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11 days ago

Amazing trail! Hiked in early Jan 2019 and despite the clouds, wind and snow at the top, the winter weather made the scenery even more spectacular. Even without the views over the surrounding area, the variable trail conditions and different types of scrambling and climbing, along with the dramatic scenery at the top (even more moon-like with ice and snow all around) made this an enjoyable and challenging hike. Took about 5 hours round trip in heavy wind and ice conditions. Crampons definitely not optional in the winter- from about 1 mile in, it was solid sheets of ice for the rest of the walk. By about 6 miles in the wind picked up and visibility dropped, making the cairns absolutely necessary- fortunately, they are quite well-placed and visible, with the exception of one or two less obvious spots on the way back down. Surprisingly, still saw a dozen or so other hikers on the trail, including some other brave souls lingering at the summit. Can’t wait to try this in the Summer!

Enjoyed my first run of 2019 here and I was not disappointed. What a wonderful trail.
There were lots of hikers at the parking lot but the trail system is big enough that I wasn’t bothered by anyone.
The trail was well marked and I would say on the tougher side of moderate. There were water crossings, steep inclines and declines, nice views, an amazing lake, overall a great trail.
There were a few technical areas where as a trail runner you will have to slow down to navigate and the rocks are extremely slippery. Probably the time of year, but be careful.
I will definitely be coming back here. Maybe I’ll bring the fam next time and do some fishing.
Great park.

Happy running,
Ultra Ryan

My favorite hike in western ma. Awesome view

Absolutely love this place! I got in a great workout, went on and off the trails and it was gorgeous! I’ll definitely be back. New hikers prob should have a map, we went pretty far off and the cell service was not accessible with Verizon lol. This is a great for mountain bikers and plan to hit up those trail, caution to new mountain bikers it’s moderately to hard in some areas. Overall my favorite place so far locally. I loved that the trails were wet ,it had just rained yesterday but geared up rite I loved it. Great for a good workout I was out for about 3 hours non stop exploring there are some hidden gem areas.

Did this in early March with plenty of snow and ice on the northern slopes. Stunning views of the basalt outcroppings and Easthampton beyond. Lots of history for those interested. The ghost of a ski mountain, a plane crash, and a botched horse cremation are just the beginning! Easy hike for the whole family, a waterbottle each. Steep at each end but mostly flat up along the ridge.

When I did this loop yesterday, the distance was 5.7 miles. There were some detours around fallen trees and a number of flooded trails that added to the hike. The trail was well marked for most of it. It was a little tricky finding the way around some of the flooded areas and a few fallen trees. I broke trail for about half the loop so it should be easy to follow now, just follow the snowshoe and footprints tracks in the tricky areas.

If your looking for a workout look no further. Started at Holyoke range state park and trekked to mt. Holyoke in Skinner state park across Seven sisters ect. Did hike early Nov. found the trail to be quiet and challenging with leaves and wet terrain. I loved it. I’m a hiker who likes to make good time. My poles were a true asset. Took me 5 hrs for the 11.5. Trails are marked well. Views are mediocre to be honest. But the challenge is worth it.

Really enjoyed the hike! We started following the Ted trail and ended with looping back with Carolyn. I was glad we went in this direction for the hike up Ted was more rocky than carolyn. Also, as you hike up the Ted trail you hike along side a bubbling brook most of the way, making for great back round sounds and quaintness. Some great views at the top. The trail was pretty easy with not too much steepness. Overall fun day!

Well marked and maintained trail. Has great views at the top in a couple of different spots looking North and South. Trails can lead you all the way to Miller Park! Will be back for sure!

2 months ago

Love this trail. Did it 2 weekends in a row. 9.75 miles from trailhead to summit and back.

trail running
3 months ago

Great day. chilly winds but beautiful views from the summit. pompelly is an easy to moderate hike. sharp elevation gain at two major spots but managable.
note to self:Brooks Cascadia trail runners are miserable!

3 months ago

Did Pumpelly for the first time today and I’m in love. It definitely requires endurance and very good traction but it’s well worth the work, and not just for the summit. Once you hit the first vista about halfway up, the views stay with you for a good 90% of the remaining hike, and they are unbelievable. Today was sunny but it had rained the day before, which made it really tricky through the woods where it was muddy and slippery, especially the steeper rocky parts on the descent. It wasn’t a problem at all on the more exposed upper half of the trail, though. I had so much fun scrambling and rock hopping up top. It took me about 4.5 hours including lots of pauses to take pictures (which will never do it justice!), and a stop for lunch. On a beautiful October Tuesday, I only encountered two people on the trail, and maybe 6-8 folks at the summit. Perfect day!

3 months ago

Great trail. Was 9.5 miles for me. Lots of rock scrambles. Weather was perfect. Pretty busy at the peak. And a bonus, I met a Pompelly when finished the trail. Granddaughter of the man who founded the trail. How cool is that.

Wonderful loop on diverse forest paths culminating in a rocky summit. Start on Ted's trail to follow a stream uphill, leading to some boggy sections but worth it for the sound of water and impressive flume halfway up. Carolyn's trail is quieter, a manageable descent, though the ever-wet rocks and roots require careful footing. (I took one rough sliding fall.) Add a mile at the top to summit and explore the rocky Cliff trail.

3 months ago

This trail is closer to 9 miles. The first section of the trail is easy with basically no elevation gain. The rest of the trail gains elevation pretty moderately throughout the summit. The most challenging aspect of the trail was that it was wet and slippery, making the rockier parts take longer than they typically might. I completed the hike on Columbus Day, and I hardly saw any other people on this trail until I got close to the summit (even then it was still not very crowded given the weather). Unfortunately there were no views during the hike due to the thick fog, but there was quite a bit of exposed ridge line that would probably have great views on a clearer day. Even with no visibility, it was still a great hike and a good way to train hiking in slippery conditions!

We loved this trail. The waterfalls and view of the fall foliage were beautiful. I would definitely not suggest going on a rainy day or the day after unless you enjoy walking through water and mud in several areas. We went two days after and it was still quite muddy. I would say this hike isn’t for newbies and people looking for a flat trail. It has several rocky areas and 1500 ft of elevation over the 4.9 mile trail to the summit. The whole trip up Ted’s Trail and down Carolyn’s Trail took almost 4 hours with several brief stops for photos. It was about 8 miles total and we really loved it!

A hidden gem of a trail!

Great hike with the kids.

This is a State Park which caters to many activities and that is good, certainly. On the other hand, if you are hiking and look for some solitude there are better options, eg Pawtuckaway SP not far away. Too many mountain bikers on the trails.
No complaint, mountain bikers need to be able to do their sports as well and I support this, as I am cycling too (road) but for hiking folks there are better places....
Just my 5 cents worth.

trail running
3 months ago

First couple miles is moderate then starts getting pretty technical the last 2 miles to summit. Fantastic 360° views from the top highly recommended for a day hike!

Took Ted’s up and Carolyn’s back down. Well marked in both directions; just pause and check when you aren’t sure, you’ll see the markers ahead. While the hike is tagged as 4.7 miles, it doesn’t take into account the approximately 1 mile round trip on the summit trail. It was a beautiful day and very serene and private hike.

Difficult to follow after the peak going white to orange. Started down to the right after the viewpoint but was able to correct with the app. I met a couple who didn’t have the app and they didn’t make it to the horse cave. Great view at the top. Lots of downed beech trees along the trail.

4 months ago

Absolutely loved this one. Hike was enjoyable. Summit offers amazing views. I’m not sure if I would say hard. Maybe in between hard and moderate. Very highly recommend!!

Great hike - This was actually our first one. It was a challenge but not overly challenging. Took us about three hours. We took our time and soaked it all in. Highly recommend going Ted's way to start with and come down Carolyn's way.

Fun hike that can be out and back (if you spot cars) or a loop. I’ve done both and the change in elevation gain gets old around the 7th or 8th mile. I prefer to start from the Summit House and hike east. I think it’s a little easier on the knees that way. No legal place to camp, but it’s great to finish the hike under the stars. Just be careful heading down Bare mountain. For the ambitious you can add on Norwottuck to make it a longer hike.

Only a few sections are hard and you get beautiful views along the ridge.

Couldn't find anything on AllTrails for section 5 only of the New England Trail/Metacomet Monadnock trail and was luckily able to record my trip with the Mt. Tom traverse section. I got off trail about a mile in. Had my head down I guess and kept going when I should have veered slightly left. You'll see around the 1 mile mark in my map where I went down and decided to come back instead of choosing a shorter route to get back on it. Still, my total distance said 5.6 miles. The sign for this section at the beginning said 5.7 miles total so I don't know if that is wrong or the AllTrails app. At this one mile mark, it goes down the hill and on top of loose stone, a section which you need to be sure where you're stepping and if you have any sort of walking issues, I suggest don't go down but keep going straight at the "Y" where you can go left and then left again which at this point is an old fire road I think. It is much easier and it will bring you to the MM trail once again. You can see the blue dotted line on my map. It's at the beginning of the Hellgate Trail and you could go up that back to the MM trail but you'd be missing a lot. There are some nice views from the cliffs you are walking across in this section. The trail as a whole is not that difficult. There are a few spots where you have to go up but nothing crazy. I suggest starting on the Rt. 202 trailhead entrance which is the southern end of this section. A nice day overall, sunny but not crazy hot. It'll take a few hours if you're just taking your time like I normally do. I am not out here to rush but instead enjoy the outdoors.

Went up Ted's and came down the Caroline. When you walk up Ted's, you walk by a stream and also come across a small waterfall, different varieties of mushroom. Gets a little steep in the end. Most of the trail is clearly marked. Good views. Caroline trail is much easier than Ted's.

4 months ago

This is my favorite climb up monadnock. I am local and have climbed this mountain over a hundred times. I enjoy the longer stretches of vistas you get along both sides of the trail. I don't find it difficult as white dot. Maybe not a good trail to introduce someone to monadnock but definitely worth it if you have tried several others.

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