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This trail is awesome!

it was very nice

This is a great trail for a county park! the upper loop trail is hard and climbs a very steep hill right off the bat. Great park!

If you are looking for a work out this trail has it! Lots of up hill mostly under cover of trees. A beautiful hike.

Combining the 6 mile loop with some of the bike trails makes this a much more challenging hike. It's a beautiful little loop with lots of shade and the river is fun to relax by in the summer because of the tube and canoe traffic.

i like the trail it was hard but it was worth it i plan on going back soon

Completed 7/8/18

This was my second attempt at this trail, the first being a year ago when I moved to PGH. It was definitely easier than before, but the rolling climbs are harder than expected! Total, the out and back took 6.5 hours with a considerable rest stop at the Mill. Our pace was brisk, so make sure you're physically ready to complete this trail. The portion near Eckhart Bridge is really beautiful - save time for photo stops if that's your thing.


mountain biking
24 days ago

I live near this place. The park is one of my favorite places to go. It is rated as hard but there is a lot more to the park than just the black diamond trails. The trails are well maintained and they are getting easier to navigate. The rule to follow is stay on the widest trails and you will find the shortest route. Pick up a park map at the Ice Arena and you will be able to navigate a majority of the park. If you really want to get a picture of the scope of the trails in the park I uploaded a map I compiled over 10 years of data collecting. It is the most accurate map to date, if I can toot my own horn. on it you will find a looping system of trails. the system is made up of 3 major loops that combine, that is the confusing part for a lot of hikers. THE NORTH SIDE.. THE SOUTH SIDE... and THE WILDWOOD LOOP.... The northside of the park has a majority of the Down Hill Mt. BIke Trails that branch off the main trail the main trail of the north side runs from the beginning of the park and goes up a steep climb to the BALL FIELDS there is road access to the ball fields too. From the ball fields the trail crosses a valley and extends past the Ed Calland Arboretum. It also has road access and a paved loop to visit the Local fona our region has to offer. then from the arboretum it is down hill to the end of the park. you can then choose to stay low in the park recreation area or go back up in the south side. THE SOUTH SIDE TRAIL also extends the whole way from back to front. From the back if the park behind the 4 Season Shelter is the FIRE ROAD it is a semi paved and gravel trail that gives access to the south side hill for emergency and maintainc as well as maple syrup harvest in the spring. 2 miles and you are back at the front of the park there is also a nice bird watching shelter halfway down the trail and a stop at the MAPLE SYRUP CAMP. On the other hand if you choose to go up the trail on the south side from the back of the park the initial climb is steep locals call it stairway to heaven, mostly on account of the climb but I like to think during certain times of year in the afternoon the sun shines down the climb it is totally worth it. any how it the top of the hill is a farm that is private so stay on the trail for a bit. contineue to follow the trail and any wrong turn will ultimately bring you back to the mail trail. There is a couple of connecting trails to the FIRE ROAD along the way. at the end or the beginning of the southside is a parking spot for locals come to the park threw "not a public entrance". there you either choose to go down to the ICE AND HORSE ARENAS or you can choode to get lost on the WILD WOOD TRAIL LOOP. if it is your first time to the park take a guide or avoid the wild wood loop altogether. This part of the trail is hard to navigate mostly because over the years mountain bike races where held here and in order to make a 2.4 mile long park have over 14 miles of single track compromised where made and this System is a looping knotwork that only locals can navigate with confidence. I hope this helps with getting around My favorite place on earth.

Great trail, I didn't encounter many other people on the trail but several near the river on kayaks or tubes. Wish I'd had brought a tube in my backpack for the way back, would have been cool to hike from the campground to the falls and then tube back on the river. I did 6-8 miles roughly and it was a nice hike, I'd definitely say moderate not hard.

We walked the entire length of the trail about back, which was about 15 miles. The foot traffic near the falls was pretty heavy, but along the trail we only ran into a few people. Very much enjoyed the walk.

Great place locally to walk, run, or bike.

Always lookimg for giys to gike sround new castld with

Another beautiful trail in the park. Easier hike than the alpha pass trail. Waterfall is a nice payoff at the end.

1 month ago

Great trail, kids and dog loved it. Lots of rocks and tree roots to look out for, so I’d call this closer to moderate for less experienced hikers.

trail running
1 month ago

I love these trails, but all of the reviewers are correct that it is poorly marked. that being said if you're willing to invest a few weeks or months learning the trail system it is fantastic. If your an early morning weekday runner you may never see another runner hiker or mountain biker. I am lucky to have been able to trail run all over the country and this is by far one of my favorite places that I've ever run. Remember this isn't Colorado you're never truly lost but you may be late for work. So suck it up get lost and find your way back you'll be glad you did.

It's one of the prettiest trails I've been on in a long time. Covered bridge AND a waterfall. HOWEVER, it is NOT an easy tail, as it is rated in the app. Lots of rocks and roots, and because of its proximity to the river, the rocks and roots were wet and slippery. I'm 68 and was able to manage it, but if you have joint problems, be aware!

1 month ago

Pretty little hike.. I just don’t agree with the easy rating. This trail, like most of the park, is pretty rocky. I’d recommend trail runners or boots if you have weak ankles.

Loved this trail! It was beautiful! It sounds s a moderate trail which gets the heart rate going at times lol but I thoroughly enjoyed being in touch with nature!

1 month ago

Beautiful, but technical trail.

2 months ago

Great and challenging trail. I just wished it was marked better.

2 months ago

Very nice and well maintained trail! This is more of a nature walk than a hike. Go for parts of the gorge trail if you want more of a hike. It’s a nice calm walk through the woods with a few crossings of the creek that are manageable at low water. At the end of Hells Hollow there are some gorgeous falls which, once again, at low water are very easily accessible. We plan to head back after some rain to see the how quick the water moves and how full some of the narrows get!

Great trail!!! Improved and clearly marked. Lots of bridges over the stream. Good mix of inclines with one big push at the end of the 1st mile. Mostly forest cover to keep sun and light rain out. A bit close to the road but if it’s an weekday it’s barely noticeable. Also a weird 1/4 mile with a half dozen natural gas fixtures as you approach the fire tower. Definitely one of my favorite trails in central OH.

2 months ago

Pretty hike along the river and to the falls. 4 year old had no issues hiking as long as she held my hand on the wet rocks.

2 months ago

Incredible hike! However, heed the descriptions warning. You’ll want to be in pretty good shape to take on this entire trail (especially if you plan on doing an out and back as I did)

Walnut flats was beautiful and a nice reprieve from the constant up and down.

Beautiful trail! Well marked trail, beautiful wild flowers, streams, springs, and waterfalls!

2 months ago

Beautiful place. The trail is really short, but was still fun!

just got back home from trail was very muddy and slippery in some spots small waterfalls along the hells hollow trail are beautiful right now with all the extra water fall hiked for a few hours did wind up off trail ended up scooting down the steep incline to the main creek and followed it back found a snake he was cute nonvenomous I tend to go off trail often looking for hidden adventure was not disappointed lots of waterfalls green plant growth for spring pretty flowers and slippery mossy rocks to climb on would recommend boots water and some experiance for this trail drove over to the other side of the hells hollow trail to the main waterfall wasn't as muddy creek is pretty high waterfall was impressively gushing was disappointed to see they were doing construction on fixing some of the path so it was a bit crowded love this trail though

had my first date here with my fiance we sat on the rock above the waterfall all night and talked that was nearly 2 years ago and it was one of the most beautiful dates I have ever been on we frequent the trail here often nice place to get away for awhile please don't litter here alot of people have been throwing trash into the creek it wrecks the beauty of the waterfall some people like to hike here don't destroy it for others

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