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Be prepared to make three summits on this trip- shavanno, tabagueche, and then shag again. Bring plenty of snacks and water. No real good trail to the summit for Tab, but it’s easiest to just boulder straight up! My Apple Watch tracked this entire route at 14 miles from the parking lot.

7 days ago

Did this yesterday. Excellent hike. A relatively easy 14er, but a moderate hike. Past peak wildflowers.

8 days ago

Nice hike. Easy 14er, but a moderate hike. Past peak flowers, but nice views.

Simply my most favorite 14er, I highly recommend this hike for people that are starting to move into class 3 14ers. So beautiful!

This route is a great intro to true class 3 scrambling. 3 good spots. Knife edge is good practice for exposure. Study your route! It is pretty straightforward if you prepare. If not you run into some fairly exposed low class 4 moves.

Ascended Kelso and walked the ridge all the way to Grays. Great views and fun scrambles, but if you are unprepared you will not enjoy this.

14 days ago

Easy hike, beautiful views. Tons of wildflowers. The lake was really pretty and a welcome sight for the pups. If you have 4wd, follow the road up to the highest parking lot.

My first CO 14er!!! I went with a highly experienced guide. It was an amazing and humbling experience! Very challenging for a first 14er! It was a beautiful day!

This was such a gorgeous hike! These were my 12th and 13th fourteeners. The hike up Shavano was well defined and relatively easy. However, there was no well defined trail that lead over to Tabeguache but it was easy to see where you needed to go. There’s also a lot of loose rock on Tabeguache so be careful on that one. The hike up it was short but strenuous and the only way to return is back over Shavano which was hard. If you plan on doing Tabeguache, make sure the weather looks good and be prepared to summit a total of 3 times since you’ll hit Shavano twice. Tracker logged 10.6 miles and the elevation gain is over 5000 for both so plan on getting your workout on if you summit both!

15 days ago

Beautiful hike! Made it to the upper parking lot in my Ford Escape but it was definitely a little sketchy at times. I would recommend driving a car that has a little more clearance than mine. I would rate this hike as an easy to moderate hike. One of the most scenic hikes I've ever done and the dogs handled it really well!

Total asskicker hike . Clipped them all for number 31. Heads up on this route listed in AllTrails. The route that is listed is a class 3/4 scramble on some of the worst rock I’ve seen . I scooted our 1/2 way but be aware it’s not a preferred route . Head down elk further and clip up the MO trail.

Started at 6 am finished by 3, trail ran most of it but the mileage is also off . Easy 16.5 with the full loop, my garmin died but I think it was closer to 18. Nothing hard about the climb, slight class 2 move right before summit of MO, go right and hug rock for the two, or straight over for a 3 . Again rock is pretty lose here . Nothing else technical but with the miles and altitude gain this was one of the hardest runs I’ve done !

Beautiful day and the views are totally worth it , start early and bring min 4 liter of water and some calories !

18 days ago


I have climbed other hard 14's and this one is a match.

BEAUTIFUL and VARIED terrain and vistas all along the way.

It's actually a very pleasant hike to the saddle between Lindsey and Iron Nipple. Then the work begins!!!

To make the summit, the final approach is HARD and DANGEROUS no matter which route you take. The crux wall is serious business and the north face colour will just slide you down and down again---LOTS of very loose scree.

A great hike-climb but it will wear you out for sure.

See info on 14ers.com website for more.


SO, while I am glad we did this I will absolutely never again. We referenced our map often and even while remaining on trail there are definitely some class 4 climbs with very extreme exposure. The class 3 rating of this trail definitely had me thinking I could handle this, which I know know to be incorrect. We summited to Torrey’s which took us 5 hours. It’s super easy to get off trail, and fast. There are no Cairns to mark the path. Also had to bear crawl up most of the class 3 scrambles as it was all loose soil and rocks. I was very nervous to lose my footing. The knife edge was so much more of a steep exposure ON BOTH SIDES, which I did not feel most photos reflected. I went into this thinking one edge was extreme exposure while the other was not so bad. I had much panic and took about 15 minutes to cross that short path, but there was no turning back at that point. Please do not ever attempt this path alone, or without capability to call emergency alpine services. It started to sprinkle as well and the rocks were immediately slippery as ice.

As for driving to the trail head; the path is rough but you can do it. Imagine a seasonal ORV path. Dirt, bumps, and many rocks. Any SUV should handle it fine. I’ve even seen a Chrysler 300 make it down the path to the trail head. Would not recommend doing that however with any less than 9” of vehicle clearance.

Incredibly strenuous hike. The loop accesses three 14ers in the San Isabel National Forest. Mt. Missouri (14,067), Mt. Oxford (14,153) and Mt. Belford (14,197).

Word of caution: this is closer to a 17 mile loop, NOT 12. I don't know where All Trails sees a path on the eastern slope of Missouri, but it is non-existent. Instead, you have to take a mile longer (but probably safer and less severe) route and come from the west. From there, the mileage is still off.

We arrived at the parking lot at 4:50am on a Saturday and it was already full. We camped nearby, and there are plenty of spaces. Most of the hikers head to Belford, but for this loop you want to take Missouri first. You'll do this by following the path towards Fikhead Pass. As noted above, you'll come up the western side of Missouri. You have to come back down this way and up the pass to access Belford/Oxford.

We were going to hit all three but storms came in at noon and we had to hike out, only hit Missouri and Belford. Normally, you'll want to be off the mountain by 2. Our storms hit at noon.

You can view the hike we made here: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/2869855938

Well marked and the scenery is beautiful!

Great hike. Relatively easy trail. Storms rolled in by the time we topped Shavano so didn't reach Tabeguache. The crossover to Tabeguache looked like a very rocky descent. Only realistic return is back over Shavano.

Definitely make sure you understand the trail before attempting or else you may run into some class 4 climbing (happened to us). There are a lot of social trails so just be aware and if it feels too hard you might be off the standard route. Other than that this is a great hike! Super fun, great views, and a lot of exposure to get your heart racing!

This hike is amazing! Very strenuous and long, we started at the trailhead at 5 am and finished around 2:30 pm. The elevation change is very difficult; we did the hike without trekking poles but I definitely recommend them. There are some spots where they would've been very helpful. Make sure to bring alot of water and take some breaks, 16.5 miles is no walk in the park.

was a great hike! beautiful!

Terrible for me personally... From my experience, this should be done with at least one other responsible person who’s done a 14’er and not alone, and also not as first 14’er. Just my opinion from my own terrible near death experience.

great ridge climb avoiding the crowds

1 month ago

Great first 14er! Rolling hills and beautiful views!

1 month ago

Excellent hike. Well marked trail. Beautiful wildflowers. Long hike. Last mile short, steep, slippery switchbacks. Amazing view at the top!

2 months ago

Hiked June 15. A few small patches of snow that will not ruin your day, a million fat, hilarious marmots that will absolutely make your day, and a sketchy drive up Cinnamon Pass that'll give you a right good jostling. We parked about 1/2 mile away from the trailhead in our CR-V.

If you're concerned about smoke from the 416 fire, I have asthma and while we could smell the smoke in the morning (6am), it didn't bother me enough to notice.

I wouldn't call this easy (I'd put Bierstadt and Quandary above this in terms of difficulty though), but it's got a little bit of everything. American Basin is truly stunning. If you do this one, you won't regret it.

Challenging and beautiful. Our trackers logged about 12 miles and we summited both peaks. Took us about 9.5hrs with 30min stops at the summits. Bring more water than normal. 1.75-2L per person. The footing on this trail is not great throughout and you will lose a lot of efficiency because of this.

2 months ago


This is amazing but hard trail. It took me 8 hours (ok my excuse is I live in NJ and I am not used to this altitude). Someone wrote earlier the first part was rocky and up and up. I thought Yeah Yeah... but I stay corrected. It’s hard! But the views are amazing, wildflowers and in full bloom (tiny alpine forget-me-nots are everywhere), you could spot longhorns and wild goats too. Tabeguache Peak looked intimidating from Mt Shavano and I considered to give up. But I was surprised how quickly I got to the top. There are multiple trails from the saddle but they all finish in a snow patch, so I just hopped through the boulders and rocks all the way up. However the trail map is not really correct on Angel of Shavano spot. It should be corrected.

2 months ago

Hiked Handies late March and left around 9:30. Still quite a bit of snow on the trails, so we lost the trail a few times, but it was easy get back on track. I hiked in trail running shoes and they got wet from mud and melted snow, but worked perfectly otherwise. Beautiful views. Good for beginners who have done some preparation for the altitude/incline.

Trail is completely snow free as of 5/23. There are some muddy sections due to run off. Above the saddle there is a decent amount of rock/boulder scrambling and it is easy to lose track of the trail and cairns. You will probably lose the trail a couple of times. Best advice I received was to stick to the right hand side when ascending to the false summit. Cairns are much easier to identify on the descent. If camping near the lakes the night before, the summit can be reached in 1-3hrs

If bringing a dog, conditioned pads are a must due to the extent of sharp and rough rocks above the saddle.

2 months ago

Did both Shavano and Tabeguache in 8.5 hours. It took us 3.5 to get up to Shavano but scrambling down to the saddle took some time since there’s a lot of boulder hopping. The hike up Tabeguache was short but strenuous and hiking back up Shavano to come back down was a total pain. Bagging both peaks is worth it, just be mentally prepared to summit a total of 3 times. One of the prettiest 14ers I’ve done.

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