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More difficult than moderate, I would say, but a lot of fun if you're up for steep climbs and rugged trail. Bring extra water, and go in winter or spring if possible (due to heat). Start early. My brother and I are experienced hikers, we hiked this with no prior knowledge of it and were pleasantly exhausted and sore at the end of the day. We got some great photos at the top. It has become one of our favorite hikes together.

very good hike. stars easy but if doing the whole loop it will be challenging...cool pictures spots n ocean view

It was beautiful but it was overcast most of the time. Can’t imagine how awesome it must be on a clear day. Started at 10am and only 2 cars were in the parking lot. Didn’t see anyone until inspiration point. Great day

Old dilapidated mansions, newts, swimming holes and rock climbing.

Awesome trail! Great photography possibilities for Los Angeles and the Channel Islands.

Beautiful scenery and a great easy hike. We truly enjoyed.

Loved this trail for 4 out of 4.8 miles(going clockwise) BUT as many reviews (and park ranger will tell you) it just vanishes in the lowland swampy area. You can do it but give yourself plenty of time, light and phone battery because it’s not maintained at all.

Otherwise, this hike is fantastic, great elevation, beautiful vistas, lots of cool canyons and mountains back there.

Watch out for poison oak on the back side (going clockwise) it’s EVERYWHERE.

17 days ago

Day after heavy rains but still hikeable. Definitely needed trekking poles for the slick muddy areas.
There’s no signs stating “Boney Mtn ➡️ this way”
Parts of the path was overgrown and single track but still obvious where the direction of the trail.
It’s between moderate and difficult, I think.
The views are worth it!

Very pretty but not very hard

Loved the hike but signage in this park is very confusing. First-timers may find themselves a little lost but that’s not necessarily a bad thing in a place like this!

I believe this trail is 9 miles. I'm not sure how anybody lost the trail. Maybe they've cleaned it up a bit but it was very clear to me. There are even steps up the boulders.

There is nothing difficult about this trail. It is moderate at worst.

Parking is worth noting...as there doesn't appear to be any. I parked in what looked like a tiny lot a few hundred feet north of the trailhead. My car wasn't told or ticketed so, perhaps it's legal.

Having said all that, the payoff at the peak is fantastic. Lovely view of the ocean and San Gabriel Mountains. Nice steady incline throughout. I ran about half the time going up and ran all the way down and it took me 2:45.

Nice hike and great for kids ... last stretch was a good work out and wish the waterfall had more water flowing down. Get there early to get parking or you may get blocked in like i saw today for some folks. Canyon was nice and cooled towards the middle but get great views and sun once on the ridge.

1 month ago

Love this trail!! I do it multiple times a week and I still feel like I see something new and that I am challenged every time.

This place is pretty cool lots of little spots to stop and check out. Trail splits to different side of mountain we took right side wich leads back to parking lot.

Great hike. We did both loops and got a tremendous work because of the elevation change. Huge reward at the top of the Deed Valley Loop. Gorgeous ocean view! Beautiful hike all around with flowers starting to bloom in February. Highly recommend.

This actually was an amazing hike in the later part of the day...nice and cool and then the sunset over the ridge. My kids and I (3yr old daughter and 7yr old son) did the whole thing including the hillside going up from the mansion with ease!! Def. a family hike...but careful on the later parts...its a steep ridge so keep the kiddos close :)

Trail is easy to moderate at best. Ruins are cool but not super impressive. The waterfall is mainly just a trickle. Probably a good hike for families.

Fantastic sunrise hike

This was a pretty straightforward trail that was a steady 2.5 mile incline until the very top. I’d definitely consider it moderate. Would be a great trail for running as well. The top is a great view of the city and ocean with a couple benches to enjoy the lookout. There’s also a legit porta-potty as well up top. Still, this germaphobe wouldn’t use it. Parking was tough along the residential area. Very little shade if it’s sunny. Trail is shared with mountain bikers. I did notice that fellow hikers were not as friendly as I’ve experienced on other trails.

We went with kids (8 yo and 11 yo) and everyone enjoyed it. The waterfall was great and the creeks were cool.

Beautiful, challenging enough. My dogs did get ticks for the first time though. Make sure your pups have tick prevention (lime disease).

1 month ago

A well balanced trail that is not very steep. The trail has short rocky areas you will need to climb. Fantastic views and nice rock formations along the way. Get there early as parking is limited.

Not well maintained, trail difficult to follow

Fairly easy trail with great views.

Despite being overcast and cloudy, I thought that overall it wasn’t a bad hike. The ruins and waterfall weren’t too impressive, but the trail itself became challenging once it got steeper which contributed to being a great hike. There was a set of beautiful stairs along the trail (one of my favorite parts of the hike). Definitely recommend doing this hike if you want to have somewhat of a challenge that’ll make you sweat but also if you just want to do a quick hike that doesn’t take all day.

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