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The road to get there is small and doesn't always allow two cars at a time. And there's a place nearby where people like to shoot. Otherwise it's a great place to go. The hike is small but the views of the waterfalls are amazing. It seems like a great place to swim too.

7 hours ago

Short hike but lots of opportunity for rock scrambling and exploring.

11 hours ago

It was beautiful by the playground area& everything to the right of it (coming down from parked car).
bridges are well maintained, pathways with signs, railing but then you walk past the play area&the mini stone bridge-
it's as if they stopped giving a damn.
especially after crossing the road.
For my first visit here I wish they had trail markers instead of a bunch of trails that go every other way.

Okay but it seems like this park is more for appearance rather than an 'urban nature walk'.
No Forest Park.

By far my favorite waterfall in OR! Breath taking and plan on coming back to see it again!

beautiful at the end. there are multiple starting points. you can park at top in ATV area and take road down walking or drive down closer and park along the road. there us small space at end by actual trailhead. most of hike is along undeveloped gravel road.

Half way through this trail, it just stops. Nothing is marked. There were enough spider webs to make a king size blanket. Seriously though, the trail just stopped as if it weren’t being kept up at all.

3 days ago

If you are in McMinnville and want to take a quiet walk in the woods, this is a good place to do it. That’s about all it offers, and you can’t enjoy it with your dog. A confusing network of trails meander through this area, weaving back and forth clearly trying to pack in as much trail miles as can fit into a smaller area. No open views to be had, just a walk through a newer forest.

It's a great waterfall all right, and you can swim in the big pool below it, but it really is challenging to get to. The road (couple miles) off a pretty smooth gravel road is very rough to the trailhead, which is close to the end of the road and a gate that blocks it. Had no trouble in my Subaru Forester, but went slowly and took the potholes carefully. Parked by the white gate at the end. The trail starts about 50 yards back from the gate and small parking area. The trail is clear enough but both rough and very steep. Ropes along it are helpful going down and back up. The trail along the river is very rocky. Go left upstream when you get down to the river. The deep bowl with the waterfall into it is very striking.
There are plenty of waterfalls in Oregon that are as beautiful and dramatic as Abiqua. For me, doing it once was an adventure, but probably too much trouble to repeat.

Not so kid-friendly at the end! The washouts weren't too bad, but the climb over the concrete structure was tricky- I kept my toddler in the carrier, suspended Superman-style over the cliff! Super easy until that point.

discovered this over 20 years ago and it never gets old. first time walked 3 miles past the old gate (now a newer, more secure gate) just for fun not knowing the falls were just a bit off in the other direction. very sad to see trash left at and around the trailhead this spring. keep this up and we will all have to hike down from crooked finger rd. maybe that will deter those trashy people from even showing up. the ropes were a nice addition though as it can be a bit slick in the extra rainy season.

7 days ago

We off roaded down into the area January 2018- it was a short hike to the falls. Gorgeous!

One of the most beautiful hikes we've done. some people seem to start the hike at the start of the gravel road but there is no reason to. We have a high-clearance vehicle but not four-wheel drive and were able to make it to the White gate although it was a little tricky in one spot. If you have a sedan I would recommend only going down the gravel road for about a mile before parking to the side and walking the rest of the way. it does get narrow in some places but it's not too bad. We were able to find the "easier Trail", but it is important to note that it is still steep. i think from this point ot was only about a half mile each way. We recommend taking hiking sticks to brace yourself just in case. If you are able to get close to the actual Trailhead then it is a pretty fast hike from there. And wear bug spray just in case. we started before 7am on a Friday and it was only us and 2 others. a few more groups started showing up on the trail around 830am when we were leaving.

basically, when you get to the White Fence (about 2.5 miles from main road turn off) if you backtrack just a little bit on the left side(the downhill side) you will start seeing some Trails going downhill. You want the second Trail back and you will notice that there is a white sign on one of the trees talking about it being private property but that you can use it. That is the trail you want. there are some more in-depth reviews down below so I recommend sifting through them.

Just beautiful, short but you can spend hours if you’re willing to do a little climbing!

9 days ago

This was a lovely meander through the woods with wildflowers and tons of ferns. You can make the trail as long or as short as you like, and much of it is in the shade. A lot of the walk is gentle switch backs and this is a good exercise hike/trail run or a more casual post-wine tasting stroll. The proprietors (not a state park or forest land) would like a three dollar donation for trail maintenance, so bring a few dollars with you.

The first 2.2 miles are walking down a gravel road. The off-road portion of the trail is only about a half mile long and is much steeper, though not difficult.

10 days ago

beautiful waterfall kinda hard long hike but was worth it defiantly going back this summer

on Henline Falls Trail

10 days ago

Amazing and easy trail!

It's absolutely beautiful, although a PITA to find with no signage. We were stopped by numerous people that were lost, asking if we knew how to get to the trails. My kids and I searched for over an hour an a half of extra driving and hiking until we finally ended up ON TOP of the main falls due to taking the first off road trail we could find that was near the sound of rushing water. Like I said, it is beautiful tho!

on Miller Woods

11 days ago

Great way to spend the day. There were laminated maps at the beginning of the trail but they were a little hard to read and figure out where you were. It would be nice along the trails if they would have mile markers that correspond with the map.

little tough to find and get too but totally worth the hastle. beautiful place for some hammocking also if you can find rhe right spot

I took my dog here for a hike. I love all the different trails. You can spend hours here just exploring. Hoping the Owl Bridge opens back up soon!

couldn't even get to it the directions takes you to bfe no where near the spot just turned around was bs

Went on a Thursday late morning. Hike was beautiful and easy. The springs had only a few other people there. Tubs were kind of gross and I wish I’d had water shoes, but we still enjoyed it. The ranger at the trailhead told us to keep going a half mile to a waterfall, which we did after the springs and I’m sooo glad we did. Just a smaller fall with a small pool. The water was freezing but we had so much fun hanging out there.

17 days ago

Really enjoyed this hike even though we went down the harder trail. Multiple ropes. Was able to drive all the way to the bottom. Road is much better than when I have gone before but still want high clearance car. Easier trail has a white sign on a tree.

17 days ago

It is a must see place in Oregon. It is so beautiful. Hiking this trail was easy. I drove my Subaru Lagacy Outback until the white gate. It was a fun offroad like drive. In summer you don't need to have a 4X4 or ATV if you know your car well and know how to slowly move it around rocks and holes. Tips: Go slow, know your limits, know how much momentum you need to climb hills. I saw a Honda Civic parked at the trailhead.

Poorly marked trail and like Shawna said there is a sign pointing in the direction you need to go but you can’t see it and it’s only visible coming from the opposite direction.

We do this hike every year, always go early in the AM to avoid people. The hike is easy and a beautiful walk. We have taken our kids as young as 3 and they walked the whole way there and back.

Beautiful, short and relatively easy hike.

on Abiqua Falls Trail

21 days ago

This hike is 80% down an armored rock road that any sedan or low clearance vehicle could easily traverse. Maybe 1 mile of total trail time.

The road in was harder than the hike. It seems most of the distance is including a large chunk of the road. If you can make it all the way to the gate (You need a truck or SUV) the actual trail is maybe a half mile at most. It might be a good idea to park before the road gets too narrow and walk anyways. We had trouble leaving as we kept running in to other cars and had to back up to a pullout so they could get by. Absolutely worth every last second though. Breathtaking waterfall.

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