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almost like a moonscape in places around what i hope are controlled burn spots.

This is quite an easy walk. Definitely can wear regular sneakers. Bring lots of water. There are a few nice views, and Jones Spring is a beautiful little stopping point. Really glad we did this in cooler weather; the trail is mostly unshaded, so I will avoid this in the summer! The first 2 miles or so are an old road, and as such quite wide and gravelly. This is more walking than hiking. We used Strava to capture as well: 7.9 miles!

Not my scene. Great distance trail but not too many views or sights to see. Seemed more of a trek trail.

This loop trail is rocky in parts but leads to a couple of nice views of the river valley and then an overlook deck for a small waterfall. There are some nice rock formations along the way. The map on this app is outdated as a portion of the trail on the app is no longer in use and will lead you through a campsite if you follow it. Just stay on the clearly worn trail and you’ll be fine.

Had a great time with grandson

23 days ago

Pretty wooded trail. Occasionally we saw dumping sites of trash.. several old barbecue grills, and other things. Trail not marked. Every so often the path will break off with several path options, unsure which one to take each time. After awhile it’s easy to get lost. But we enjoyed the trees.

I hike/run at Pedernales State Park regularly to stay in backpacking shape and for overall conditioning. I noticed some people giving one star for the Wolf Mountain Trail because it is basically a dirt road without much shade. I intentionally stay off this trail as much as possible for the same reason. However, one star is too harsh for Wolf Mountain Trail in my opinion. Use the paper map or this app and try out the other trails like Juniper Ridge and Madrone if you want woods and shade. It’s not difficult to make your own loop using the map and avoid wolf mountain. These trails are more technical and beautiful at the same time.

1 month ago

It was a great moderate trail! Not very many animals, terrain varied somewhat! There were bathrooms along the trail and several picnic tables! The only downside was that it was not very well marked however, the app really helped!

Did this Trail onSaturday. Wasn’t too muddy and only passed four others. Lovely in the sunshine fall air!

Excellent trail. not well maintained however.

2 months ago

My husband and I love this Trail. We go out there most weekends and are constantly trying to improve our pace. It’s close to home and well maintained. Very good for dogs. Good boots or ankle support are needed for portions of Trail.

great diverse trail well designed

Great trail, recently has installed informative tree signs and has a active beaver pond with a 8 foot beaver dam with lodge.

Great trail in the summer you can bike for miles upstream.

Good moderate urban trail! Easy to get to and a lot of fun to hike.

Great hike, clean, but not a lot to see

Nice trail with some shaded areas. Lots of picnic tables along the way. Took a BOB double stroller with my 3yo, 1yo, and 6yo. 6yo walked to whole way.

The homestead Trail was nearly impossible to find. I went out there once before and couldn't find it at all. I went out there second time with my cell phone that had a GPS map on it, and I almost missed it again. My friend and I walked down it a little bit and it's really overgrown. We turned around after about a half-mile because there was a huge spider webs crossing the trail with a huge spider on it. We figured is that was at the beginning of the trail, where most people probably walked, it was just going to get really primitive later on. The Onion Creek Trail, which we did only that loop instead of doing both loops, was nice but a little boring.

4 months ago

trail running
4 months ago

A wonderful rush where there’s plenty of shade and a few long stretches of sun. Bring plenty of water if you’re going the whole way ! I had a good time jogging through, hope everybody else does as well

Worth it! Every inch! The walk and sweat was worth the view I love this park. Wasn’t crowded at all. You will love it ! A must go

4 months ago

Good trail but I prefer more of the wooded trails that are off the beaten path. I found a few while hiking but I would rather do the whole trail through the trees and not on gravel roads. It was fun and a very basic trail. The trail is about 10 feet wide most of the way until you get out towards the far end of the loop. Only saw lizards and birds nothing really interesting but still had fun.

8.96 miles completed.

Very nice trail. Took the dogs for a walk but we didn’t get very far cause we ran into a pretty large snake! But we will definitely go back when I find a good walking stick.. Well marked and well maintained from what I did get to see.

Great directions and trail ratings!

4 months ago

The park is really pretty and it wasn’t super crowded so that was nice. This trail is nice and moderate but you gotta make sure you look for the signs Bc they are weirdly placed. Bring lots of water!

Easy relaxing walk...would be a great place to go fishing if there were not so many families swimming. The waterfalls were non-existing due to lack of rain. Trail was EASY! Trails were not marked so it was hard to tell which trail you were on. Lots of people. And this was on a Monday afternoon walk.

5 months ago

Nice for a leisurely walk with your pet, decent scenery. Not my favorite of the choices of hiking around Austin, but the falls were nice.

Moderate level hike. Everyone we came across was friendly! The views along the hike gorgeous. We took a break down by the water, at mid way point. Trails are easy to stay on and pathways clear for good footing. Didn’t see any trash or litter. Very nice experience for our rescue dogs and not crowded for furbabies etiquette trail training. The bikers let us know they were coming, which was very nice. Definitely one of nature’s gems trail.

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