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On Aug. 21, a total solar eclipse will be visible from the contiguous United States! It will be the first solar eclipse to traverse coast to coast in nearly a century and the first to occur solely in the United States since the country was founded! To celebrate this epic event, The AllTrails Team has created a list of Idaho’s top-notch eclipse-viewing spots! Imagine watching twilight fall on the Sawtooth Mountains at 11:30 AM. Or picture yourself sitting atop Bald Mountain, 9150 feet up, amid the strange glow of daytime darkness. Idaho is worth a trip anytime, but demands a visit on August 21st as it is in the solar eclipse’s path of totality. Despite the possible clouds, it will be difficult for the skilled-photographer to resist venturing into the wilderness to capture the lunar shadow climb across the jagged Sawtooth Mountain range. For those who prioritize clear skies, The Snake River Valley seems to be the prime location for a cloud-free view. Click 'View Full Map' below to filter by activity type, rating, difficulty, length, etc and find your perfect solar eclipse hike or campout! And of course, don't forget to share your adventure with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using #alltrails Happy Adventuring!

'17 Solar Eclipse Idaho Map

Great hike with amazing views. We took our time and plenty of photos which averaged us out around 46 minutes/mile. (2 short days and 2 full days)

We enjoyed the trip best coming in from Pettit Lake to Toxaway first, going over the pass, then down by Alice Lake back to Pettit. Last year we started the other directions and we just preferred the other way personally.

Views are amazing. The pass was a challenge and a little sketchy if you aren’t used to snow/heights, but that was a first for me and it was accomplished, so doable. (June 22nd, 2018)

8 hours ago

This trail seems to be an old forest road. Pretty easy quick little hike. Lots of wild flowers right now.

trail running
1 day ago

This trail was decent, views were nice. I take my pup trail running and half of the trail was shale and rough on her feet. Nice, short jaunt. However there are so many incredible trails around here that had I known the composition, I definitely would have driven some extra miles to find a better-suited trail for my dog.

I started clock-wise out of Grandjean, wanting to do the northern-most loop. The hike was fantastic! Very scenic and lots of solitude. The three creek crossings were impossible to do without getting wet. There are logs, but they were partially submerged (and very slippery). I just put on my water shoes and braved the numbingly cold water! At about 4 miles, right after the sign to Trail Creek Lakes/Stanley Lake, I completely lost the trail due to downed trees. I spent about 1.5 hours trying to pick the trail back up, then just going cross country. I never did locate the trail, and when a thunderstorm rolled in, with hail, while I was on top of a rocky ridge, I hot-footed it back down. I returned to Grandjean campground and later that evening, did 5 miles going the opposite direction on the loop, along Baron Creek. Beautiful views and pretty level. I'll be back!

light rain and hail made for dramatic vistas

7 days ago

Hike was pretty easy. Not too far but it was mostly uphill all the way to the lake. There is a upper and a lower lake on this trail for anyone who didn’t know, so don’t forget to make it up to the upper. There was a lot of people on the trail, that’s my only complaint, but I’d recommend

did the full loop june 15th and 16th.amazing scenery! very alpine lots of snow over the pass hard to find trail but doable for 3 miles between twin lakes and toxaway...worth it! creeks running high overall adventure and plenty of views and water.....Bring fishing pole!

A great hike with lots of variety and terrific views.

Amazing, moderately trafficked trail! Will hike again! Super beautiful views!

on Redfish Lake Trail

10 days ago

Great trail conditions. Lots of variety. Great views at lots of locations

Hiked 6/13/18. Most of the snow has melted, except at the lake itself. Great trail, plenty of shade and not too steep. Beautiful area

We had a great hike today! A beautiful, well marked and scenic route! magnificent views!

nature trips
12 days ago

Pretty easy trail. Fairly well maintained parking area, bathrooms and trail as well as pet friendly.
Just 25 minute drive from Idaho Falls

So much fun with my three little ones

Hiked on 5/19, lots of snow. AllTrails and a compass were helpful for trail finding. Fell in knee deep or further several places. Snowshoes or cross country skis are highly recommended. Great views and gorgeous lake (although it was still frozen/slush at this time).

19 days ago

A short and sweet hike! And beautiful views! Would do it again. Steep in some areas. Carried my baby on my back and we did great!

Fairly even. Nice and pretty. Had kids with us.

Hiked on 5/28. The trail is clearly marked until you pass the creek, where you lose the trail almost completely. You need to navigate to the lake by yourself from that point on. AllTrails and GPS were very helpful in getting us to the lake!! Also, very snowy and wet, at least 3 feet+ of snow. Extremely beautiful and worth the trek, however would probably wait a month or two (or just wear snow shoes!!)

25 days ago

This was a good beginner hike. It’s more an ATV trail than a hiking trail. Very little of the trail is shaded and it’s not marked very well where to go from the parking lot (go behind the gates). Luckily my gps worked fine the whole time. When you get to the Y, go left. There’s a giant cell tower. Go past the cell tower and the view is amazing! Plus you’ll have perfect cell service lol

26 days ago

When you get to the top, make sure you go straight for about another half a mile. The view there was 10 times more gorgeous.

Very well maintained trail with a nice mountain creek and wildlife. We saw a little gopher snake!

1 month ago

This trail had a little more uphill than anticipated but it wasn’t bad. We went at the end of May and the place was beautiful. The view is pretty awesome too. It was perfect for a short homework break, I will definitely go back.

1 month ago

Hiked it a on May 21. Good trail but noticed a lot of down trees and branches covering the trail. Also had tough time cause there was still a ton of snow once you pass creek. Made also difficult to walk or follow the trail without snow shoes. Overall good hike, probably better to do in a couple months.

1 month ago

This trail is amazing. The lakes along the hike are beautiful and full of trout. The campsites around the lakes are plentiful with great views of the lakes. If you like to fish/backpack this is a great trail. We did this Sept 13-17, 2017.

Still, a lot of snow on the trail as others have stated. Whether you use boots with or without gaters, you will need about 12" of protection to keep your feet dry. I highly recommend gaters!

We followed Trail 640 to the valley Iron Creek crossing. Steadily increasing snow as you make your way up the trail. With some strategic log placement, we were able to make it across with relatively dry feet. From that point on, you will be walking on about 3ft of snow (mostly solid pack). It is absolutely beautiful in the valley and well worth it to cross the creek.

After the creek, despite using 2 different offline GPS trail maps, we were unable to find the trail again. We made our way to the next ridgeline, ate lunch, and decided to turn back.

An amazing hike with the right gear and highly recommended.

I've been on this trail 3 times with my family. It's super easy to follow and lots of fun. There are amazing views and lots of informational signs along the way.

1 month ago

It wasn’t difficult! Carried our 1 year old in a carrier and it we made it just fine. Short and fun hike! Really pretty.

It's not the hike's fault there was too much snow.

It is absolutely gorgeous up there! And so quiet. I went on a beautiful blue bird day, crisp and sunny. This was my first time hiking in the Sawtooth wilderness and couldn't believe how lightly tracked the trail was, if it even was the trail.

I followed someone's path about 2.5 miles in before their trail abruptly ended at a canyon. Considering there was no return footprints, I can only assume...
1. They were eaten by a bear,
2. They fell into the canyon or
3. I'm just an idiot and couldn't see where they actually went.

Either way, would love to come back someday and try this hike again when all the snow melts.

Great hike with beautiful views!!!!!

1st half is paved. The loop is not and is a little more difficult. We took a wagon and a stroller and made it ok.

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