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Short but pretty. Little muddy right now.

I would do this trail first then Siltstone, rest at welcome center, then return to Scott’s Gap. Winter hiking is best!

Enjoyed it. Was more easy than moderate with exception of the big hill on backside (orange trail). Couldn’t get to he waterfall because it was across the creek and it was 30 degrees outside but could see it from a distance and hear it. Will be back in summer.

My wife and I hiked the last 5.8 miles of this hike from Hwy 160 to the New Chapel trailhead since we had already hiked from Jackson Trailhead to Hwy 160 last time we were on the KT. This section of the KT includes extreme up and down as well as many flatter areas. So, you are typically moving along at a good pace or you are trying not to slip and fall down a steep hill. You do follow along and can see the paved road(s) that are part of Clark State Forest, but you are still in a remote area and we only saw one vehicle and no other hikers on a mild (upper 40s / lower 50s with no rain) day. Not much scenery other than forests which is fine with us as it is still beautiful. We did see one tree stand, but no one hunting. We wore our neon yellow wind vests. Many small to medium size trees over the trail due to the ice storms about 1 week ago that took out MANY trees in the area. I wished I had brought a saw to help with the larger ones. Next time! Overall, we enjoyed this section once we were warmed up and moving along. Again, Hwy 160 to the New Chapel trailhead is approx. 5.8 miles and is a nice little hike. See photos.

18 days ago

I really enjoyed this hike. My Apple Watch says it’s 3.84 miles. I found this trail to mainly be easy terrain, but the hills are very steep. I like that it offers a nice variety of exercise, it’s not hard but will get your HR up and you’ll feel the burn in your butt and legs. Saw some really interesting things like a old car, deer, tiny waterfall, mushrooms and a face in the tree. I went around 12:30 and there was two cars in the lot, by the time I finished it was completely full. Definitely recommend doing this one early. Great day!

20 days ago

Nice secluded trail! A little battered from the ice storm but well marked.

Pretty good trail and beautiful river

Lots of ice storm damage by the recent storm but overall very good. Would do again

Enjoyable Thanksgiving day hike with my 25 year old son. My dad took me mostly on Christmas days. We encountered several families and a solo hiker. We took everyone's advice and took the right fork. Beautiful day in the low 40's with blue sky and after the first ascend, mostly ups and downs thereafter.

Tough trail and a good workout, if that’s what you looking for. Would not recommend for a casual hike.

Beautiful hike as the leaves are changing. Long enough and short enough. Went with a group, took just under 2 hours.

1 month ago

Gorgeous hike, love this trail out of all others at Jefferson Memorial Forest. I always take the right hand fork at the beginning of the trail. A steep ascent but comes to a stunning overlook.

We done this trail twice last weekend for training. There were two picnic tables but no restrooms.

1 month ago

From the north parking lot, I hiked CCW around trails 18-4-2-3-10-4-18.

The good: Trails are well-marked at intersections and easy to follow in-between even though there aren't many blazes. The forest is beautiful - mostly hardwoods with the occasional clearing, pond, or stand of pine trees. Birds were plentiful, and I saw lots of small mammals. There's enough elevation to make it interesting, but there's plenty of easy ridge-walking and overall not too strenuous. Because they are horse trails, they're comfortably wide and there's no bush-whacking, overgrown trails, or surprise spider webs in your face.

The bad: Because they are horse trails, there are a lot of spots that get churned up into pudding. Most spots are small - just 5 or 10 yards - and easy enough to avoid or pick your way across if you step carefully. Some have walk-around trails, but a lot of those are also being utilized by riders and churned up as well. A few were a real pain to navigate around or through. There's also a lot of manure if that bothers you.

The ugly: There's a real garbage problem on the trail. Horseback riders apparently have no compunction about discarding their empties wherever they please. The area around the horse camp had a ridiculous amount of trailside trash - mostly empty beer containers. (Yes, I know it's the riders and not hikers because it was all Bud Light and Busch. Hikers who drink on trail carry hard liquor because beer is too heavy.)

Other: I found a few small streams, but we've had a pretty wet fall, so they're probably unreliable sources. I would like to have gotten over to the East side of the trail system, but there's no way to get from one side to the other without a significant amount of road walking, but its likely the horse and rider problems would be reduced further from the horse camp.

1 month ago

nice area . paddle boating, hiking.

Lightly traveled so be alert for spider webs. nice trail for dogs.

Well marked and nice balance of different types of terrain.

3 months ago

We enjoyed kayaking and then hiking to the waterfall. Very pretty. I did unknowingly get into some poison ivy so be aware that it’s along the path to the waterfall.

4 months ago

We were the only hikers out amongst the mountain bikers. It was a great hike, long but peaceful. We had our dog with us and he did great! We will be back.

I love this trail. As others have said, it will keep the heart rate up. It’s a clean trail with beautiful wildflowers and we’ve seen plenty of deer and other wildlife. Personally, I prefer to get the sharp ascent out of the way first, so that would be counter-clockwise on the loop.

trail running
4 months ago

Ran this trail today for the first time and even though it had rained the day before, the trail was very manageable with not a lot of muddy spots. Beautiful trail under a nice canopy of trees. I can highly recommend it.

4 months ago

It was a nice trail well maintained, easy to access. Great for a Sunday hike close to the city!!

Camped out here for a night...beautiful spiders, huge range of insects and daddy longlegs, keep your tent zipped up! August poison Ivy and ticks in abundance, the spiders so thick it's like watching the ground move. Totally overgrown trail with no usage, not many flat spots to camp for over half a mile...with your gear on you. be smart....wait until late fall.

4 months ago

Easy but interesting hike with lots of little rocks passages and foot bridges to make things interesting. Some views of the valley and Harrod's creek. Passed by two swinging benches in shaded areas. Friendly passerby.

Easy, short hike thru the trees. Trail often used for trail running.

Beautiful hike with lots of good views. My dog really enjoyed playing in the river. We took the blue trail to the orange. Orange is a lot hotter with little shade but its short. My only caution is that there is a LOT of poison ivy so kids should be watched carefully!

It was mostly gravel, understandable since it's a horse trail. Some elevations to get your heart rate up but nothing too crazy or difficult. It had rained the previous few days so the trail was pretty muddy in spots. Not my favorite but I'd go again.

Great moderate trail with plenty of elevation change so you can make this as easy or challenging as you like. Seen a lot of deer meandering around. Beautiful scenery but you never actually see the lake.

Easier than I was expecting with lots of benches and seating. I stopped to read by the creek about half way through and still finished in about an hour and a half.

Decent hike. Done this one 20+ times

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