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I loved it! Only hiked for 6 miles but it was worth it, mostly uphill so not for beginners, it’s great for building up stamina for more difficult hikes. I’d definitely recommend it.

2 days ago

Amazing beautiful adventures!!!

To start, this is an awesome hike! It is such an awesome experience going through the tunnels and observing the ruins of trains, tunnels, and work equipment along the way.

We decided to start from De Anza Spring Resort (nudist resort). When you get to the gate hit the intercom button and they will let you in. You will then drive 5mph to the office. Follow the signs and you will find it. It is $5 per person and they will need a copy of each person drivers license. From there you will head back towards the entrance gate to park and you will see rocks lined up and outlining the trail to the railroad.

Once you get to the railroad, take a right (away form the freeway) and follow the train tracks until you reach the trestle.

We decided to go through all of the tunnels, so our elevation gain was approx 2,000 ft. You could easily add distance and elevation gain if you go around the tunnels (there are trails, not sure on the quality).

Make sure on the hike you bring plenty of water, a bright flashlight or two, and comfortable shoes. This is not a good hike for warm weather and we found it very enjoyable right after the rain.

Another recommendation, as you see all the ruins and cool things to check out, do it quickly on your way out, then when you are on your way back, spend more time checking out and taking pictures. If you spend too long looking at this stuff on the way out, it is very possible to end up walking back in the dark.

Finally, after the hike we started researching the history and there is so much cool stuff to learn about. Might be worth learning the history before hand so you can understand the different ruins you are seeing.

Enojy, this is a long one, but so many unique experiences that I will never forget. This is on the top list for hikes.

Hiked up to San Bernardino Peak with my buddy on Friday 2/9/18. Beautiful views but she makes you work for it. Didn't see another hiker all day, it was awesome!

We started out on the trail at 545am, arrived at the Peak at 12:57, and after a nice long hour and a half lunch, we started decending at 2:25pm. We did not get back to the car till 615pm. Make sure you bring PLENTY OF WATER. Unless you keep going to Alger creek you won't have any water source. i would reccomend filling up before heading up to the Peak, just in case. i brought a 3L bladder for the entire trip and i wish i had filled up Alger Creek.. This trail is relentless the entire 7.1 miles to the Peak so be prepared. About 3 miles in you arrive at the fork, where you can take Alger Creek, Dobbs Cabin, and Dollar Lake saddle, OR you can take the trail to San Bernardino Peak. We chose to trekk to the San Bernardino peak, as we have both been to Dobbs cabin on this route. The trail up to the Peak is not well maintained and there are alot of fallen trees and a few rock slides that have covered parts of the trail. As long as you are paying attention, looking for trail markers, and following other hikers footsteps you shouldn't lose the trail. The trail beyond the fork is difficult, and has a steady incline for 3.5-4 miles to the Peak, but the views are worth it! There are small patches of snow around 8500ft and plenty of powder at the summit.

I would highly recommend this trail in the winter/fall, and even spring time. You are exposed alot of the way so I could see this trail being very difficult in the summer. AGAIN, bring plenty of water and make sure you are wearing pants if you decide to take the San Bernardino Peak fork, there are overgrown thorn bushes and manzinita that you must pass through to get to the Peak!

A good near-the-city hike option! Definitely plan on doing again.

7 days ago

There’s a path that’s completely flat, which I took, great for beginners.

Started a little later than I would like and almost made it to the top of the trail where it meets Condor Peak Trail. I would’ve continued but had my doubts that there’d be a good spot to pitch a tent up there. Next time I’ll set up camp at Lucas Camp and summit in the morning. That’s probably the last chance to fill up and process water.

I love this hike!!!I❤️❤️❤️❤️

11 days ago

Good, Long, hike.

12 days ago

The trail has some pretty great views of the mountains a few miles in. Past the waterfall (which is beautiful by the way), the trail becomes narrower and less maintained. Around the six mile mark, it’s nearly impossible to take a backpack because of the over growth on the trails. It become a much more difficult vs. “moderate” trail. We saw around 5 sites to camp within those six miles. It’s very remote—no sounds of traffic and no sign of people. Plenty of water, as the trails followed the creek (this may change, depending on time of year). If you visit the waterfall, be careful not to get turned around. We wound back tracking and adding 2 miles to our trek back to the car. The trail to the waterfall is off the out-and-back main trail. Lots of inclines going in, mostly declines going out. No cell reception whatsoever, but the app can still track you on the trail. The only trail markers were stacked rocks that hikers made, and sometimes there were orange or pink ties on trees.

**parking: we parked on the main road because the road to the trail was closed off to visiting vehicles. It was about .3 miles to the trailhead. You pass a few small houses along the road. There will be a few signs that tell you which direction for the trail.

This trail was awesome. It took a lot of convincing to get my girlfriend to climb along the cliff side right before the water fall but she made it lol.

13 days ago

love this track
Peace Everyone Enjoy

This was a great 15 mile out and back trail. The day was Beautiful, but we started late. On the way back to our car we encountered killer chilly winds. Depends on what side you enter, be prepared to scramble over rocks to get through tunnels. Overall great fun exploring.

24 days ago

Much better than I expected. I have done this hike two times...once in May and once in December.

Parking- both times we arrived around 7am and easily found parking on Foothill Parkway for free (a big plus for me); however when we left both times the parking situation was much different and people were parking farther down the street

1st visit in May...there are different trails to choose from...we did the Hagador Canyon Watershed and followed it in about 1.5 miles before turning back as it seemed to become harder to follow/see the trail; it was much greener than I anticipated and quite a bit of cover from the sun is provided by the trees and the hills; we then walked over to the Tin Mine Trail and that was 2.5 miles total RT to the end of that trail and back...all together we did just under 8 miles and spent about 4 hours enjoying the area; the Tin Mine Trail is also rather shady and there are some closed mines that you can take a look into (iron gates blocking the actual entrances of the mines); you can hear water trickling in some parts of the trail and just great colors and beautiful;

2nd visit...when we returned in December we did the hike to the Doppler Ball...on the way there we took the wide winding fire road and on the way back down we opted for the more direct route back along the ridge and that was more fun...total miles was about 11 miles with just under a 2,000 ft elevation gain and took us a bit over 5 hours to complete including time to take in the great views and to check out the ruins near the top with the only true trees on the trail and there are some great rocks to take pictures on and of course time spent at the top with pictures of the Doppler radar

Flat hike out through tunnels, and over numerous smaller trestles ending at the large trestle. Beautiful scenery - reminded me of old western movies the way the tracks snake though blasted out rocks. OUSTANDING VIEWS NONSTOP.

There are side trails around most of the tunnels (which appear to have been used for the elevation chart for this hike). They provide more canyon beauty but the trails are over grown with cacti in places and make for a challenging walk around. I recommend taking the side trails around the smaller tunnels.

Entire hike was 9:45AM - 3:30PM (5 hours, 45 min) and included a 30 minute lunch break, lot's of photos and two "walk arounds" of the tunnels.

Park at the Nudest Colony - but the bar is closed Mon - Thursday - so you will need to have post hike beverage somewhere else.

Male, 35 (and female companion, 29)
6', 240 lbs
Fitness level: average
Hiking experience: intermediate
Date of hike: 02/17/18
Pace: moderate
Total time: A little under 5 hours (app clocked us at 4:43 movement time)
Weather temp: 39F when we left by 9am, 68F upon returning to our car by 3pm

Ok, so I'm on the chubby side and we finished this hike in under 5 hours (movement time). This hike wasn't really that hard. The only thing that bothered me was my bum ankle from an old hockey injury, but other than that, it's not very demanding on cardio as long as you are not in horrible shape.

I prepared for the worst and was carrying a bunch of stuff in my pack that I didn't use at all, including 4 lts of water. I only drank 1lt during the whole trip with little to no transpiration. I should say though, that the weather was nice and cool so that played a big factor in not using up a lot of water. It got a little hot on the way back but it was nice overall.

Other than the obvious preparations for a long hike (water, food, aid kit, etc), I would like to emphasize the importance of wearing comfortable gear, shoes and clothing. It is a very long hike so any little nuisance from your bag, shoes, shorts, socks, underwear, etc that you think it's minor, will start to feel like a huge pain in the ass after a while. So make sure nothing is bothering you before you begin.

This is definitely one of the most interesting hikes around the San Diego area. There is a lot of cool things to see and great spots for photo ops. I highly recommend it.

EPIC! This hike speaks to the mischievous kid inside that wants to explore the abandon trains cars, dark tunnels, and cool bridges that your mom would never let you play on. I felt like I was on my own adult desert ‘Stand by Me’ adventure.
I hiked with two other in shape athletic guys and we did 3 hours out ( with lots of exploring and pictures) and two hours back from Deanza to the bridge.
Great opportunity to face your fear of the dark, heights, tight spaces, graffiti trains, whatever.

this is a great walking trail. perfect for beginners, bike riding, dogs, kids, and anyone who just enjoy quiet nature. It doesn't get too crowded and is always clean and peaceful. lots of shade and trees and grass. I grew up In la verne and have been coming to this trail for years and it's still just as beautiful as it's always been. especially after rainfall. Very easy but very peaceful

What a fun hike, easy but long 16 miles...FYI - De Anza Springs Resort doesn't open until 8am, if you plan on parking there...

Hmm...I only clock about 6 miles up to Henninger based on where I start I’m assuming. Not much scenery and no shade. If you want to build your tolerance of going up hill, I’d recommend this hike. Otherwise, there are other hikes that have a lot more going on (optically).

It is a long hike, a little bit over 16 miles to be exact. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Completed this trail for the first time today. The trail is mainly flat, so aside from the distance, I would actually rate this as easy, not hard. It was HEAVILY trafficked by other hikers and bicyclist. There are more than a handful of bridges and tunnels. Some tunnels are approx. half a mile long and dark, so I recommend to bring lighting. The weather was perfect! About 75° today, which is nice for the desert area.
Overall this was an awesome hike with plenty of exploring!

29 days ago

Hiked to the radar doppler. 11.4 miles round trip. Took 4 hours and 18 min. Decent fire road but way too many mountain bikers. The top was neat with old ruins, pine trees, and awesome views of OC, Downtown LA, and the IE. Start early in the morning as there is no shade. This trail is good for hikers, mountain bikers, joggers, families, and dogs. Mountain bikers fly down the trail so watch your back. Keep to the right as you are heading down the trail. One and done. Would I hike it again? No.

1 month ago

Wonderful time, nice and easy, Enjoy, ;-).

I really enjoyed this hike with my wife. There is tree coverage in certain parts of the trail as well. We started the hike past the golf course where there is a dirt parking lot at the end of the road. It's an easy hike.

Nice walk on an overcast day otherwise would be too hot as There isn’t any shade.

1 month ago

Treasure found so close to home!

1 month ago

Great hike with some awesome views of the Corona area. 11.7 miles on a dirt road up to the Doppler Radar. Well marked trail. Up and back in a little over 3.5 hours. Very little if any sun protection so prepare.

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