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4 days ago

Such a great walk! Got stuck trying to do the Bruce loop with a dog but found our way around it :) On my list for the summer time!

Hiking this trail for 25 years. Loveliest in the fall but also heavily trafficked at that time. Shame about the break in the trail at the fall viewing area as the outer loop was great but you “can” be a scofflaw and jump the fence (a little treacherous in winter and tricky with two large dogs) or see the falls (south-west approach, generally clockwise loop) and then return, re-climb the hill, and hike the upper trail back (sticking to the left) and down the stairs. Official parking (north east corner) is $5.25 for 2 hrs. Or you can hike in along th Cataract trail from Mississauga Rd. I’ve never tried parking at Dominion rd (residential private dead end).

This is the best trail

The Singhampton Caves Trail is part of the Nottawasaga Lookout Loop. The Caves Trail is challenging because the Trail takes you through spectacular rock formations requiring you to crouch through openings and slide down on snow. There are some steep sections so wear crampons. Do not wear snowshoes because they will be too big and cumbersome in some of the areas. Poles are recommended. I suggest you start from the eastern approach and climb up into the Caves Trail instead of starting at the top and hiking down. It is worth the effort because this is one of the nicest hiking trails in this part of Ontario.

Great views! We went in January so there weren’t huge crowds. Maybe a dozen people passed in the 4 hour hike. Would definitely go again.

Out on this trail today with a friend; absolutely beautiful. Definitely very muddy in parts but completely tolerable if you’re wearing proper hiking shoes. Trails are well marked but make sure you’re paying attention and have time to go to Crawford loop - we went out in afternoon and didn’t notice we made wrong turn and ended up in Crawford trails (only planned on 7.8 loop) - our loop turned into a 16k - we started later in day so we’re worried about losing sunlight. That was our bad though and still a beautiful detour. Look forward to doing this again.

Very cute short trail - great for kids.

Beautiful winter scenery. Be advised that on the 1st of January 2019 the bridge over the river on the western loop was out and you cannot cross. Backtracking and going around the eastern loop posed no problems.

Amazing hike, so much to look at an explore! A little busier in some sections then I like but none the less beautiful. Also lots of barking dogs which can make the peace and quiet a little less quiet would go again for sure.

21 days ago

Great trail! lots of wildlife

Parked off of Reid Woods Dr., clearly marked, decent parking lot. Initial signage clearly indicates the Woolwich dam is closed... hmmm, not sure if that will impact my trip. Almost half way through the trail (clockwise), around Floradale, the dates for the dam closure read closed until March 2018... the next signage, about 4.5 kms along, read closed until March 2019... my car, however, is parked back by the dam. I can still follow the trail (rather than trek back all the way thereby extending the length of the hike) but I'm wondering if the dam closure will impede my loop back to my car? Answer is yes... had to walk over/through 40 yards of shallow rocks below the dam (with my 10 year old dog) in December. Don't do the "loop" until the dam is reopened.

An incredible view with interesting side trails. Well marked and easy to follow, I'm excited to try it out again!

Cute little trail with several little points of interest on route. Very cool old weapons storage barrack, gigantic kiln and lots of cute bridges and streams. Very icy though at points. Only saw one other couple. Saturday morning 8am.

1 month ago

great spot. id say very easy. not moderate good for anyone.

1 month ago

Quiet and nice

absolutly love this trail. one of my favorite in the area! so much to explore off the trail. all though you have to cross restricted areas. but if your risk taker its worth it.

Short but sweet! Great views, beautiful forest and fun scrambles through the caves. Best quick hike in the area. If anyone is confused, this trail is referred to as the "Standing Rock and Caves" side trail in the Bruce Trail guide. "Singhampton Caves" is actually a larger loop that also contains this side trail.

Well great hike. From rattlesnake to Crawford lake. 13.54 km. But I forgot to turn off the app on the way to dinner. Oooops!

We started early just stopped raining a couple of hours ago. It made no difference, it was an easy hike, yes with some very muddy places between rattlesnake and Crawford lake on the orange trail. But nothing anyone would cry over. At some points we thought the mud would have eaten our boots. It was just so funny. We did the board walk trail around the lake. It was so nice to hear laughing and giggling all the way to the other side.
We had lunch and a good break at the visitors area at Crawford centre and we were ready for the return hike.
Lots of people everywhere, nice to see families even with strollers which I wouldn’t recommend, but everyone was having fun. At the end skies cleared and were amazing spots for photos.

A good hike from Crawford lake to Rattlesnake point and back

Crevices and scenic bluffs view easy to reach. Nice hike and especially pretty after season’s first snow fall.


Loved hiking it during fall and seeing the beautiful autumn leaves. What a pretty hike.

A great trail for an afternoon hike in nature. Close to 5th line road so you can hear a bit of traffic. Check out the limestone if the weather is good and dry - - there’s a ladder that leads to the bottom of the “caves” of limestones that crack out of the earth. Watch for roots!

Parking situation on a nice sunny weekend was awful. Official parking lots full and side streets were blocked off. Ended up starting way off trail. Once on trail, crowded. It's a nice trail but only recommend it as a week day excursion.

Dundas Peak Close!!!!! This trail is too short and charge me20

great place nice view. Great off trial challenges.

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