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Gorgeous hike. Combined spur and dragonfly and a couple others. Beautiful photography. Best 6 bucks this couple ever spent.

4 days ago

Nice hike for family. Easy, not moderate. Rec. starting at south end, then it's uphill first and downhill coming back. Either way, nice short hike.

Did this trail back in September when it was about 101º outside and I like to call this experience my "Hell Hike." Went with a large group who were experienced and knew the way, otherwise I would've gotten lost. The trail isn't well marked. There's essentially no shade on the trail and make sure to bring plenty of water too. Just grueling in the heat; I had to take many breaks and spent way too long in the sun (ended up being around 6 hours). The trail is lightly trafficked - I don't remember seeing anyone else at all. However, this experience is mostly my fault, as I had never been on a hike in Arizona - I would NEVER recommend a beginner on this hike and learned this the hard way. I was sore for 3 days after, too. However, now that I'm a frequent hiker and the weather is in the 60s, I would definitely love to go back and try it again, and I'm sure I would have a better hike (and I can't wait to leave an updated, better review then).

on Yavapai Point Trail

5 days ago

Nice hike. Great to do during December. Not many hikers. Cool breeze. Easy hike with beautiful vista of the lake. If your lucky you’ll see the wild burrows. Head to Dillons for BBQ after the hike. Note- your entrance fee does not get you into the entrance for the main marina, which is privately owned and not operated by Maricopa County Parks.

Ford Canyon Loop, Counter Clockwise. This is a very scienc and secluded trail. I didn't see anyone from about 1/10 of a mile prior to the warning sign, until the junction of Willow Canyon and Mesquite Canyon trail intersection.

It's very desolate and the wash is 2 miles long of boulder scrambling to sand walking and climbing a few near vertical walls. You need at least 3 quarts of water if it's in the low seventies to a gallon or more if above mid seventies. This is not a hike for the causal hiker and is for experienced hikers only that have traveled off trails before.

A hiker died five years ago on this trail. You can read about it here. From what i got out of the story, they had plenty of water and started at 6:30am on a summer day. The temperature rose to triple digits which resulted in a heat related illness that progressed to the death of one of the hikers.


Some spots have exposure and the two walls are not difficult however a fall would result in injury.

Plan at least 4 to 5 hours for the loop which is around 10.0 miles long. This is the hardest trail in the White Tanks Park. Not a trail to be caught after it turns dark even with a headlamp, if your in the wash.

With all the warnings out of the way, this is a great trail, because of the solitude, scenery and varied terrain to hike and boulder hop through. It's suggested to not hike this trail alone. If you do, use a tracking program so a reliable person can be tracking you.

A good prep is to do Goat Camp Trail to the 4 or 5 mile marker starting from area one, as a out and back hike.

Another is the full loop on Mesquite Canyon Trail which starts and ends at area seven and is 8.6 miles and gains 1,580'.

The suggested way for Ford Canyon is to hike counter clockwise. The reason it's easier to climb up rock then climbing down. Also your done with the hazardous part at 5 miles meaning your less tired when going through the wash.

Nice trail, excellent views. Pretty moderate I would say, but there are other trails connecting that provide a decent workout.

7 days ago

Easy but a nice walk and good views

+1 for hiking it CCW, staying right at the fork to do the north section of the Elephant Mountain trail before the Spur Cross section. You will be facing the best views the whole time going this direction and you'll do the harder section earlier.

13 days ago

This was a cool hike. Wasn’t too much special about it although it did offer some really cool views. The return had some nice elevation gains at points, nothing great though. The bridge mentioned in the below review had been destroyed by the time I hiked it on 12/1, so it was just a hike across a dry river bed instead. If you’re here, be sure to hike Yavapai Point Trail, too. No shade, so take plenty of water if you plan on hiking both. $7 to enter, and I might would hike this again when I return for Yavapai Point, but just to see if the bridge had been repaired.

13 days ago

Excellent hike! The view at the top was well worth the short hike. Mostly flat, but there is a noticeable incline close to the top of mountain. A small bench is located on top so you can sit and enjoy the view for a moment. Not being a longtime local, it was good to see that much water again. Visited with some cool people, too. Also saw my 1st ever tarantula on the trail! Shout out to Rocky for giving me the courage to walk past it. I hiked this on 12/1 so it was perfect weather, but like most AZ trails, there’s not much shade. $7 to enter, I would hike this trail again.

14 days ago

Very pretty trail! Great vista views of surrounding mountains and towns. Hiked/ran this on a Friday- not much trail traffic. Very quiet. Easy trail. Hiked with my teen sons. Next time I would bring my dog.

Good hike with great views. The Goldmine hill is a little challenging and gets the heart pumping for older hikers. I like to start on this trail and finish on the dynamite trail.

An actual easy hike with beautiful views

Fun hike. Moderate to start going clockwise.

17 days ago

This was an exhilarating and challenging at the same time. I did this counter clockwise and so glad I did. Actually, I felt like I got the hard stuff out of the way first, and enjoyed my descent down after all the climbing I did. The views are incredible! Don't forget to stop every once in a while and turn around to see the sweeping desert views. Start early as this takes a while to do. Recommend this trail to get your heart pumping and your adrenaline keyed up!

First time on this trail. Wanted an easy to moderate workout. That’s what we got. Steep parts near the top but worth the climb. The view was fabulous!!!
Lots of sky activity today. Fighter jets and 4 planes practicing formations. Pretty cool.
Loved the greenery!! Will definitely do it again.

19 days ago

Great, yet simple trail. Offers some great views of downtown Phoenix and the surrounding ranges. I definitely took a moment here and there to take in the views. The weather was perfect the day I hiked it in late November, but this is not a shaded trail by any means. Minimal effort for the experienced hiker, but was still fun and worth it. I did hike it counterclockwise to help with the elevation gains. If you go right instead of left at the entrance of the trail, there is a small bench that offers some great views. $7 to enter, I might do this trail again.

GO COUNTERCLOCKWISE! The first 3 miles is a fairly gradual but steep incline to the saddle, everything from there is a breeze. Clocked in at 7.5 miles total, got off trail a few times but we think that’s mostly because we were admiring the scenery. So beautiful, watch out for jumping cactus around the saddle area... they line the trail for a good mile!

Great trail. Once you get past the horse shit it is a fantastic trail. Great for a dog!

Great quiet trail with views. Sections are steep and loose. Do it counter clockwise and add Dragonfly trail at end for 8+ miles total and creek with big cottonwood trees to cool down.

Great trail, we went clockwise for a more moderate incline making the back half a tad difficult as it is fairly steep in sections but definitely doable. I have never seen the back side of the mountain and it is excellent the entire time. Trail is in good shape. The last mile and a half gets kind of old as it is just a ton of loose gravel and we were ready to be done. however it does not discount the rest of the hike at all.

The first 2 miles are very easy. Beautiful scenery and lots of greenery unlike a lot of AZ trails. There are lots of signs of wild life along the way.

22 days ago

We attempted this hike on Thanksgiving Day, only to find that cones had been set out across the sidewalk and signs had been posted on the sidewalk leading into the gated community that said "No Trespassing". The security guard at the gate informed us that the trail is closed on holidays (i.e. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc.) so the residents of the gated community can have their privacy. That makes me wonder which came first, the trailhead or the gated community? If this is a public trail, how can a private residential community block public access?

I loved this trail! The scenes were beautiful! This is a hike you will know you finished the next day! The desert was so green and beautiful. We saw plenty of wild Burro evidence and we saw a tarantula!

Wonderful trail and views. It intersects with the Yavapi Point trail and that is just beautiful. Saw plenty of wild Burro evidence but didn’t see any. We did come across a tarantula though! Many friendly hikers on the trail that was very interesting to talk to!

Fun hike, we go clockwise and get the steep climb out of the way first. Several benches along the well marked trail to sit on and enjoy the views.

25 days ago

Gorgeous mostly flat hike to the Dixie Mine and back is only about 5 miles. Parking is outside gate in neighborhood and then have to walk through neighborhood to trailhead. The sidewalk is marked and security will stop you if you don’t stay on marked path. Once at trailhead about 2m out to dirt road, turn right to go downhill. You will see the mine dug out on the hill and the mine entrance is right under it. Be safe! Fun and interesting hike with the kids.

25 days ago

My friend and I went on this hike and it wasn’t difficult until right before the end then the hill gets a little steeper and the rocks get a little loser but in the end it’s definitely worth it! The view of lake pleasant is amazing!

Low traffic and beautiful scenery...one of our favorites!!

26 days ago

Nice quiet trail with breath taking views of the Salt River valley and the Superstition Mountains. This is a long trail and you will need to plan to take lots of water and maybe a snack. This trail is not well marked so a GPS would be handy if you have not hiked it before. There is a fee per car to enter the park.

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