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Amazing! Hiked it on 7-14! Got there a little after 6 and boardwalks were very icy and slippery in the morning! Parking was easy and the views amazing!

Train for this hike. For your below average hiker, it is a beast. It is not a "walk in the park". It is long and steep. For the hiker, the hike was difficult but satisfying. The boulder field was a great challenge. Know the weather because it change on a dime. We got caught in a hail storm. Shuttle service stops during storms. In our case, we had to hitch a ride down with a Ranger. She was cool and very helpful. The whole experience was amazing and I will do it again in a year or two. However, this time I will train harder.

on Mount Bierstadt Trail

6 hours ago

I hiked this with three others about a week ago after having done a handful of other fourteeners. At 7:00 there were already parked cars lined on both sides of the pass for a quarter mile; get there early! There was plenty of parking in the westerly lot, however.

All things considered, this was the easiest fourteener I have completed to date. The trail was well travelled with essentially no exposure nearby, so finding our way to the summit was easy. Bierstadt is essentially a walk-up, with a very minor amount of scrambling or boulder-stepping near the peak. In fact, the only thing that exhausted me was the overwhelming number of people, but it was a weekend day after all.

As with all fourteeners take plenty of water, sunscreen, and maybe some layers at this time of year. The ride up the pass is beautiful so take note of it. You will still be above tree line on the mountain so if the weather turns, head back the way you came. We were lucky to have summited in two hours and escaped some rain rolling in from the east on the descent. As this hike is very popular be sure to pack out what you pack in.

This was my first 14er. It was easier than I thought but I have been lifting, running, power walking in hot temps and stairclimbing for months (getting back in shape). That being said I ran into a few people that were REALLY struggling. We started at 7 am after waiting in line at the bathroom for about 15-20 min. The first part is easy. it was chilly. Watch your step on the wooden bridge it was really slippery/icy. The next part will have you out of breath with your heart racing so drink water, eat good snacks and take breaks. I recommend bringing layers as you’ll be warm but then cold later and back to warm. Also bring plenty of water and snacks. Watch your step at the top you will be scrambling over rocks. This hike is not for anyone who is out of shape. Be prepared for the descent to be almost as hard (especially on the knees) I had a great time!!

Got to the trailhead at 6:30 am and there was a line of cars in front and behind me. We had to park on the street because parking was already full by the time we got there.

This was my first 14er(s) and I ended at 12:30 pm, spending time at each summit. I’m usually a pretty quick hiker, but I had to take this super slow and allow for multiple stops. This may be known as a good one for first timers, but don’t forget that it is a workout. I was surprised with how much my legs were hurting.

I went up democrat first and would recommend doing that, unless you bring a dog. Going down Bross was extremely challenging because it’s almost straight down/loose rock and very hard on the knees (don’t forget your poles like I did). Overall, the views are beyond worth it and to get 4 done in one day - it’s an amazing feeling.

22 hours ago

It was harder than we expected! It was my wife’s first 14er and my third or fourth. The first couple miles really aren’t bad but the path up to the false summit and then the full summit are pretty difficult. We had to stop a lot and even ran out of water even though we each had a full camelbak. I’d bring plenty of water and if it’s your first, possibly even bringing canned oxygen. Very busy summit and some guy had a drone that was incredibly annoying. Last thing I wanted to listen to after summiting a mountain was his drone.

This was my first 14er and it’s supposedly one of the “easy” ones, but this is no walk in the park. I went with a group of mostly newbies and we started at 5:50am knowing we would be slower and wanted to be down early in case of storms. The bridge over the marsh was frosted at the time and SLIPPERY. We opted to jump down and walk through the marsh at areas so avoid a slip and injury. Watch for that. The first 1.5-2 miles is fairly easy. A moderate hike at best. The last 1.5-2 miles is hard and nearly everyone you see will agree....so don’t feel compelled to go fast. Take lots of breaks, even if they are short ones. The trail was crazy busy and lots of people boasting it was their first but everyone was polite and allowed you to pass or was patient until you let them pass. Shortly after the “shoulder” area (tip: definitely stop and have a quick snack here it’s about to get real) the trail gets steep and then you head into rocks. If you have read all the reviews and blogs you’ll be ready for a rock scramble but let me tell you that doesn’t really start until the last quarter mile. Don’t be fooled! By then you are so close you almost forget how tired you are and you power through. Others say you can do this in tennis shoes but unless you are experienced or the most stable person ever I recommend hiking shoes for the traction. Drink lots of water. I drank 3 liters and had an extra for the walk down. Summit is busy (pick your head up to avoid being stuck in an awkward position on a rock when someone unexpectedly stops) and chilly but very worth it. What no one really tells you about your first though is that the hike down is almost as hard. Your legs are tired and you’ve just experienced the high of the summit and now you have to reengage all the tired muscles and your knees and stay upright. You goal now: getting to the bottom and taking off your shoes! Overall I did it in 6 hours with about 30-40 minutes at the summit and I was slow...or felt it...but was consistent and realistic. Thoroughly enjoyed being able to check this off the bucket list! I recommend starting early if you are new just so have the comfort of taking your time and still beating the storms.

Started with Democrat and descended down Bross. If you save Democrat for last you will be very tired climbing up to the summit. Going down Bross was rough on the knees. It will be challenging no matter what, just bring sunscreen, snacks, and water. We started at 6:30 and ended at 3:30.

Fun! Starting above tree line takes away from the 14er experience of ascending/earning your changes of scenery, carried my 4-yr old, she hiked a good portion on her own, she didn’t like the exposure on the edge leading to the summit, and about lost it when she learned what a false summit was the hard way lol. However, a great experience for the two of us!

Beautiful, but busy. We saw many people coming up, planning on summiting after 1 p.m. as a storm was obviously forming. We also saw a guy with very bad altitude sickness at the summit who came from sea level and brought no food and little water. Please if you’re planning on hiking this or any high altitude hike, consider the weather always, bring plenty of food and water, and make sure you know your limits. This may be an easy 14er, but that doesn’t mean it’s actually easy at all. 14ers are serious business. Take it seriously and be safe!!
Also, please be courteous!! There were an amazing amount of people who played music off of speakers from their backpacks. If you’re someone who enjoys music while hiking, please put in headphones or don’t bring music at all. The majority of hikers want to enjoy the hike itself and the sounds of nature, especially at the summit, peace is preferred!!
Lastly, this goes for any hike or outdoor excursion, be respectful of the animals and surrounding environment, don’t feed or try to pet the animals and if you pack it in please pack it out!

Okay I'm going to write a real honest review for those novice people who suck at hiking. I waa thrown by the reviews, thinking it would only take us 5 hours. Nope. The people who say this was quick and easy are runners.
This was a hard trail. We started with Bross. The views from the top were nice, but I honestly expected a little more. We then traveled over to where the trails for Cameron and Lincoln split. We started to head toward Lincoln, and decided not to do it because we were already exhausted. So we went to Cameron and the views were insanely gorgeous! The way down took seriously forever to get to. We didn't even bother with Democrat, thankfully, because it started to rain. It took us 6 hours to do two mountains y'all. But I would definitely go back for Lincoln and Democrat.

2 days ago

A wonderful and challenging experience. Beautiful views and plenty of people on the trail. My first fourteener!

was a great hike! beautiful!

Loved it, but some dogs off leashes

Denverite here, did this hike with a friend and her pup. Started at trailhead around 7am, ended close to 3pm. AllTrails recorded our moving time as 6.5 hours. I love hiking, but I am notoriously slower than the pack. Overall it was strenuous, but doable. The ascent to Democrat was tough in spots, loose rocks and some false peaks. Getting down Bross was the worst. I opted to wear my trail runners that have great traction, and didn’t slip, but saw plenty of people take small falls on the loose gravel. If you have knee issues, bring support.

A couple of things to know for this hike:
1) $3 pay station, bring exact change. You put cash in an envelope.
2) Sunscreen! No coverage at all during this hike, so if the sun is blazing, your skin will be baking.
3) We learned along our way that the summit of Mt. Bross is privately owned land (possibly mining company) and there is a $500 fee for trespassing. Do that summit at your own risk.

Happy hiking!

Super short and easy fourteener. Took me less than 2 hours to summit and 45 minutes to descend. Giving this 4 stars because it isn’t one of the prettiest fourteeners I’ve summited. Road leading to trailhead is rough but 2WD vehicles can make it.

This was definitely a workout hike with great views at the summit, but meh during the actual hike since you start above treeline. I disagree with the below review! I summited Democrat first and finished with Bross. Bross was a beast with the scree on the descent (it is very steep and ALL scree which does make it a bit treacherous) BUT at least you aren't losing ground for each step you would take to ascend it. Camped at the trailhead the night before and was on the trail by 5:15. Total time was 5:43 with minimal time spent on the summits because it was very windy. Not super crowded, but definitely a fair amount of hikers.

Was great. Come up bross side(signs say don’t but I did

Short and sweet! One of the easier ones and eases into the trail.

4 days ago

We started this hike at 6:00 am on 7/6. It was our first 14er and despite hearing that this was on of the easier 14ers it took us 7 hours to summit and get back to our car. We took our 4 yr old and 8 yr old on this trip, both were troopers on the trail but only the 8 yr old summited. Overall this is a really well marked and busy trail.

5 days ago

My 5th 14er. Beautiful wildflowers and the old mine buildings are cool as well. There are a lot of trails to follow and we got a little off track and turned it into an 8+ mile hike. It was very windy in places and hiking near the top with drop-offs on both sides was a new and exciting experience for me.

Great hike - like most people my biggest complaint is that you hike a significant distance next to the toll road. Dealing with traffic while hiking a 14er takes a little bit away from the "nature" experience. Still an enjoyable all day hike that should be taken seriously. A few things to keep in mind - other than an hour or so in the beginning you're exposed throughout and the final stretch going up requires scrambling a boulder field. I passed a few people who were visibly struggling. Just watch for the carrions and take breaks if you need to. You're almost there. Also, as others have mentioned - my round-trip mileage was just over 16 miles. On the other hand - I started later than was advisable and hiked it with my dog so if you have the physical abilities and are prepared it's an easy 14er to scratch off your list. If you have time - I did the Incline the day before which was a fun warm up.

Lovely hike and now it is definitely one of my favorite group of 14ers!
Started this morning at 6:30am and returned to the car at 12pm while still enjoying the views from the top!
There is a $3 fee per car so come prepared!

No one is mentioning that the actual trail for the summit of Mt. Bross is closed. You can ignore the signs and still summit but my understanding is it sits on private property and owners have not at this point given permission for hikers to summit. You can still do the loop but it falls just shy of reaching the top of Mt. Bross.

We hiked on 7/1 it was a gorgeous day! No afternoon thunderstorms, which worked out well considering we were not the most experienced with such long hikes (we are from Nebraska and this was our first 14er) and we wanted to really take our time and not feel rushed to get back down. Hands down the toughest part is from the tree line to the top of the ridge (3/4ish miles). For someone looking to do a 14er for the first time I would say as long as you pace yourself, stay hydrated and take frequent breaks...this one is definitely doable! And the views...AMAZING!

Excellent trip! The road in isn't nearly as bad as described. It's a little rough, but clearance shouldn't be an issue. I left the car at 5:30AM and headed counterclockwise. I think I may have gotten lucky that there was a little rain the day before. The trail up Bross was actually really nice! I think the rain made the trail a bit softer and the rocks seemed to nestle into the trail a little bit. I didn't have a problem at all with loose rocks on the ascent of Bross. I was the first on the summit of Bross and headed for the others on the loop. Getting from Bross to Lincoln and Cameron was a piece of cake. Fun hiking at high elevation, but staying in the saddles didn't make for much ascending/descending. I had a nice breeze that was welcoming and the views up there are great! No one talks much about the decent from Cameron to the ascent of Democrat. This was by far the hardest part of the hike for me and my pup. Maybe because I had already done quite a few miles, but I really think that this climb is the steepest. These two areas are mostly rock and the ascent of Democrat is only rock. Without these pushes, I would've considered it fairly easy. These push it into the moderate category for me anyways. I was back to the car at 10:00AM, but an afternoon obligation in Denver forced me to push a pretty high rate of speed throughout. Great way to knock out 4 peaks in 1 crack! Highly recommend!!

Did this yesterday (Sunday) and it wasn't as crowded as I expected based on the other comments! We started at 9:50 and didn't have any trouble parking. We saw a lot more people coming down than up, so I was glad we'd started a little later and weren't doing it at the same time as everyone else! Quite a few people at the summit, but not too crowded. Saw lots of marmots. It took us a little less than 3 hours to summit, we spent 30-40 minutes at the top and finished at 2:00. Gorgeous hike!

6 days ago

This was my first 14er and it lived up to my expectations and extensive research I did. Haha. Definitely challenging and I can feel it in my body days later. Initial 4 miles is a moderate level trail which only took about 2 hours. Once you hit tree line it gets a little steeper but still moderate level hiking with some amazing views and streams. The last 2 miles is where the true incline is. From start to finish adding in the lake we hiked about 14 miles in 10 hours.

Easiest 14er I’ve done.

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