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4 hours ago

as of june 2018 part of the road broke away but park on the side and the walk is about 2 minutes till you get to a tee in the road go RIGHT for the trail. left takes you to an old logging road. boo. the hike is in view alongside the river. one part leads you strait to the river where you can sit and take a break or just take it all in. continue on and it leads you into the open forest, a continuous trail. then you're alongside an area with huge boulders all around. it leads to the lake but you can't really explore around the lake (a long time ago you could) as theres debree from old logs and brush. you can fish or theres open areas for camp and bon fire.

This was my first hike in Mt. Rainer National Park and I fear it will be hard to beat. The view from the lookout tour is unreal, a screensaver. We were lucky enough to not have a cloud in the sky and we saw a bear cub and a few deer as an added bonus. My only complaints would be the gravel road leading to the trail head as it was a dust storm the whole way. Bugs were a buzzin' and there wasn't that sense of seclusion I crave due to all the other hikers but that was expected.

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5 hours ago

Come prepared! It’s nothing but uphill for two miles, with some steep treks as you reach the end. Worth powering through for the view, and a cool dip in Rattlesnake Lake awaits you at the bottom.

easy trail. very enjoyable for a Saturday hike

Tough hike for a beginner but a perfect hike for a normal hiker. Keeps the general public out and not crowded. Will be going back for sure

8 hours ago

Great trail with the dog. The best access is 2.4 miles before the bridge. There is a large sign on the right side of the road and a small area on the shoulder for parking. I would have had a hard time getting my dog down the steep and rock path if we had stopped at the bridge.. Perfect for a hike on a warm, sunny day.

We saw a herd of mountain goats when we got up to the ridge. What a beautiful sight to see!

9 hours ago

i went early (just after 6am) and went in from the north falls location. The trail is very well maintained and definitely the easier side of moderate if you're somewhat active of a person. We enjoyed a lot of tomfoolery and lollygagging and turned it into a 10mile, 6hr hike but so worth taking the time to stop and enjoy everything and take a few breaks for the people less accustom to hiking in my group. the codes were great, very few areas had any issues as far as overgrowth etc. I will say that if you're going to actually enjoy nature go Early! towards the end of the hike there were a lot of younger folk who were trampling off trail and getting down screaming in the water under some of the falls and very little trail etiquette. I will definitely go again.

10 hours ago

The view at the end of this hike is so beautiful, that words can’t even began to describe it. This is the second time I have ever hiked in my life and it wasn’t easy but it also wasn’t difficult. It was just challenging enough to feel great. I strongly recommend starting off at the Mowich lake, it will add about another mile to your total hike but 100% worth it. The hike to Eunice lake was more difficult than the last .9 Miles to look out in my opinion but totally doable. The lakes don’t even look real, the water is crystal clear. The last .9 miles to the top is mainly incline, and looks super difficult looking up from Lake Eunice but DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED.. if I could do it, anyone could do it. Once you reach the top, you will instantly forget how hard the hike may have been because the view is stunning. I strongly recommend lots of water, sunscreen, a hiking stick (I wish I had one at times) and BUG SPRAY (the good kind with deet). I saw black tail deer along the trail as well, which was super cool. It took me about 4 1/2 hours in and out, including my several breaks during all the inclines. Overall I recommend this hike to anyone, even a beginner hiker like myself.

was great little trail not super long but reward at the end was pretty sweet

11 hours ago

When we got to about mile 3 someone moved the sign and sent us in the wrong direction. We were way off track on a very hot day. Needs better signs

Great hike. The view at the top is well worth it. Get there early or it is very crowded. Take water!!

loved this trail very beautiful my husband and I went with our 3 kids walked the Franklin trail to the falls and the wagon trail back to the care.

I agree to some that it's not all that bad, we only took a couple breaks and were in decent shape. Took us an 1.5 hours to get up and 1 hour to get down. Very well maintained trial except when you pass the sign when it stops. The ropes were pretty scary, just cause one slip you can go over the edge and the ropes are skinny. Some people said bring gloves which we didnt..but BRING GLOVES.
Great views but would I do it again? Probably not, there's other great hikes with great views without climbing ropes by the edge and possibly dying.

Beautiful old growth forest some of the greatest waterfalls you’ll ever see. Great hiking trails. Trails get slippery when it rains and they can be snow covered in the winter. The waterfalls are beautiful in the winter if you can get to them. Safety is a concern on the trails when there is snow. If planning on camping you need to get spaces weeks or months ahead of time. Camp sites are crowded and close together. There are cabins and yurts, but you need to plan months ahead to get any of them. There are horse camps, bike trails, summer camps, family camps, picnicking, swimming, special events- civil war reenactments, history lectures and space to get away and be by yourself. There are spaces large enough to play football or baseball. The hike around the falls is the big attraction. The hike is easy with a few steep spots, but do to the length of the hike it should be and is listed as a moderate level hike. You can drive to several of the falls and take short hikes to see them. This is the largest state park in Oregon. Be sure to bring your camera to get pictures of the falls, wildflowers and old growth forest. A great place to build family memories.

great hike! go early it gets very crowded...

17 hours ago

Just amazing! Great for families and the views are breathtaking!

great hike beautiful falls

The first mile is more like a leisurely walk, beautiful old growth forest. I think not as many people make it through the second mile, as the trail is a bit more overgrown and gets more rugged--steeper, more roots in the path. But it's a good hike for beginning or intermediate hikers.

19 hours ago

It’s a nice little hike with a beautiful waterfall. Good activity for folks who like short hikes. During the summer there are lots of folks.

20 hours ago

Although the alltrails says this hike is hard, it really isn't that bad. There is a well maintained trail most of the way up. the last leg of the trail to the peak lookout is a sections of loose dirt/rock with ropes you have to partially pull yourself up with. The view at the top is beautiful. You get a full view of lake Cresent in front and behind is you is the mountains.

Got there at 6pm so no issues with construction delays! Passed a few people that were coming down while we were going up but it was not crowded at all. Absolutely stunning views almost the whole time. Pretty easy path to follow-not too difficult to get all the way up. Only difficulty comes with change in elevation. Several deer that got close enough to almost touch! Saw one marmot and a glimpse of a bear in the distance! A lot of the trail is in direct sunlight which could be hot/require sunscreen at a different time in the day.
Overall, hiking perfection!

great for whole family

Easy walk - a little work out going back up. Gorgeous beach. Not too crowded. Nice walk through the woods and then a lovely stroll on the beach. Bring food and beverages - great picnic spot! Be sure to walk north on the beach - nice rock formations. And then you can walk south, too - you’ll see even more. Plan some time for walking on the beach ... lots to see! Go early - by midday there may be lines at the pay station.

Crowded. Typical beach walk. The farther south you walk, the more the crowd thins out. Good picnic spot.

steady climb up, great work out for your quads! Go on a clear day and you will see Vancouver Island, the Strait of Juan De Fuca and of course all of Lake Crescent. If you want to get all the way to top safely wear shoes with very good traction. The 5 rope assists on the last few hundred feet of trail were also huge help on a very slippery and steep terrain.

1 day ago

We lucked out and got a permit for the whole trail and did it in 10 days. Coming from flat Oklahoma this was still a little strenuous. Cool the first few days and snow still on the east side in early July but we had a few warm days to conquer it and thankfully boot tracks to show us the way. Otherwise make sure you have a map and altimeter to cross the snow.

It was cloudy and still a lot of snow when I went and hiked at Tolmie but it was perfection. It was a long , moderate, and somewhat hard hike but its all worth it. Eunice Lake was so gorgeous and so with Mowich lake. Definitely want to go back there again. The only thing is you have to drive almost an hour in a gravel road.

1 day ago

We came to Little Si after a small hike at Snoqualmie Falls. Little Si is an awesome moderate level hike. We had our 6 and 8 year old boys with us and they loved this hike compared to Snoqualmie, which they thought was boring. Little Si is nicely shaded, has a lot of areas to climb and explore, and is a great way to spend the day. I think it took us about 4 hours to complete it, trailhead to peak and then back down, including a few breaks and a picnic on the peak. The views at the peak are beautiful and well worth the hike. My family would definitely do this one again.

I really enjoyed this hike. We read all the reviews and tried to arrive early - but breakfast, coffee, packing picnic - left Bellevue around 1045, no traffic, got the one spot left. It is $5 for parking unless you have a pass. There was an outhouse in parking lot.

Read the signs, we ended up going on some other trail. Not a big deal but was about 0.5-1 mile warmup. I am in decent shape, take 6 flights a day to get to my car at train - workout 1-2 times a week. I was winded on the way up. I think it took us about 2 hours - really really is a trail w a lot of rocks and roots. Starving by the time we got to the lake. It was so beautiful. Glad I brought aqua socks to walk in the water. We had a nice picnic and hung out for an hour or so then headed down. Going down was quick but really felt it in my knees. A lot of dogs and an owner that didn’t pick up after a big dog. Only crossed paths with 20 people ish, we went on a Friday. I came prepared w bug spray but not a problem at all - THANK goodness. Def recommend, great for a day trip out of the city

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