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Great views for not a lot of effort. It's all uphill but at a manageable gradient and distance. It's a popular hike so consider getting there early to find parking

10 days ago

Pretty good pull to the top and then 1.5 miles out the trail which is very much the same kind of terrain. Rock wall scramble isn’t bad at all. Just keep you mind on what you are doing and put one hand and foot in front of another. Views are great but it can get a little crowded up top.

10 days ago

Very nice easy hike with great views at the end. I used this as a break the next day after Emory Peak and then hit South Rim. Very nice.

Excellent hike with great views. Hike has many different ecosystems and the view is as good as it gets. Pretty good pull to the top but well worth it. You can hit Emory peak on the backside as you are finishing up.

A wonderful hike with beauty at every turn. I am 61 and fit and thought this hike was very doable. If you’re not young, I recommend going up Laguna Meadows and down Pinacles. Pinacles probably would hAve done me in if I had used that route for my assent. We started at 9 am and finished the 12.5 mile hike at around 6:15 pm, stopping for lunch and breaks along the way....,,..so, it’s a full day hike. There are some really steep climbs to consider. I would say this is a hike for any age, but you should be pretty fit to do it.

Not difficult until the end, where the creek crossings can be difficult due to slippery rocks. Great hike.

Fun, tough hike with amazing views on the rim. I recommend going up Laguna meadows for an easier climb. We've done it as an overnight and a day hike with the overnight giving you the rim all to yourself in the morning. Either way the views are worth it.

Beautiful, beautiful hike! My favorite in the park. Fairly strenuous for those not in the good shape. I’m 43 and in reasonably good shape, and my feet and knees were on fire. Well worth the discomfort though! Cold beer and ice packs back at camp.
Don’t forget the west rim- it’s not marked. After the south rim, instead of immediately following the path to the right to Laguna Meadows trail, head straight up for another stunning vista to the west. Adds about .25 miles to the hike.

17 days ago

This hike is simply a must if you’re in Big Bend. Pinnacle trail on the way up is a real bruiser with its elevation gain, however the trail up to the peak is moderate. Some folks won’t want to climb up the rocks to summit the peak but it’s really not too bad and very well worth it. If you do, look to the west and enjoy the sun illuminating the north wall of Santa Elena canyon on the park’s western border. Stunning views.

Strenuous hike. Great views. We combined this with Emory Peak and it took 8 hours hiking . Total of 16 miles.

I started at around 5 AM from the basin on Laguna Meadows side. Saw no one. Mild weather in the 50s, It was great transition from moonlight to sun rise. The sun rays made a great arc at the rim. I spent alone at the top for about half an hour enjoying the view and the solitude. It was very windy. Came down via Pinnacles, saw a lot of people then. Since I started very early, I carried only 3 liters of water. I ended up using only 2.5 liters anyway. Took me 7 hours.

Very beautiful views. Had to cross knee deep water and climb a muddy embankment to get to the trail.

The entire trail took about three hours with a few breaks. Parking is very limited around busy times so we ended up having to park about a mile away and walk to the trailhead which isn't a big deal. We saw a bear about half a mile into the trail snacking on something. He didn't seemed to be bothered by people at all. the view from the top is great and is a comparable height to emory peak without having to hike all day long.

25 days ago

Great views from the peak. Can be shroaded in early morning mist first thing.

25 days ago

Did an overnight backpack hike of Southrim loop the weekend of Nov 10th. PERFECT weather. We went up Laguna since we had 30lb packs. We carried 3-4L of water between the two of us for 2 days and night, hiking and cooking dinner and breakfast. The maples in Boot Canyon were gold and red, lots of water after rains. We ran into a huge Black Bear on Colima and they were very active everywhere. Be aware, loud and don’t run and you’ll be fine. You must use bear boxes available at each campsite. The sunset was worth everything! We came down Pinnacles and it was grueling. Glad we didn’t go up that way with full packs. Can’t wait to go back and do the Northeast extension.

This is an easy trail to a very interesting geological feature.

1 month ago

Wonderful hike! Just enough water to make the crossings interesting and challenging.

Very cool trail that takes down into the canyon along the Rio Grande. The rock faces are amazing when you get down to the river and into the canyon. Nice hike!

1 month ago

Very nice trail. It is well maintained and beautifully constructed. The views at the top are magnificent!

Go at dusk. The sunset is majestic. Hiking back in the dark is good fun!

Very good hike. Stream running enough to make getting to end both wet and enjoyable.

You can string multiple loop variations onto the South Rim - you can't go wrong. This is still one of my favorite hikes out there, gazing hundreds of miles across Texas and Mexico. Be sure to start very early and keep a good pace so you are done before the afternoon heat sets in. Carry at minimum 4-5 litres of water, if not more. Keep in mind, this is the desert. Hydration and sunscreen is key! Watch out for rattlers, too.

Great views!!! Worth it even if it's drizzling and muddy.

Tons of fun and amazing views! I had to wade through the river at the very beginning to get to the incline, and then the canyon itself was so beautiful.

Interesting when getting close to the Window, but the first few (and last few) miles can get really hot and feel pretty long.

Absolutely gorgeous view from the top. Super worth it!

Beautiful hike! Bears are sited!

Moderate difficulty but exquisite views. Backpack in for solitude when the day hikers have returned to the basin.

on Lost Mine Trail

2 months ago

Gorgeous view

on The Window Trail

2 months ago

It’s was a really fun trail to explore. Beautiful scenery.

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