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it starts off great but after the halfway point, it meant climbing up rocks. going up is doable but it's very hard for me to descent over them.

2 days ago

the trail isnt very well marked so pay attention. however it was beautiful and we had a wouderful day hiking, and hanging out in the cave.

Kids enjoyed this one also! Took the boys past the cave.

3 days ago

There’s not a cave at the top. Don’t feel it even warrants the name Wind Cave Trail because it’s more of a spot where the upper part of the mountain overhangs the lower part; kind of an indent in the mountain. However, great view from up there. Really well maintained trail and a good short hike. Took me, up and back about 2 hours, but I was taking my time and enjoying the views. Not a difficult hike, there’s a moderate incline. You do have to pay a park fee to do this hike, which is $7 per car. So because of the fee and the fact that there’s not a cave at the top, I give this one a 3 star. Other than that, it’s a nice scenic hike with a great view of the Phoenix area from the top.

Two sections of uphill hiking (if coming from the Thompson entrance) make for a great workout! Great views of San Tan Valley too! Highly recommend.

6 days ago

Easy mile hike. Took about 25 mins. Nice scenery. Good for families. If you want something more challenging, go elsewhere.

A nice moderate hike up to a cave. Last time I did this hike there were bees all over the cave. None this time though, probably too cold.

+1 for hiking it CCW, staying right at the fork to do the north section of the Elephant Mountain trail before the Spur Cross section. You will be facing the best views the whole time going this direction and you'll do the harder section earlier.

An actual easy hike with beautiful views

14 days ago

This was an exhilarating and challenging at the same time. I did this counter clockwise and so glad I did. Actually, I felt like I got the hard stuff out of the way first, and enjoyed my descent down after all the climbing I did. The views are incredible! Don't forget to stop every once in a while and turn around to see the sweeping desert views. Start early as this takes a while to do. Recommend this trail to get your heart pumping and your adrenaline keyed up!

GO COUNTERCLOCKWISE! The first 3 miles is a fairly gradual but steep incline to the saddle, everything from there is a breeze. Clocked in at 7.5 miles total, got off trail a few times but we think that’s mostly because we were admiring the scenery. So beautiful, watch out for jumping cactus around the saddle area... they line the trail for a good mile!


Good beginner trail.

Great quiet trail with views. Sections are steep and loose. Do it counter clockwise and add Dragonfly trail at end for 8+ miles total and creek with big cottonwood trees to cool down.

Great trail, we went clockwise for a more moderate incline making the back half a tad difficult as it is fairly steep in sections but definitely doable. I have never seen the back side of the mountain and it is excellent the entire time. Trail is in good shape. The last mile and a half gets kind of old as it is just a ton of loose gravel and we were ready to be done. however it does not discount the rest of the hike at all.

17 days ago

Was an excellent hike and quite easy. Trail was well maintained. A little to crowded for my liking but it was day after Thanksgiving. Next time I will go during week.

One of my favorites

18 days ago

Amazing hike! You are definitely hiking a mountain but man do you feel accomplished at the top when your looking out at the view! I've hike this twice almost exactly a year a part and the first year there were a bunch of bee hives this year not the same problem. The second time was definitely easier than the first! I'll probably do again next year around the same time!

23 days ago

Pretty easy trail. Lots of Cholla (cactus with lots of stickers!) so this is not a trail for dogs or kids unless they are trained to stay away from the Cholla! There is parking at the intersection of McDowell and Chrismon roads if you want to skip the fee.

23 days ago

Nice quiet trail with breath taking views of the Salt River valley and the Superstition Mountains. This is a long trail and you will need to plan to take lots of water and maybe a snack. This trail is not well marked so a GPS would be handy if you have not hiked it before. There is a fee per car to enter the park.

23 days ago

Great trail, it starts easy then gets pretty steep. It is a well marked trail with many beautiful views along the way. I have taken my kids up this trail! It costs $$$ to get in the park. I believe it is $6 per car so load up all your friends for better value!

One of my favorite hikes in Arizona. It is a very good hike for training and learning hiking fundamentals only lacking trail blazing and rock scrambling (basically where you have to climb because it is to steep) it’s also very good at teaching foot placement and is a fun and beautiful hike in general. I recommend going early in the morning during winter for an optimal hike and make sure that you bring hiking boots and at least one liter of water (I’d recommend 2 just in case) also have at least two and a half hours to spare if it’s your first time hiking this trail and you don’t go hiking or participate in other cardio vascular physical activity often. But if you’re an avid hiker this hike could probably be completed in an hour.

Nice trail, not for the out of shape. Lots of loose gravel coming down the West side. Not too bad going up the East side.

27 days ago

Great trail! We went counter-clock-wise, and were really glad we did. There are several (short) steep rocky portions that I would rather go up than come down. Great views! As others have said, there is no shade, and it is 7.7 miles. Very gradual ascent and descent, if it weren't for the length, I'd rate this as easy. Def. recommend.

Amazing hike. A lot of people on a Sunday but everyone very friendly going up and down. The park ranks it a black diamond however I have hike way way harder black diamond trails throughout AZ.

Nice trail

This was a 7.7 mile trail from the trailhead. I would start right and end from the left. I started to the left and it was a very easy start with a hard ending. Tons of rocks on the end of the trail.

trail running
1 month ago

I can’t imagine running it in the summer, but in November this was absolutely incredible. Not well marked, but once you look at the map closely and pay attention to where other trails intersect and divert, it’s pretty straightforward. If I would have had more time I would have done it twice. Pretty rocky in multiple spots so it makes running it difficult, but plenty of runable space. Loved this trail!

Great 7.7 Mile Hike Yesterday! The views were amazing starting Left onto Trail. If you want more of an incline workout I’m told to start Right on to Trail. $7.00 fee/bathrooms at Trailhead. Loved it!!!

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