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28 days ago

This was my first 14er and was perfect for that, as there is less elevation gain than most and the trail is gentle. It was far more impressive scenery-wise than I expected. I've hiked 6 other 14ers since and while some others offered more interesting scrambling, wilder exposure, and so on, none quite matched the visual beauty of this hike. I did it in the late afternoon after a big morning thunderstorm, which is unusual, so I got the beautiful late light, which contributed to my experience greatly.

Lots of friendly marmots!

Don't hesitate to give this a go!

Pretty tough and cold day. Microspikes were required.

My first 14er. Follow 14ers.com if you want to stay on trail and not get yourself into crazy scrambles with lots of exposure (oops). A life changing experience for me. Do Grays and Torreys this way if you have the physical ability.

Good for first 14er, combined with it's partner Torreys peak. Most hikers were doing Grays then over to Torreys via the mountaintop connection; however there was significantly less traffic the other direction. Beautiful weather at the beginning of September, keep an eye on weather for potential thunderstorms

difficult if your not acclimated to the altitude. lots of uphill hiking. wear good shoes

6 months ago

Awesome hike up to the lake. I recommend camping below or near the lake then summit the following morning and you're nearly guaranteed to be the first one to the peak in the morning. Avoid summiting between 11am and 2pm as weather moves in fast and there are few places to hide above the saddle. You will get struck by lightning if you're up there in a storm. I personally got snowed on on July 4th. So either summit in the morning and be heading down around 10 am or wait till afternoon storms pass. Easy hike up to the switchbacks. Once up the saddle you have to navigate a couple thousand feet up a rock field. Make sure to stay to the right when ascending even though left looks to be the best way. While ascending you will think your almost there but no. Once you reach the false peak it's another 300 yards maybe. Bring a pencil to sign the geocache. Enjoy the view. Don't feed the marmot.

Kelso Ridge is no joke. The exposure is dramatic and a fall in most areas would likely result in serious injury or fatality. The class 3 climbs were fun and kind of easy but don't look down (gut-wrenching) and don't make an error (death)! There was a lot of loose rock so check each foot and hand hold before you weight it. Stay on the standard route, we got off track some how (even with 14ers.com maps) and made some insane class 4 climb up the left side instead of simple trail on the right side. This was my first class 3 route and me and two other inexperienced climbers managed to make it all the way up to Torrey's summit alive (Congrats to Caleb & Kelsi). The knife edge crux wasn't so bad but still subject to serious exposure.

Other notes: Road is rough from 70 exit all the way to TH (~3 miles), need high clearance vehicle and recommend 4x4. Got to TH around 5:30AM and it was dark as hell, lot was full but parked on side of road not too far from the parking lot. Didn't make it to Gray's peak due to altitude sickness and massive fatigue from not being able to eat anything all day so will summit at a later time.

Gorgeous trail. As other reviewers have noted, do be prepared to work for it. This trail took most of the day. The terrain can be loose, so wear something with good traction. A couple of compatriots and I managed fine in our chacos, but other hikers thought us a bit mad. I would recommend bringing more water than you think you will need; I brought only a 3L camelbak and rather wished I had just a little more. The last ascent to the summit is tough, but worth it. Lots of little mousetrail options heading up to it. Take breaks as often as you need, and you will make it just fine. No snow anywhere on or near the trails near the end of Summer. Also worth noting: You will hit Mt. Shavano's summit first. From there, you can opt to jump over to Mt. Tabeguache's peak if you like. I would hazard a guess that it adds approximately 2 miles and 1 1/2 - 2 hrs to your round trip. 14ers.com shows Mt. Shavano alone to be ~9.25 mi roundtrip and ~11.25 including a foray to Mt. Tabeguache.

I've been hiking Colorado for about a year now. And this was my favorite experience so far.

You can't beat the view from the top, but you'll have to work for it. In July/August you should be on the trail by 6:30 in the morning in order to make the summit and get down below the tree line before the afternoon thunderstorms.

Brutal first 1.5 miles. Up and up. Very easy to follow.

amazing hard climb. take your time, at the end it is worth it. goats pop out from everywhere, it's amazing.

7 months ago

Love this hike!!! Do it, you will not regret it!!!

7 months ago

Awesome hike my first 14er! Wildflowers blooming all over so gorgeous!

Long winding hike to summit. Scenery is amazing.

7 months ago

Got stuck in a hail storm all the way down, but the views are totally worth it.

Loved this hike but "Hard" is an understatement, there needs to be an "Extreme" rating.

The knife edge isn't that bad. Not bad at all, really, and not the scariest exposure on the route by far. Plenty of hand and foot holds, me and my climbing partner straight blasted across it.

Another reviewer commented about the importance of knowing the route - I second that. Print off the route description from 14ers.com and refer to it often. I forgot my copy and I think we may have gotten off route into some dangerous Class 4 stuff with iffy hand/foot holds and gut-wrenching exposure. Would not recommend that.

Excellent hike today. I cannot emphasize enough the requirement to know the route. Tons of class 3 scrambling!
It should not say that it is a dog friendly route. It's barely human friendly haha.

I did this hike yesterday and it was very beautiful. The lack (or little amount) of switchbacks is not bad going up. However going down can makes it a little difficult. The trail is gravel so be careful when descending. Having good shoes with ankle support would help a lot (however mine did not and my friend wore nikes so it is possible without)! There were marmots and mountain goats which were fun to see!

8 months ago

Wow! The most beautiful 14er we've done. Wild flowers in full bloom. Mountain steams, waterfalls, and amazing views from the saddle to the summit. A must.

I decided to make this first solo 14er and thought it would be an ideal mountain to try. It was challenging hike and climb with everything you could ask for out of a mountain climb.

Being a seasoned hiker when it comes to 14ers, my boyfriend and I found this trail pretty challenging. it was essentially up the whole way, no switchback just straight up. it wad a very beautiful hike, but it was akin to doing the manitou incline 10 times then a mad scramble at the top. not sure what happened, but my fit bit tracked it as a 13 mile hike round trip, and we didnt even get to mt tabagauche!

plenty of campsites on the road up to the trailhead. my prius made the road, although there were some questionable areas.

all in all - bring double the water because i truly believe this mt was one of the harder ones. we met someone who has hiked 50 14ers and he agreed! but dont let it scare you away, just be prepared to get your sweat on!

How long does it take to get up to the peak and back down?

One of my all-time favorite hikes in Colorado. Amazing views as long as you're ok with heights and exposure

Beautiful hike along Stewart Creek and up to San Luis. The first 5 or so miles are deceptively gentle; after that is where most of the vertical gain happens. Bug spray is a must, as the mosquitoes are relentless. There are two creek crossings-- and if you're wondering if you have to cross the creek at the trail junction, indeed you do. I recommend switching to crocs or waterproof sandals.

A pretty long hike overall, but incredible to see no signs of civilization from the summit-- just vast, open nature. Be careful of the scree coming down! I saw two people slip, and then I did as well just steps from the summit.

8 months ago

Awesome hike. Some class 3 at the crux. Watch out for the false summit.

Awesome Class 3 scramble. Tack on Grays afterwards via the saddle. Definitely need a car with high clearance to get to the trailhead. Not much snow left except on the Knife's Edge which actually aids in crossing.

6.19.17 Left the parking lot at 6 AM and had a good round trip to Shavano. Saw Pika, Marmots, friendly humans and lots of nice alpine wildflowers. There were a couple snowfields to cross going to Shavano (don't let the first one you encounter discourage you) Did not use crampons. Saved Tabeguache for the next time since the path looked a bit snowy for my gear but saw other climbers heading on that way.

9 months ago

9 months ago

My very first fourteener! We hiked up the gorge which was extremely hard and came down the ridge. We needed up getting lost because of snow patches but it was totally worth it. Stunning views front the top! Very beautiful

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