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On Aug. 21, a total solar eclipse will be visible from the contiguous United States! It will be the first solar eclipse to traverse coast to coast in nearly a century and the first to occur solely in the United States since the country was founded! To celebrate this epic event, The AllTrails Team has created a list of Idaho’s top-notch eclipse-viewing spots! Imagine watching twilight fall on the Sawtooth Mountains at 11:30 AM. Or picture yourself sitting atop Bald Mountain, 9150 feet up, amid the strange glow of daytime darkness. Idaho is worth a trip anytime, but demands a visit on August 21st as it is in the solar eclipse’s path of totality. Despite the possible clouds, it will be difficult for the skilled-photographer to resist venturing into the wilderness to capture the lunar shadow climb across the jagged Sawtooth Mountain range. For those who prioritize clear skies, The Snake River Valley seems to be the prime location for a cloud-free view. Click 'View Full Map' below to filter by activity type, rating, difficulty, length, etc and find your perfect solar eclipse hike or campout! And of course, don't forget to share your adventure with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using #alltrails Happy Adventuring!

'17 Solar Eclipse Idaho Map
11 days ago

The trail loops near the top where you’ll find a small water stream. It has great views of snake river and surroundings! I’d recommend hiking the trail in the winter time to get some great photos of the snow.

Nice short trail for the fam.

I did this trail at the end of december and it was pretty snow but the trail was very packed down. It is very scenic and provides you with great views of Baldy Mountain and the other mountains in the Sawtooth Range. If you’re not used to the altitude, don’t underestimate it!

1 month ago

Amazing area, good first backpacking trip hike/ location!

Nice trip! Really nice trip! Hiked counter clockwise to toxaway lake the first day. The second day we took a day trip up sand mountain pass, over to Imogene and Edith lakes. Got back to camp faster than expected so fished on toxaway all afternoon and spent our second night there. Day 3 headed to Alice lake and wow! There are two sites that are towards the end of the lake and they are worth getting there early! Amazing! Swam for a while then fished all evening. We all caught nice size Brooke’s. Day 4 out was a bit longer than expected but a nice finish to the trip

Went in late August and weather was pretty chilly, mid 30s at night

2 months ago

Beautiful and not too challenging. Last part of hike is right along the river

Gorgeous views, lakes, waterfalls, everything a great backpacking trip consists of! Wow!!! Breathtaking!

Great adventure. Be prepared. The weather can change quickly. Best in late July - early September. Plan on 7-10 hours round trip.

2 months ago

I made several trips up this trail in September, looking for evidence of the world's first chairlift. I've uploaded photos of what I found. About a mile up the south branch of the trail, the concrete base of the lift can be seen in an open field. The mechanism for this tow is very similar to the preserved Ruud Mountain chairlift. The tower carrying the drive and cable bull wheel rolled in a track, tensioned by a counterweight in a stationary tower behind the rolling tower. The track is what is seen in the first photo. Behind the track there are pieces of the cable that attached to the counterweight, and the bolt-down footings for the stationary tower. What appears to be the old counterweight - a pyramidal piece of black rock - sits next to the trail nearby.

If one stands in the center of the track and uses it as a sight line, you can see where the tow went. This is the view in the second photo. In the foreground there is now a forest, which in 1936 had been blazed through for the low-riding chairs to pass headed up the mountain (third B&W photo). Cut-off remains of the old creosoted tow support posts can be seen in the woods. In the background a rocky knob can be seen up on Proctor Mountain. The tow terminated on a open snowfield in front of the knob.

After WWII, the UP removed the underutilized tow and relocated it to the rapidly expanding Baldy ski runs. It's a shame. Proctor Mountain was not just a downhill run. It was also a starting point for 3-5 mile alpine ski touring trips, down to Trail Creek or over to Elkhorn. That is probably more what Schaffgotsch and Proctor had in mind when they designed this now-abandoned ski area.

Wow! First weekend in November and a perfect day to Hike. Last Mile had about 5 or 6 big switchbacks and took a little longer getting up that part, but so worth the view.

By far one of my favorite trails in the area.

Beautiful hike. I took the right turn to go counterclockwise, and it seem to go up for a long long time. The views from the top were nice

It is not lightly trafficked July, August

3 months ago

Amazing views. Friendly people on the trail.

beaufiful,went to the beaver dam, nice.

Very little snow at the top, amazing lakes. This is one of my fav hikes I've ever done. Would make sure you bring waterproof hiking boots though since the trail was a little muddy and wet

Beautiful trail but my god, do they pay dogs to crap on it? DONT HAVE A DOG IF YOU DONT CLEAN UP AFTER IT!!!

3 months ago

This is one of my all time favorite hikes in Stanley! I highly recommend heading down to Alpine Lake on the way to Sawtooth. It's a must see! The hike had great views after the 2nd mile or so and they just kept getting better. If you go in July make sure to bring mosquito spray! They definately do get pretty gnarly especially around the water or in the evenings. Other than the kamikaze mosquitos, he hike is beautiful. Highly reccomend!

on Norton Lakes

3 months ago

Uphill the entire time. The view is worth it though. We went pretty slow and it took us 1.5 hours to get up and 1 hour to get down.

It was fun:)

3 months ago

Great hike! Well worth the uphill climb! Lake is beautiful at the end!

3 months ago

Great hike!! Planned on doing the loop in one day. Recorded - 19.2 Miles in 8.5 hours. Going sack to overnight it.

I am 73. I staged this hike. Camped at the 1st saddle. Left the next morning at 7:30 : was on top at 2:30, left at 3:00. Was back at the TH by 8:40 with a little help from my head lamp. No wind except enough to keep one cool. I believe this hike, though not as long and high as Longs Peak in Colorado, is tougher than Longs Peak. The hidden danger on this trail is not the bouldering but hypoxia - altitude sickness. Climb slow enough and take frequent rests to allow your body to adjust to the altitude gain. I’m a photographer so I always wait for the light - no early morning hiking until I can take photos. Don’t just “bag a Peak,” enjoy the climb and the views.

If you camp, it’s $5 and the fee station is right next to the outhouses (insanely clean in there). Personally I’m not the most fit person as I spent the past month and a half in California (~500 ft in elevation) but it took me about 10 hours to do it. The ascent starts out moderate then gets steeper till the tree line. From there it’s pretty easy going even through Chicken Out Ridge. The last bit is a bit intense but no one was on their hands and feet so it’s not that steep. The trail can be a little hard to find sometimes so I’d just look up once in a while and make sure you’re actually on a trail and not just rock hopping.

Chicken out ridge is not that scary. Just be careful and take your time. It can get a bit intense when the wind is blowing really hard but again just take it slow.

Amazing scenery, when you get to the top, easy to follow and it is perfect this time of year..

trail running
4 months ago

Epic run with amazing views on a well maintained trail!
As good as it gets!

4 months ago

one of my favorite hikes

Awesome Great Beautiful easy to moderate. Can’t ask for a better day hike

I just completed this trail, with my 5 year old. we had a blast. I would definitely recommend it..

Loved this trail! I added an excursion to Lake Imogene for a night. Also camped at Twin Lakes on a point that juts out into the water. Had the lake to myself. Woke up to a beautiful snowfall.

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