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Great hike! Beautiful views with good challenges.

Nice trail close to home!

An AMAZING hike with different views and terrain around every turn.
Going back this Friday for everything is blooming !!! Can't wait to hike this trail again.

Great trail. We park off First Water road so the hike is 3.5 miles from there. I bring my dogs and it’s a great hike for them, even my 11 year old Lab can make it..with some breaks of course.

This is still one of my favorite trails. It’s beautiful with lots of places to rest along the way, including some shaded spots. Definitely one of the moderate ones that’s closer to difficult than easy, but doable for anyone who is willing to take the time. I took my three kids up ages 6 to 14 at the time. There was lots of resting, gameplaying, and snacks involved but they made it and it was awesome!

this is easy and takes about 3 hours tops. Good for kids and pets. Pretty busy and cost is now 9 bucks

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3 days ago

This is a great short hike. The rocky path keeps you on your toes with foot placement but never are you just climbing on just rocks.yhe view at the end is wonderful. I recommend starting by at least 8am for best conditions.

Easy fun trail for the kids.

Nice trail first hike was a bit tough due to distance for me, but fun!!

7 days ago

Far away from me, but great hike. Up to you how difficult you wanna make it. Wanna go fast?? Pretty easy first half way up, then you start noticing how difficult the elevation makes it. Take your time the first time up to get an idea how goes.

Stunning. Variety of terrain. Challenging in that there's several stretches of steep, continuous incline at times, however not terribly difficult beyond that.

very nice hike. Very crowded, and some loose footing. also lots of bees at the cave. if you're allergic bring your meds. absolutely amazing views

Decent short trail with a modest payoff at the end. 6.5 out of 10.

Nice trail with great views of the Superstitions. The petroglyphs are cool and we even saw a rattlesnake.

13 days ago

Heiroglyphic Trail is a good easy trail, with minomal elevation gain, a good hike for all skill levels, the coolest part was seeing the writings on the rocks at the top of the trail.

13 days ago

Went on Saturday with a friend. See some cactus flower bloom on the trail. Great work out. Beautiful design on the rock. Only challenge I have is to go around the biggest rock with so many people stand in the way. Not to give anyone access to get on rock my fear was to slide and fall but I did not

Some incline at beginning then flattens out. Nice views.

Great trail for a hiker with moderate ability.

A short hike to get to an amazing spot! Great photo ops. Go a little further up the the river to get to a very peaceful shaded spot.

Stunning short walk to see the sun set. Steep at times. Moderate is the right rating.

16 days ago

This is one of the most beautiful hikes I've done! I am 30 weeks pregnant and made it to the top, and so can You! the only thing I was not aware of was that it's about a 15 minute drive on a dirt road. besides that it was a beautiful trail with lots of gorgeous views! definitely worth the drive⛰

Fun for the family. Not hard and has some amazing views, waterfall and hieroglyphics.

17 days ago

Loved this hike!!! Nice blend of moderate and difficultly.

17 days ago

Easy hike with well developed trails and can’t get lost even if you tried. Beautiful scenery all along the way

19 days ago

Great early morning hike. For someone who is used to the Appalachian Mtns I was not quite sure what to expect. I hit the trail just before first light around 5:45am and I was off by 7am. Really glad to have experienced some AZ hiking.

Great fun hike. Be careful of loose rocks. Wasn’t sure if I reached the top.

19 days ago

The perfect spring hike. Started at 7:45am and only 5 cars in lot. Was full but not overflowing when I returned 3 hours later. The trip to the lone pine is a must. Added probably 0.75 miles out and back to the tree. Gave a much better sense of scale of the needle and better views from that vantage point...and shade for an apple and hand ful of trail mix! Moderate rating is accurate. Varied terrain, nothing difficult. A great half day hike!

Beautiful views, have to do some minor rock climbing at the top but easy for all. Lots of families, dogs and little kids on this trail. Very picturesque! Have some hieroglyphics and the pools of water were mostly dried up in March but still some there to see.

Great hike!! Took us longer than we expected but that was all the stops looking at rocks,cactus, lizards and more!!! Amazing views.

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