on a Monday afternoon. It was cloudy and cool and we only saw 3 other hikers in the 2 hours it took to complete the hike.
There are wildlife warning signs but we did not see any lions or snakes and we were scanning the hills constantly.

I’ve hiked on this trail with my two dogs and it’s a nice trail!

Not bad. Kinda lackluster ending in blossom valley feeling like a you're tresspassing in someone's backyard but overall I liked it. Very well marked and easy to access. Awesome view of the mountains. Went with my seven yr old and two dogs, no issues except for a tiny blister.

What a great trail! I'm a beginner and found this to me beautiful, scenic and doable for children and adults. Good rocks for footing, and hardly any slipping areas. But in drier season could be more risk of slips. But that may be with any trail.

Can't wait to bring my 10 and 16 year old!

17 days ago

absolutely stunning hike!! didn’t pass a single person on the trail. very very rocky. don’t take dog unless they can climb up some smaller rocks and have tough pads. view at the top is incredible make sure u go up as far as u can go!

18 days ago

We didn’t have much time so we only made it from the park to the tunnel. Which was a great quick workout. You start climbing straight from the park in area 8. We only saw two other couples on the trail on Saturday. We will go back and climb both sides. If you aren’t in good uphill condition this may hurt a bit.

19 days ago

Very steep switchbacks. The history of the flume is very cool. The trail just sort of dumps you out into a new McMansion urban sprawl community so that's weird. But the views of El Cajon mountain on the way up are great.
I'd give this a 3.5 but apparently we don't get half stars. Very lightly trafficked so I bumped it up.

The Palms at the end of the canyon are such a beautiful surprise. I recommend taking the alternate route back. It provided a bit more variety and elevation change. Plus it was less crowded. (Though no shade). Kids loved this hike.

Very nice trail with great scenery. Not too busy. Great trail if you want to bring the dog along.

21 days ago

Great spot, good elevation in the beginning

We did this hike Saturday afternoon. We were lucky that the weather was beautiful - not too hot! There were six of us (3 adults, 3 kids in good shape (9-11 years old). There were areas to get a break from the sun from boulder shadows. I would not recommend if you have difficulty getting around as some areas require a little boulder scrambling. We caught two catci in bloom and a few other desert plants but not that much in bloom. The oasis was great and we stopped and had a picnic snack. Tip: park at the camper area - free with paid admission. Parking at the visitor's center will add 3 miles RT to your hike in the sun.

Really nice trails, very wide. Lots of friendly people out. Bathrooms by the playground. You can either park in the park and pay $3 or you can walk a little extra and park down the road in the neighborhoods. Very dog friendly, lots of trash cans too.

A very fun and scenic hike. The wife and kids loved it. Enjoyed climbing over rocks, crossing streams and the oasis is breathtaking. Didn’t see any sheep but we made it to end by 8am. We where the only ones on trail then but did get crowded by 9am. I can’t wait to go back and hopefully witness the big horns.

This is one of my favorite trails. I love that it’s away from the city, and you actually get to experience some beautiful nature and wildlife. (I come from the Sierra Nevadas, so I need nature.) I have seen many different lizards, frogs, birds, and a few different snakes...even picked up a Rosy Boa. (They are very docile snakes, even in the wild.)
The trail is long enough that it makes you feel accomplished. It’s beautiful the whole way through. The trail changes scenery as you walk. It starts out being open, then you walk through trees and eventually walk along a creek. Then you walk along side a cliff that over looks a canyon. Then you climb a hill and once at the top you have some nice views. A lot of the walk back down is gorgeous with the views. The trail goes in a loop, so you end up walking back in the middle of the trail you came up on.

good view! don‘t like that there is a street and cars at the top!

1 month ago

Good trail. Nice and quiet.

A real beaut! Nice and flat most of the way. hiked this in the rain, I felt like I was in England, but I've never been to England, so I don't know. Wouldn't have been surprised if I had seen a unicorn calmly lapping from the brook this trail follows for the middle third of the hike, but alas, I did not. Perhaps I didn't believe hard enough. Highly recommend for an easy-moderate hike.

Great hike with incredible scenery.

Nice view of Lake Jennings! More difficult than rated with several gains in elevation. Lots of rocks, sandy washouts on trail. Hiking poles would have been helpful. Only saw one other human!

The Alltrails map is woefully inadequate. There are dozens of trails here that are not shown on your map. You could hike every day for months and still see new country in this wonderful area. It is also great for mountain bikes. Get into the back country by bike, then hike the steep trails, then fly back on the bike downhill.

Great hike to take the dogs!

We did this hike years ago & loved it...went again yesterday with friends visiting from Vancouver...great hike & we were lucky to get to see some big horn sheep grazing by the streams edge. Weather was perfect! Disappointed that the Oasis pool is now barricaded off from getting in the water but still an enjoyable experience :)

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