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1-3 miles, SE Michigan Map
1 month ago

I’ve passed by Maybury State Park more times then I could count but this is my first time actually going there.
The trail was good. Especially for me being 53 and out of shape. I wore a 20 lb rucksack while I was hiking and had my dog with me.
There are some decent rises and falls to the trail. Enough to make it challenging but not too challenging.
I recommend this trail highly.
Keep an eye on the trail because roots are prevalent and you need to watch out for them. Also there were some muddy spots but I didn’t mind.
Will be going back.

Oak Woods Trail is a decent little trail. Nothing particularly special. It was in good shape, despite rain a couple days ago and is overall well maintained. I did it as part of a longer hike, so my tracklog might be a little funky.

Mostly wooded, but mixed with a little open landscape. The various loops give nice options for doing longer or shorter hikes.

State park trail that is fully paved with a lot of traffic. Nice area that is family oriented offering parks and campgrounds. Includes Glacier Grooves which is an amazing section of trail that captured the glaciers movements across the region during the last ice age. For this reason alone I give the trail a 4 star. Definitely worth seeing if you're into that kind of thing.

Gorgeous trail. Shared it with lots of cyclists. The stone hearth and stone cellar from the 1800’d were a lovely surprise.

2 months ago

what a lovely trail!

Well maintained trails and lots of trail maps / posts along the way. Stuck to the main trail, but will be back to hit up the little off runs.

Beautiful trail! Super peaceful and great hike with lots of hills! I would say it’s a moderately challenging.
Bring bug spray!!!

2 months ago

The path into the woods narrowed and widened at seemingly random moments. One of the trails leads you straight into a private property posting with no where else to go but back the way you came. Overall a really nice place with some minor issues.

This trail is moderate, definitely some hills and lots of roots on the trail. It was just great being outside, away from the noise of life and looking at beautiful trees. My best friend and I walked it twice. I like that they had benches to sit on throughout the trail. It was lightly trafficked the time I went, grateful for that. I recommend this trail if you don't mind inclines.

I usually do the perimeter of this loop system. it definitely is fun, a mostly wooded, moderate trail. porta jon at the parking area. even when the parking area is full I don't usually run into a lot of people. one of my top 3 for the area.

3 months ago

Nice hike, some steep hills to walk up on occasion, but some very nice forest to walk through. I think the bridge by Pickerel Lake is the best view on this trail.

3 months ago

Good hike with kids!

I read reviews and knew it was moderate but the entrance I started at was up hill for a long time and wasn’t expecting it. Horseflies were horrible, so we only did the green path. The paths were marked very well. I will have to give this one another try.

Great trail, very quiet and great for a family hike.

5 months ago

The walk was more than I expected. Beautiful scenery.... Turtles, snake, frogs, toad, birds, and even a muskrat cleaning his claws and eating some reeds for breakfast. The boardwalk is dated, so watch where you are walking. Very enjoyable trail!

5 months ago

Nice trail and well marked.

5 months ago

Beautiful for hiking practice or a leisurely hike! Bikers stay off the hiking trail, which is nice. Really good distance.

Nice trials but one thing, TICKS, a lot of them. I understand there’s really nothing to do about them, but this trail head was really bad.

on LeFurge Woods Trail

5 months ago

The path in the woods was so muddy that it was impassable. The rest of the trail was covered in ticks. I brushed handfuls off my dog while hiking, and handfuls more before getting back in the car, and we still brought 9 home with us. Early spring or fall would be a better time for this trail. We certainly won’t be going back this summer!

Beautiful, well maintained. The trails are well marked and lend themselves to a variety of skill levels. A must do!

6 months ago

Beware of ticks. My fiancé and I found 3 ticks on him and one on myself after a short walk through these trails yesterday evening, and just found one more on my cat’s toy and one on my coat this morning. We walked maybe one mile and in that time picked up 6+ ticks...

mountain biking
6 months ago

Great trail for a beginner. Some pretty nice hills. Short ride. But a whole bunch of hikers. Just be aware.

Nice hike.

A really nice easy walk. Really cool flowers and ferns

Nice little walk in Northville. Cute little lake you can go fishing or just walk along the trail and enjoy the outside. Just keep filling the green markers for hiking.

A go-to hiking spot. Always gorgeous. Nice long hike at a moderate level. Big open space but also pretty woodsy. Dogs okay on leash.

Solid little day hike. Pretty trails and great place to get a handful of miles in without having to commit the entire day.

We’ve enjoyed this park since it opened to the public. Good trail markers have been added. This is my favorite time of the year to hike because you can see through the acreage before the trees become full. There are a lot of short trail options so your hike can vary each time to come.

trail running
7 months ago

I’ve hiked it a couple times, and it was nice. Lots of hills, perfect hike to bring dogs on. Very pretty scenery. I’ve recently started trail running here, and I like the hills, the trails are pretty clear of debris and I don’t have to worry much about tripping over twigs and rocks— it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite trail runs.

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