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trail running
14 days ago

Beautiful, well maintained, paved. Lots of animals.

I came to do some Geocaching in the preserve. Once you got off the short access trail from the trailhead by the ballfields, the trails were nice and wide and well maintained. Most trails were numbered but I did not have a map to help me know one trail from another. The elevation change in the area was quite unique for Florida. I later discovered that this area used to be phosphate mines which helped explain the topography. Mostly under tree cover except the north area along the railroad tracks. I did about 10 miles in the park and found it quite enjoyable on a mild October day.

1 month ago

Wet. Hot. Wonderful!! Seriously, and be prepared to get your feet wet. Look hard. When I went on the south Florida trail of them. I just couldn’t see the. Markings and turned around. The north side of. It was much better

Bug spray is needed but overall it was just amazing. Everyone you bump into is friendly. This is very dog friendly.
I can’t wait to come here again!

1 month ago

Awesome trail, though paved it makes for an excellent hike! There are several parks connected that might call for further checking out.

Perfect for walking, running, skateboarding, cycling. For families, couples or singles. We must go to the County for its maintenance.

Rode 10 miles north beginning at Green Pond road. Nice ride except a few rain showers.

road biking
2 months ago

3 months ago

This trail is north of the powerline trail. And it’s always desereteit. If you go in. 7/10 of a mile and then you can go to your left or to your right On a Florida trail piece. I went left. After .3 miles you come to a small bridge, and you want to pay attention because otherwise you’ll be on the big broad Road, and miss the nice narrow path. I continued on about 2 1/2 miles. Then it got wet. Normally that wouldn’t bother me but I was going to have to turn around soon anyway. I love how a trail looks so different when you’re going the opposite direction. There’s a lot of moss on trees. There are sections where palms have been burnt. And I heard either a frog Or a gator. I did not check out which it was. No mosquitoes today to speak of. And there’s always no people on this trail. It look like the one with the bridge swinging Bridge was packed. I’ll come back in the winter to look at that one.

great place to hike and bike. one of my favorite places to go.

I Should've heed the warnings about months to go. everything has been drying up quickly but it's very damp and some spots filled with water. We could continue on if we had rain boots. Note to self for next time

nature trips
4 months ago

Great for hybrid and road bikes and family cycling

5 months ago

So I went on the main trail for about a mile. Then I came to the Florida trail and went left; West. It was very nice for 2.8 miles. Went through some soggy land lotta cabbage palms in Oaks. And some very open Palmetto scrub. You could see were fires had come through. Then I took the blue trail because that says it took me to the trailhead. And actually takes you to the road. The main road. I’m not much of a road walker and it was 2 miles back to the car. But it was very nice. Got to see the lake on one side and the swamp on the other side. Next time I will go either East on the Florida trail portion, or dog like Back or the Blue portion starts. It was worth it to do once. Because for a road walk it was pretty darn nice. I heard something crashing through the words; probably a deer. But I was not quick enough to see it. Lotta frogs. Oh and I did see a hawk when I was walking on the road. Maybe heard some alligators to I’m not sure. I was on the Branch house road or something like that. Didn’t see another person. The way I like it!

trail running
5 months ago

Great flat paved trail perfect for running, biking, skating, you name it. The views are nothing spectacular but then again it was made mostly for running and cycling.

Trail was very thick in the beginning with a lot of trees and bushes on the trail, however only about 5 minutes in, it opens up. The problem with this trail is rain. About a mile in, you’ll come across a bridge with a river below. Normally this river is fine but whenever it rains it overflows very quickly. The water was right up to the bridge and the rest of the path was flooded. Had to turn back. Looks like a good trail but you should hike it when it hasn’t rained in over a week.

great walk. wet feet. lots of contour, variety, and wildlife. we even saw a corral snake.

5 months ago

Very nice I started on the Florida trail, took a loop on the weikva trail, Was on the horse trail for while, then swing back around to the Florida Trail. Got rained on that felt good. Heard a big crash about a half mile in, finally turn my head and saw a beautiful deer. It’s really an open trail so be sure you bring a hat

My favorite trail in the Hillsborough County area. Located just north of Alderman Ford Park, sharing a parking lot with the baseball fields, (to the left when you pull into the lot) this is truly a hidden gem of a hike. What more could you ask for in Florida? A varied terrain of hills, scrub and marsh on a wide, well maintained trail. There is a beautiful camp site with a working pitcher pump next to a nice pond. We saw deer, hogs, wood peckers, hawks and a nice size black snake. We hiked 10.5 miles on this trail but you could easily shorten it or extend it with a few added turns. While we were dry the whole trail, I can see this being a wet walk if it was rainy season, so keep that in mind.

If you are in the area, don’t miss this one for a true Fla trail experience.

6 months ago

We did a great moderate 10 mile hike on this trail with our pup. It was beautiful with a lot of wildlife, trees, and scenery. Most of the pathways are not groomed and you have to make your own trail after a storm or two. One thing I did not like was that people hunt here as well and that makes me nervous to hike during hunting season!

6 months ago

I hiked the trail towards the back. And was totally deserted. Wonderful. When you walk 1 mile down a ancient cabbage palm lined Road, you come to the Florida Trail. Maybe not like the real Florida trail, but I believe it’s a side shoot that they volunteer and maintain. You can go to the left and it says it’s a 3 mile loop back to the trailhead. I did not do that. I went to the right. And you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. Next time I’ll walk even further there is a Bee island it sounded interesting. It was not super hot. And they’re actually no bugs. Yay

This was a nice trail. A lot of canopy areas and a few grassy spots. Cut it a little short, only did 8 miles, because of time. We started early which worked out great, because once you get in the grass there’s no hiding from the sun.

road biking
7 months ago

Great ride, beautiful trail, love the 15 miles on the north end, very scenic!
Will be back soon! Nice rest stops and potties along the way!

Good trail. one of my favorite!

Tons of geocaches!!!!

8 months ago

I short hike because when you get into the trail eventually Peters out. Could to still be Irma damage? The park was packed, very nice! Last time was here was all by myself

9 months ago

This review is more for the Upper Hillsborough Preserve Upper Hillsborough Tract with entrances near both the Zephyrhills Airport and also one on the other end of SR 54.

While this isn't exactly the AT, this is a hiking trail without bikers. End to end the length is about 8 miles.
Coming from the south, I typically stop about two miles short of the north entrance.

I do this for two reasons: 1. There is a very difficult elevated train track to scale to continue the hike. There are very large and for a big guy like me, hazardous rocks that make it very precarious to scale.

The second reason I usually don't complete the hike is that the northern end has a heavy boar population, and they have rooted up the trail.

A couple of other considerations:

1. Folks sky dive and fly light airplanes over head from the ZH Airport across the street. You can hear the folks soar above (even without an engine sound).
2. They allow hunting on this property, and it is a very popular hunting spot. Which is understandable considering the boar population. The down side is the hunting season is in the cooler time of the year. Just when I have put up with the high heat of the summer and expect to enjoy the cooler temperatures, the area is a veritable shooting gallery.

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