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On Aug. 21, a total solar eclipse will be visible from the contiguous United States! It will be the first solar eclipse to traverse coast to coast in nearly a century and the first to occur solely in the United States since the country was founded! To celebrate this epic event, The AllTrails Team has created a list of Idaho’s top-notch eclipse-viewing spots! Imagine watching twilight fall on the Sawtooth Mountains at 11:30 AM. Or picture yourself sitting atop Bald Mountain, 9150 feet up, amid the strange glow of daytime darkness. Idaho is worth a trip anytime, but demands a visit on August 21st as it is in the solar eclipse’s path of totality. Despite the possible clouds, it will be difficult for the skilled-photographer to resist venturing into the wilderness to capture the lunar shadow climb across the jagged Sawtooth Mountain range. For those who prioritize clear skies, The Snake River Valley seems to be the prime location for a cloud-free view. Click 'View Full Map' below to filter by activity type, rating, difficulty, length, etc and find your perfect solar eclipse hike or campout! And of course, don't forget to share your adventure with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using #alltrails Happy Adventuring!

'17 Solar Eclipse Idaho Map

Beautiful trail, great views of Sun Valley and Ketchum.

1 day ago

This is one of our very favorite hikes in the area. If hiking on a hot summer day, definitely take a dip in the lake! So refreshing, but you won’t stay in long! We have hiked this many times, with kids and adults not used to hiking. It will challenge the latter but not bore the experienced hiker, who can always choose to go further :)

4h up, 3h down. Well kept trail up to chicken out ridge. Not a tough scramble, only 1 section where a fall would be disastrous but totally doable keeping 3 points of contact and taking your time. the snow bridge was almost gone with only a small area requiring you to walk on snow. Following the flattish section the trail becomes hard to follow with very few cairns. This is the most dangerous section as footing is very loose with danger of rock fall. Stick to the ridge crest on your right for a much safer and fun route. This will require some easy bouldering. Enjoy the summit, there is still an American flag there to hoist.

Great hike. A little of everything on the way.

This was a nice trail. Views alone/terrain would have been 5 stars. But there were a lot of mountain bikers. And dogs. We saw about a dozen dogs, ALL of whom were off leash. Only one owner bothered to leash, or even call her dog as we approached with our own (leashed) dog. Also, multiple people were leaving bags of dog poop on the trail.

Awesome hike, beautiful lakes, incredible mountains. First half is super easy, all the elevation gain is done in the last two miles. My watch clocked me at 10.75 miles, we had to park a little bit down the road from the main parking lot, so a little bit of the extra mileage came from this but not a lot. I’d plan this to be more around 10 and not 8.5.

Loved this trail and Lake! Switchbacks made the elevation change easy. Beautiful lake, clear water.

Lovely day hike. It was a great way for a flat lander to acclimate before a multi day backcountry trip.

Great loop with beautiful views no matter where you look. We completed this loop in 2 days, although 3 may have been more leisurely. Plenty of campsites at Alice lake, probably our favorite views on the trip. Make sure to take a dip in the lake. Very refreshing (and cold!) after a long hike in. We noticed minimal choices for camping spots at Farley so decided to bypass and just hike out on day #2. Would have loved to stay longer and explore lakes beyond this loop. Also of note: seems as though most people were hiking this route counter clockwise and heading straight for Toxaway. We opted for the opposite and did clockwise staying at Alice. Fair amount of people on the trail even for the week. Bugs were out at dusk near the water but nothing a little DEET wont take care of. LEft with only one bug bite!

7 days ago

beautiful hike I've done it a few times, but we saw a rattle snake when we went last year at dusk in early august, so be careful.

9 days ago

Awesome trail. Got there at 3pm, passed everyone coming down and there was absolutely no one up top. Water was perfect for a swim. Have good shoes, water and sun block, you’re in direct sun for about half the hike. Check it out in the winter, it’s beautiful

it is a little than moderate for small children ;)

Very enjoyable hike! We backpacked to Sawtooth Lake and camped. Good amount of elevation gain and we hiked in early August and I was chilly. If you camp, be sure to pack warm clothes for sleeping!

Great beginners trail. Nice 3.5 mike loop with stunning views! Dog friendly.

Great loop! This was our first time and we went to Alice lake first. Most people were going the opposite direction. Spent 2 nights and 3 days, splitting it into 6 miles per day roughly. So many pretty lakes and waterfalls. Plenty of spots to camp along the way. Mosquitos only seem to come out at night near water. We used 100% deet and it is nasty stuff but keeps them away. Late July meant warm nights. Loved this challenging hike! Bring your walking sticks.

Loved the trail and views at top were gorgeous.

15 days ago

We decided late Friday night to head out for an overnight in the Sawtooths ... and selected this route. A good bit of elevation gain to make it to Sawtooth Lake is definitely worth it. There were a number of people camping, but we were still able to find a great spot. Bring bug spray, not insane but you’ll want it. Good access to water along the way. Always amazing to wake up at 9,000ft. A good number of day hikers, all good encounters up and down, including a lovely mix of languages and cultures. ♥️

Great trail. First half mile is all sidewalks (fully handicap accessible). The next half mile loop is well marked and has signs and benches. Even more fun is the trail to the top. It heads off the second loop. There are some steep sections and boulders to climb, especially near the top. The views of the Snake River from the top is fabulous. Well worth the challenge. Enjoy!

17 days ago

My first solid backpack trip. Did 3 nights. July 20-23. Snowfield Pass was the the toughest part, but it was free of snow. I was plenty warm in my down bag at night since it was warmer than I expected. 100% Deet keeps the mosquitoes from biting. Plenty of water. Limited camping at Farley Lake. I broke it into four 5-mile days.

Left before five am, went straight up , (should of went slower). The view s are great. And spectacular from the summit! I rested there for 45 minutes then came down. It’s too easy to get lost coming down. While going up the summit is always in site, down is convoluted and can be threatening. Knees hurt some coming down but I was in my truck by three pm

18 days ago

Overall a great trail with some pretty amazing views, this would be good for a two night trip but I had to do one night since the mosquitoes were so vicious, make sure to bring some good bug repellent. I would definitely do this loop again but in the later season.

19 days ago

This was a LOVELY hike. While it says “moderate” for difficulty, there were some steep areas that were a bit challenging, especially for people coming from sea level, which was us. We are fairly fit, and there were definitely some areas of the trail that we were breathing hard. Wear solid shoes and bring water, especially in the summer. We arrived at about 9:00 on 7/27/18 and there were a few cars in the parking lot. The initial part is steep! Then it evens out, gets steep again and follows this pattern for about 2 miles. You will walk through meadows with awesome views of the craggy peaks to right and left. There were wild flowers, but not a profuse amount. The lake is beautiful and dipping your feet (or body!) is a must! Unless it’s cold and then don’t, lol! You can walk around the lake, although we didn’t. We did take a short trail up to the smaller lake, and it was lovely as well. You definitely will not regret doing this hike! We passed many people coming down and the parking lot was FULL. So....go early. This is a nice short hike and would give you time to do another in the afternoon.

I like this trail but I like to expand on it. At the four wheeler trail on the east side I take that and go to the east up to the pipeline trail that goes north up the side of the mountain. Also on the east side of cress creek trail there is another trail that I call Kim‘s trail that goes straight up the side of the mountain they are both good workouts so a trekking poll or walking stick is a good idea.

trail running
20 days ago

This is such a lovely moderate run or hike. You can go either direction for scenery, but if you don’t like short sharp slippery climbs up, better to go counterclockwise. Lovely sections along the river, lots of sections through the shady woods and up to the rocky, red dirt outlook with great views across to Eagle creek and of the north end of the valley. Best early am (no later than 10) in summer to beat the crowds and the heat. Be sure to Park at Fox Creek trailhead, not chocolate gulch (which is a residential neighborhood and therefore only has a couple of parking spots available)

It’s a beautiful hike. We always think we’ve passed it before we find it. The first half is paved and the second half is gravel. Go up the gravel for a great view of the snake river, and don’t forget to read the signs!

22 days ago

The trail was much better than expected. Still some snow packs at 8300’ where we camped on Sawtooth lake. Super windy and that kept the mosquitoes down for the most part. As soon as the wind died down, out they came...
Plenty of water on trail. Not a great hammock location as suitable trees weren’t abundant anywhere Sawtooth lake itself, but we made due. The trail Was 9.9 miles according to this app’s tracker. Plenty of people and dogs “off leash” but no problems.

22 days ago

Great easy hike to take the family on. Super pretty views and diverse terrain. Passes by a few small springs that are pretty. Dog friendly! Make sure you have bug spray

Awesome backpacking area. Lots of water in the form of lakes, ponds, streams, and waterfalls. The views are amazing! Definitely a 2-3 day (bring plenty of mosquito spray). Not as much people as I thought there would be but all were friendly. If you have time, and are able, try the Snowyside Peak Scramble.

trail running
23 days ago

I loved this hike/run. I agree with others that it’s longer than the 17 miles indicated in the description. I tracked it at over 20. Last week in July meant the trail wasn’t too wet, though I had to remove shoes for one crossing. I went counter clockwise and thought the views were beautiful. Managed to run much of the route, apart from the rocky / craggy /scrabbly sections. Mosquitoes not a problem at all. Not crowded- Came across only about 8 groups along the way. Everyone cheerful and chill. Highly recommend starting early as car park at trailhead fills up and the heat was coming in by about 11-12.

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