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Very enjoyable hike! The parking lot is relatively small, some street parking nearby.

The trail curves towards the back of the mountain surrounded by large pines and firs. The elevation is slow and steady, trail is very well maintained.

The view away from the lake is just as impressive as the lake itself - old growth forests as far as the eye can see!

Fun trail. Strong climb. Well identified and guarded. Sturdy boots recommended and poles for those not-so-sure footed. Saw all 5 mountains at the top with even some high altitude cloud cover. The last third feels like you are in Scotland or Wales scenery wise.

I would rate this hike as easy, since the ascent can be done very fast. The views, nature, and different landscapes are truly special and diverse. I would recommend this trail to anyone who's looking to have a hike that is fewer than three hours, but sets the stage for what Pacific Northwest hikes can be. The parking is interesting, since it is literally right off of the freeway. Make sure to buy passes for the National Forest System online or at the Ranger's station in ZigZag before parking, since there is no place to purchase tickets here. Finally, there are a tremendous array of better hikes in the area, but this is good for those looking for something easier.

great hike to mirror lake but of you are going to go that far take the Tom dick and Harry trail all the way to the top and get views of five peaks at the same time( hood, Jefferson, Rainer, St Helen's, Adams) such an amazing view.

Short hike on a well graded trail - well worth it - especially at sunset! 19 Sep 2018

Great, well defined trail. Spectacular views of Crater Lake. It was challenging due to the elevation but there were plenty of view points to stop and rest. We did this in September and the weather was clear and cool. Highly recommend this trail!

4 days ago

I never get tired of this trail, it changes with the seasons. The Vine Maple is turning red now and there are a few wildflowers still blooming.

5 days ago

Absolutely STUNNING views of Crater Lake and the surrounding mountains. Moderately challenging and the payoff is well worth it.

For a half-day fun near Seaside/Portland area, definitely do this hike. I did it with my partner, middle September and there were maybe five couples and a few solo hikers we encountered.

To get to the parking, it is 7 miles of long and windy, but well paved roads.

The hike is beautiful with the hardest part being the incline at the end. It is slightly deceiving because you hike up one mountain to view people at the top of the real peak. But at the top it is an unbelieveable site with ocean view, the state of Washington, and the mountains of northeastern Oregon.

Wore sneakers with good traction, did not need full hiking gear.

Side note, there are picnic tables scattered throughout so could just be a fun picnic hike as well.

Beautiful hike, fantastic scenery. Completed this hike in September 2017.

Amazing views of the lake all the way up.

6 days ago

It was beautiful and refreshing standing on the back of the fall!!!

6 days ago

Garmin InReach tracked this at 5.9 miles. This hike is a great workout, unfortunately it was cloudy and I didn't get to see what the views were like. Scree makes it fun, but I wouldn't recommend this trail for dogs.

I saw some hikers walking up the road at the beginning. Not sure if this was on purpose or they didn't see the trail. There is a trail, it goes to the right and into the woods. Don't take the road, that's lame and not as scenic.

Has all the different types of terrain to see in the area; forest, swamp, desert with lava rock, ect. Absolutely beautiful!

Did this as a snow hike December ‘16 on a clear day and it’s one of the best hikes I will ever go on!! You can distinctly see every mountain in the Oregon Cascade range, it will take your breath away

I’d love to come back and do this hike on a clear day :) couldn’t see any views of Hood, but I’m sure it would’ve been stunning... a pretty easy hike no high elevation gain or steep inclines. It was nice

6 days ago

The perfect hike. So many beautiful views and the trail was fun. We went in mid September and the weather was amazing. It took us about 2 hours, which included lots of stops for photos and taking in the scenery.

6 days ago

Great trail! I took my dog with me and she loved it! The best part was the part leading up to the creek. Its so beautiful out there! I will definitely be returning.

6 days ago

This is a very popular trail. And for good reason.

Amazing things to see here the whole
Time . I really had to stop every few steps and look again as it changes so fast including climbers doing their thing on all the rock walls around

Upper section not too crowded (Friday 9/14/18 afternoon). Some road/traffic noise along lower section. Beautiful forested area. Decent elevation change with some switchbacks.

7 days ago

We took the Pine Marten Lift to the PM Lodge, cut across Sunrise to Summit Trail and scrambled to the top. The spectacular views at the top were worth the hike which was definitely “arduous.” It was very rocky (essentially, the hike was entirely on lava rock), exposed, and occasionally quite steep. Trail was fairly easy to follow in spite of very little signage.

9 days ago

Lovely area. Can't go wrong with any trail around here. I went from Green Lakes Trail, camped at the base of the mountain, and summited the next morning. The walk is pretty straight forward. There is one 20 foot vertical wall at the top. It is recommended to use ropes on this wall. Be careful!

Here is a video showing the summit route:

Love most of this trail, don't love the section that's on the side of the road, but otherwise a great easy trail and some great sections along the river.

10 days ago

We hiked this a few weeks ago, and it was a great experience. It was hazy in the valley and views were limited at the summit, but it was still awesome. It was so fun to point out the runs that we normally see during the snowy season. We read somewhere that the trail is marked by orange flags, but we only saw 2-3 of them tied to the trees. The trail is very well maintained and easy to follow from the Sunrise lift. There were several other people on the trail. We pretty much followed the chairlifts up the entire way. Our group consisted of 4 women and 2 girls-age 7 and 9. The kids did great and stuck with it the entire time. Bring a good supply of water and sunscreen on a warm day. Will definitely do this again!

Hiked on 9/8. The upper falls loop wasn’t too crowded—but lower falls looked a lot busier. Gorgeous views all around due to a dry and sunny day. Couldn’t have asked for a better morning hike to start the day.

I would rate as moderate, just because of the elevation change near the top. Great views all around today. The smoke from nearby fires wasn't too bad today. Beautiful area.

two waterfalls in one hike. nice!

Easy hike, brief view of Mt Hood, nice areas to hang out by the water. Did this with our one year old and he loved walking around by the water.

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