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7 hours ago

use it for exercise at least once a week for a very beautiful calm walk. never considered it a trail just a paved walkway.

Easy walk paved trail with great sunset views.

loved the views. Truly worth the drive. Would like to go in fall and even start over night.

7 days ago

Beautiful falls....once you get to them. I would classify this more of a hard hike and if you have small children such as I did, don’t do it. Very rocky, rooted hike mostly uphill on the way to the falls, almost 2 miles of that. Trail is small with large drop offs so if you encounter other hikers it is a little dicey.
But on the other hand, you can’t beat the scenery or the waterfall once you get there. It was beautiful and worth the frightening hike to get there (I’m scared of heights).
So if you don’t mind a hard hike uphill over rocks and roots, this one is for you! If you have any children under 4, it’s probably not a good one for you to do.

Views are beautiful and it’s very peaceful at the top. Like others have said, it’s not much of a “hike” it’s more of a walk to the top, take in the scenery and head back to the bottom. All and all tho, it’s definitely beautiful up there.

Quick hike to a beautiful waterfall. My boyfriend and I are in pretty good shape and made it there in under 30 minutes. We hiked this in the early morning; starting the trail on a Saturday at 8:30 we saw no one during our hike and and he falls to ourselves.

I would rate this trail on the easier side of moderate; well marked, easy terrain with plenty of “leveling-off” spots to break up the assent. A wet trail, though, so wear good shoes.

Great short hike with interesting terrain and vegetation along the way. The falls are beautiful with space to get in the water and/or stand under the falls. We were there in August 2018 and there were a number of resident large and small butterflies when you get to the falls. Again, big payoff for minimal effort if you’ve got little kids, elderly, or whiny hiking companions (although perhaps we shouldn’t cater to the whiny people!).

What a fantastic place. Short steep hike up to one of the most dramatic waterfalls I've ever seen. make sure to take water shoes for exploring around the creek.

This is not a hike it’s short and beyond easy. The 8 mile drive up the mountain is more eventful than the “hike”.

There is are fantastic views at the summit and great sunsets, but good luck enjoying them. Due to the simplicity of the “hike” there will be tons of people at the summit to provide you with a relaxing atmosphere of pizza, loud music, and obnoxiously loud laughing and screaming. If you’re looking for relaxation and a peaceful evening then skip this one

This is Beautiful waterfall that you can get up close to feel its energy. We hiked this in the rain in early August. The trailhead is located in Tremont. The trail is marked as “falls trail” and not as spruce flats falls. Hiking poles are recommended for this moderately difficult trail although you could do this trail without them. It is rated as moderately difficult related to the rocks, roots, and incline. It’s worth the drive.

This trail has become a family favorite! The falls are beautiful, and you can get into the water. We like to pack sandwiches and stay for a while. Trail is mostly shady. We took our kids last year at ages 8 & 11. They are good hikers and did fine. Last year, was 45 min in & 35min out; we all wore sports sandals. This year was 35 min each way! Highly recommend!

Beautiful falls, but be weary of the crowds. There are too many people that climb on and around the falls (good luck getting any decent photos) and a lot of graffiti on some fallen logs. People need to be more respectful of nature. I only gave it two stars for those reasons, otherwise the falls are stunning after a good rainfall.

Nice and easy hike, with pretty waterfalls.
We’ll go back sometime!

The hike in took us about 1/2 an hour and my husband was packing our 17 month old in the baby carrier. The trail varies in grade and can be quite slippery in sections especially since it just rained. There were several families coming in and out with small children. Even though the trail is moderate, it seems small children don’t have a problem navigating it. The falls are breathtaking and you can reward yourself with an invigorating swim in one of the many swimming holes! Can’t wait to go back. I wish I could bring my dogs, but there are signs that clearly state “no dogs” allowed. I’m pretty sure it is a general rule in the park.

22 days ago

beautiful hike stenosis not moderate but worth it

23 days ago

Nice hike

Was a nice trail . The beginning of the walk there are 120 stairs to climb then levels out at the top. Waterfall is amazing!

I was told how fantastic that place was, and drove about 2hours for it. I will admit I was a bit dissappointed. If you are around, sure do it! But otherwise...

This was a great trail! Wasn't too long of a hike...and the Falls were amazing!

27 days ago

Short hike just visited to kill some time for 441 to reopen. I’ve definitely seen better falls.

29 days ago

Wouldn’t call it a hike, but it’s a lovely paved trail around a lake with beautiful gardens.

Great short loop. Beware if you have seasonal allergies, they will flare up!

Max Patch is one of my absolute favorite hikes! The views are incredible any time of the year. My favorite time to visit if for the sunset/sunrise! It is a fairly easy hike, suitable for all ages!

Did this hike the other day and it was spectacular! The hike itself is really short and easy - there were a few families up there with some little kids. The 360-degree views were stunning and you could see for miles! It was about an hour’s drive to get there, but it was absolutely worth it!

The drive was long, but so worth it. We loved the scenic drive. The hike was great and easy enough for our young children to hike. The view from the top was amazing!!!! Words can’t even describe the magnificent view!!! God surely showed out when He made this part of the world!! I recommend this hike if you want an easy day hike for family!!

It's a rough and bumpy drive to get to the parking area (~30 min off the main road). We went at 5:30 AM on July 4th and there were still 15-20 other groups there. We did the short hike from the parking area to the bald for the sunrise and then took the longer way on the AT back to our car. Highly recommend the AT portion of the hike; it's much quieter and fairly easy, but I would suggest wearing pants and closed-toe shoes for that trail, as the grass is tall in some spots.

1 month ago

Nice waterfall. Rocky and narrow trail. Short hike with good ending waterfall. Took about an hour.

great, quiet hike to a gorgeous falls and swimming pool.

Must do, must see, just go.

1 month ago

Great easy walk. Beautiful scenery. A little long for my 3 year old, but my 5 year old had no problems.

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