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First 14er. The gain in elevation was harder than expected for my friend and I, which meant the hike took longer than we had planned. Best views I've ever had and the experience was exhilarating! Make sure you have plenty of water, protein and healthy fats snacks(nuts, bars, etc.). Went in October 2016, temp went back and forth between just a hoodie and needing a wind resistant, thermal coat.

I was able to summit on 2/17/2018. Snowshoes came in handy up to the tree line but I would not say they were needed, descended with just my micro spikes. Microspikes are a must if you don't have snow shoes. The winds were brutal, 40+ MPH. Manny of the groups ahead of me turned around due to the winds. This is a long day due to the added milage at the winter parking (you can only make it about 0.25 up the summer 2 track road). Views at the top are beautiful and you are the highest person in Colorado!

I've hiked seven 14ers so far. This was my least favorite, but still worthwhile. I approached from Matterhorn Creek TH, as I also climbed Wetterhorn the same day.

The people I met on the trail were great!

Big exposure on top if you want it! Don't trip or slip!

Lots of mountain goats

Hiked 9/21/17.

Definitely doable in a day, but I skipped Bross. It is on private property and they patrol it pretty frequently. I didn't feel like I missed out in any way by not doing it, though. Went up to Democrat, then to Cameron and Lincoln. The summit of Lincoln was my favorite - beautiful 360 degree view. Most of the trail isn't very exposed, but that meant we were caught a little off-guard when the winds got strong up high. Get an early start, 8:00am at the latest. We started late and were rushing to get down before nightfall. This wasn't too difficult of a hike for my first 14ers, just expect it to take awhile. And be sure to acclimate to the altitude as much as possible in advance, and it will go much more smoothly! :)

2 months ago

Amazing views and feeling. We made the summit by 2:05pm 01-09-18 (start time 8:53am). Lucked out with beautiful blue skies. The terrifying brownish grey clouds scattered away as we ascended out of the willow area. I'm not the fastest so took about 9 hours total. Winter trek is 11+ miles (my GPS said 12) due to having to park at Silver Dollar Lake TH as Guenella Pass is closed from there. Walked down Guenella Pass in the dark on the way back to the car, but as long as I was of the actual trail before dark I was felling comfortable and our eyes adjusted to the dark. Micro-spikes were perfect, there was no need for snowshoes. I agree with the review before me do not look over that snow bank down to frozen lake too much as its sketchy and snow is slightly deep there.

Started from the winter parking lot ~2 miles below the actual trail head (roads well plowed to this point). Round trip is about 11 miles over a mixture of packed snow, gravel, and patchy ice. Leave your snow shoes and crampons in the car, microspikes are more than sufficient. I hike pretty quickly and it took me ~7 hours (4 up, 3 down). No ave danger except at the final quarter mile up the ridge to the summit; there’s a sketch snow bank overhanging the eastern slope. Don’t get curious to peak over the edge and this is easily avoidable.

super easy made it up and down in a few hours. too many tourists.

2 months ago

Amazing trail with excellent views 100% of the time.

2 months ago

Very beautiful and very hard. You have to go over a 1,400 ft elevation gain ridge and then straight back down it before you even start to hike Holy Cross. Bring a TON of water and water filtration to refill at the stream crossing. I burned through 5L on summit day. My friend and I did it as the first backpacking trip of the Summer and it was tough over 3 days and 2 nights. Bring bug spray. Our temps got up to high 70's in the day and high 20's at night in July, reapplied sunscreen like 20 times in 3 days and still got some sun exhaustion. Once you get about 1 mile past the ridge a view opens up of Holy Cross that is the most beautiful view I've seen in Colorado.

fun not hard except its a 14er

Hiked this trail on 11/26/17 and it was snowy, but not deep at all - just packed from fellow hikers. It was slick on the way down though, when the sun had been out for a bit. I'd recommend traction for the descent at least. It was a beautiful hike with lots of people and pups on the trail, and pretty views the whole way. As expected, the summit was very cold and windy, but a fun steep ascent at the end!

great trail. started at 9:40am made the summit at 12:20pm left summit at 1:20 got back to parking lot around 3. microspikes are needed although I saw people not wearing them which I thought was crazy. guenella pass is open as of now

Did this trail 3 times this year. Love it. Can anyone tell me if Guanella Pass is drivable for a regular passenger car in winter?

I love this trail, we hiked it at the end of September and loved it. The wind had picked up to 30-40 mph at the summit. Beautiful

4 months ago

Completed this hike in the middle of September. Arrived at the trailhead around 5:00am and enjoyed stunning views of the open night sky and heavy silence all around. To be clear, I parked my car about a half mile away from the official trailhead. I think I may be too cautious with my vehicle as I noticed other cars with lower clearance at the trailhead upon my return, but parts of the road about are pretty gnarly so use your discretion. Hiking up the road in the dark was great- a family a deer revealed themselves as glowing eyes and then rather quietly and quickly bounced away. The trailhead begins in the woods and offers beautiful and lush pine growth. It climbs steadily for some time before emerging from the tree line. Once past the tree line, there is a brief reprieve from the climb as the trail flattens out and offers great view as you look back towards the direction you came. Good spot to take a break. The wind was really kicking up at this point without any shelter from the trees and even though the sun had risen, overcast skies and below freezing temperatures made this a bitterly cold ascent at times. The final hump is more steep travel as you can imagine, and from the shoulder is probably another hour or so to the summit. Patches of snow and ice dotted the trail on the way up. The summit is absolutely beautiful offering views of many ranges all around you. The wind was quite intense up there, so be prepared. The whole trip took me about 7 hours.

I started at 4:30 am on Sunday 10/29 to avoid the other hoards of hikers. Around 12,000 feet snow starts to cover the trail. It's pretty packed down and icy so I advise spikes/crampons. Gaiters might not be a bad idea because you will likely lose the trail due to the snow and you may fall in up to your ankles. The snow really doesn't get much worse towards the top. I peaked just as the sunrise edged over the mountains to the east and it was quite windy. I wore an arc'teryx atom LT hoodie over a base layer and a midweight shirt and I was fine until the top. I had to put on my warm parka over everything and cover my face as well as put my hood up. It's cold. It's nearly November. But it's totally doable and I love having the trail to myself. Would definitely recommend hitting this peak before it gets too snowy!

Easy as far as fourteeners go. No exposure to speak of.

4 months ago

Very challenging hike. Our first 14,000 footer , it was so incredible and beautiful.

Did this trail today (10/27). It was very snow/ice-packed for most of the upper half. I’m a relatively inexperienced CO hiker but would recommend some form of microspikes, though we saw a few people who said they summitted without them (a few guys were even just wearing Vans). We turned around about 1/2 mile from the summit as it was extremely slippery and windy (I’d guess about 20-30mph gusts). We started at 11:15. Would definitely recommend an earlier start, but again, we’re inexperienced and fresh from sea level so we took a lot of breaks. Took us about 3 hours to our turn around point and almost 2 to get down. We were dressed warmly but it was extremely cold when we turned around. Still worth the effort with all the beautiful views.

trail running
4 months ago

Ascended Friday 10/20/17 around 12:30 pm. Considerable snow and ice (maxing out at calf depth) over the top half of the climb. Didn't wear microspikes on the way up (moving well and didn't want to stop), but put them on for the descent. Wind was fierce (maybe ~40 mph?) the higher you descended. Pretty cold - mid 20's - at the top. Up and down in 2 hours and 1 minute.

Climbed this last weekend. It was my first 14er! 3/4 yo it was covered in snow, you’ll definitely need some tracks. There were up to 40mph winds and a windchill around 20. Overall it was a great first 14er and I was prepared with warm clothes.

4 months ago

Tough hike, especially below the tree line where there isn’t much reward. Started at around 5:15 and gained the summit at a bit after 8. Great view of the Apostles.

5 months ago

Great hike with great views from the summit. It took my wife and I about five hours round trip, with some stops for pictures and to chat with other people on the way up. The trail itself is very well maintained with a decent amount of parking and restroom facilities at the trailhead. I would say about the upper third of the trail was under +/- 1-2’ of snow. I would recommend micro-spikes or crampons (which we didn’t have!) and trekking poles since the more trafficked areas of the trail in the snow got pretty slick with the snow getting packed. Other than that it was one of the more relaxed 14ers we’ve done. We did this hike on October 17th, and would highly recommend it!

Lots of elevation gain for an absolutely breathtaking view on top. Ran into a red fox, which was cool. Most challenging and rewarding hike I've done so far.

Great hike for a first 14er, though having snow made way harder than it should be! None the less, it was a great experience.

Holy bananas! We got unbelievable weather but the snow was mid thigh deep the entire last mile and a half. Totally worth it, lots of slush and mud on the way down because of the melted ice. Good shoes and lots of layers, what a great first 14er

Started at Guanella Pass at 10:15am. Decent travel for a while, but encountered heavy snow about 1 mile from the summit. Cold feet (bring 2 pairs of extra socks and some foot warmer packs if you don't have water proof shoes. My mistake. Snow shoes recommended. Some deep snow for the last mile or so, but you can do it. There were pre-existing tracks for me to follow, but had to post hole and crawl for some of it. Keep pushing. Slushy walk down, but over all a great experience. You can do it. Just be prepared. Snow brings a whole different aspects to the experience.

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