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Toddler's Paradise! Tons of rocks and logs to climb and little waterfalls to look at. Trail is very manageable and absolutely beautiful with the leaves starting to change.

Easy path, beautiful canyon and thrilling waterfall at the end.

Great walk/hike with the dog

One of my all time favourite views.

Beautiful easy hike. Nice clear water, with a few falls.

Definitely not a hike, rather a walk to a view point of Morraine Lake. Great views from the top of the lake and surrounding mountains (though we went today 9/13 and there was heavy snow and limited visibility so the view was very obstructed). Parking is extremely limited and unless you get there early will need to park elsewhere and take a shuttle (for a fee I believe) or be part of a tour group. The one huge drawback (other than lack of parking) is the large number of tour groups that show up and inundate the trail and view points. To me really takes away from the beauty of the place when are trying to enjoy it and people are jostling to get past you to take their millions of selfies. It seems that many would rather take pictures of themselves there then taking in the beauty of it all.

The view from the top is of course spectacular, but this is not a hike. Just a short climb up a series of rock staircases.

I didn’t really enjoy this little stroll, although it was nice and easy for everybody to be able to complete. I went in early to mid September so it’s very possible that I didn’t get the full effect with full pools and differing colours.

The orange clay was kind of neat. But at the end it was just a couple very small orange pools (smaller then Ink Pots) and just didn’t seem to be worth the stop when compared to other short treks.

14 days ago

A super easy fast hike with a great view of some falls at the end. The canyon is fascinating, I really enjoyed this hike, I did it at dusk and got some gorgeous pictures.

I recommend everyone check this out. Easy to fit in after a long hike or while passing through!

on Alder Trail

14 days ago

Alder Trail Loop and Banded Peak Trail: This hike surprised me as it is so close to a Bragg Creek and a local school. I was expecting an overrun trail with little or no real substance. Instead, this easy hike had lots to offer a family with young children including: educational trail signs, wildlife, a small pond with a dock, and lots of sitting areas. The entire hike, that included both portions took a couple of hours. That was taking our time to enjoy all that the trails had to offer.

This is a beautiful place for beginners and so family and kid friendly. All the little waterfalls make for a nice walk in the park and Photography.

So epic!

nice but was over before it started

15 days ago

Beautiful falls. Trail not crowded. Very pleasant. Highly recommended.

15 days ago

It's a very nice hike. Definately well worth the trip. We went end of August.

Great fun to do the dog park and a big section of trail with the dog! Quite disappointed I couldn’t go right to the lake, dogs are prohibited (even on leash)

Beautiful! Easy hike.

Super easy trail.

Loved the waterfall and the first half of the loop. The ridge is eroded and not as well marked.

Trail is more of a path to the falls but beautiful area!!

19 days ago

Beautiful falls. Really easy hike. Lots of areas to picnic.

Short, easy walk around the springs. Sign says it takes 1.5 hours but it only took us 50 minutes with long stops to look at scenery.

beautiful little lake! very short easy walk in. beware very busy during the summer or on weekends so go early :)

21 days ago

beautiful color in creek. Cute, quick hike to break up drive. Turn LEFT as soon as you cross bridge.

5 min drive from my house so I take my dog every morning! Great exercise hike, just wish it was a bit longer (takes about 25 mins) - can extend by doing it twice (forward/backward). Starts getting busy around 9am in summer, bit later in spring/fall. Bugs are bad in the evening in summer. Quite icy in winter but can do with ice cleats.

Awesome little trail with tons of waterfalls for the puppy to play in!

not a real hiking trail but a great view point of Moraine Lake without having to go far! large crowds though. beautiful place, my favourite in Banff!

Not much of a trail but rather a great picture spot.

OMG - will get up early to go here vs. Lake Louise - how I have never visit here in all of my 20+ years as an Albertan. Epic. Will definitely come back to visit

short hike from the gondola, but the views are spectacular. pretty heavily trafficked

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