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12 minutes ago

Because the trail is not difficult it made for a lot of people on the trail.

Lovely mostly flat very easy trail to a small waterfall. Perfect for seniors and little kids. Cross the creek and keep goi g and the trail behinds a slow incline leading g to another small waterfall that cascades from the top of mountain all the way down. This part is good for running.

on Laurel Falls Trail

1 day ago

nice hike. busy

1 day ago

i called this the grandpa and baby trail. around every bend was either an old couple "hiking" in slacks and polos or a family pushing a stroller. its hard to take pics of the waterfall because people feel the need to walk up to the waterfall and touch it, regardless of who is taking pics. felt more like a guided nature walk than a hike

on Sugarlands Valley Nature Trail

1 day ago

Great little trail right past the visitor’s center right before you come into Cherokee. There are plenty of areas along the trail that you can go off through the woods and get to the river. I would definitely stop off to visit this again on my way through.

Nice easy stroll along the stream. It wasn’t strenuous and the scenery was beautiful!

Go! Take the kids you won’t regret it! Take loads of pictures! I hope it’s not crowded so you can enjoy the solitude and enjoy the calm the area can offer!

3 days ago

Nicely paved pathway! Have encountered snakes about the trail before. Beautiful location worth the stop completely! Get out of Gburg and see the park!

Good hike. Has a hill but keeps an easy incline.

a nice, moderate trail, with easy reaches along the Little River. A portion is also known as Jake's trail, and the signs can be confusing. The non-river reach is sparsely hiked, with several challenging stream crossings, making the trail totally worth it. Parking at the trailhead is easier to get than at some of the other trails in GSM park.

Nice paved path to falls. Very crowded though. Good starter hike for the day.

5 days ago

Hello twins:)

Loved this trail! Highly recommend for everyone :)

Great climb! Beautiful views. You will get wet though, have to cross a few rapids on the trail.

Fun short hike, Lots of people

7 days ago

This quick jaunt is well worth the beautiful falls!! Climb 158 steps (we counted) up from the parking area and over to a little bridge where you can look up the falls. They were flowing well today. Thankful for the tribe's upkeep and sharing of this gem.

9 days ago

A good hike with kids. We saw turkeys along the path and there are a few small river crossings.

awesome hiking with wonderful views

12 days ago

Beautiful hike! Pretty easy walking on a paved path that slowly gains elevation. Falls were gorgeous! Highly recommend! The best falls I’ve seen in the park besides Ramsay Cascades! (Which is not for the faint of heart)
I got to the trailhead around 9 not that busy...(For Laurel Falls) But by the time I headed back around 10-10:20 (Because I take a lot of photos) I saw over 50 people headed to the falls. In addition there were already at least 20 at the falls when I arrived so, yes it’s a BUSY trail. Get there early! Also a nice scenic opening in the trees to view the mountains

The falls were pretty but having to wait for everyone’s family photo opps to have a decent view, then feeling like I was holding everyone up by enjoying the view myself, kinda ruined the experience. Glad to cross it off my list, I guess?

14 days ago

We have done this trail a lot. It is easy and you can hike or bike it.
It follows a nice river and usually has lots of people. Locals use it for a workout trail.
It is noisy with cars but I view it more as a evening stroll than a true trail.

16 days ago

very nice tail and views

on Laurel Falls Trail

17 days ago

Yes crowded but still beautiful at the falls and several places as you go. Twenty years ago we pushed our daughter in a stroller on a newly asphalted path. Now that path is eroded (the reason they asphalted it in the first place) and I would not recommend a stroller. Hard on the pusher and the baby.

17 days ago

beautiful trail with lots of mini waterfalls along the way. trail can be tricky in some parts, due to rocks & roots. the waterfall at the top is gorgeous!

21 days ago

I like to add stops on long drives so I added this on my way back to Knoxville when doing the deep creek trail. It is definitely worth it. It is a large beautiful waterfall. The steps suck of course but small price to pay for such a quick walk to see such beauty. Definitely would go back again if i was in the area. Just be sure you take the time to appreciate it for a bit vs only take a pic and turn around and leave :)

21 days ago

I am not sure this should be an easy if you do the entire trail. Yeah the wide flat part is super easy, but there are climbing parts that are more like the low side of moderate. I enjoyed this trail and did veer off the path some. Total distance for me was about 7 miles. The side parts of this path are nice and more lightly trafficked in the AM. I arrived early and saw much more foot traffic when finishing up around 11 am. I did the path solo so did bring a clicker to make noise as well periodically. It was only needed on the less trafficked parts. Evidently I wasn’t making enough noise though as I still walked up on a deer before it got startled. At least it wasn’t a bear :) The waterfalls were great as well. Definitely a great hike overall. If you use all trails just be sure it updates as mine struggled on this path (showing me accurately) and I had it downloaded.

I'm not a "flat" trail kind of guy, but the scenery along the River Trail is rivaled by few trails in the area. I enjoyed the ruggedness of the Cucumber Trail, which also had some excellent scenery. We ended our hike walking through Daisy Town, which was very neat.

This waterfall is nice, but it will be crowded and there isn't a whole lot of room at the top. The trail does continue past the falls for a less crowded walk in the woods. Don't give this trail less than 4 stars because it's crowded....it's stated in 90% of the reviews.

Great water fall, little bit rough getting just because of the tree roots. Very beautiful!!

Great trail for an easy nature walk and to get your steps in. From visitor center, it was 4 miles round trip.

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