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Great hike with the kids! Tons of stop off points. Front end is more entertaining than the back end. Though the back end is definitely less trafficked.

This is a very challenging trail system with a lot of elevation changes. - On the Elkridge County side of the Patapsco ( Howard County ) are multi trails that can be hiked in many ways. This loop could have been larger but 7 miles is enough for this old senior. There are two connector trails you can take if you wish to shorten the loop. You could also have hiked the Cascade Falls trail which is color coded ( blue ). The entire trail system is well marked and color-coded, except for Garrett's Pass but I would recommend a map as a backup. If you are biking this loop you are good to go. Bikes are not allow on the lower section directly where the falls are. You would stay on the upper Cascade and bike directly to the Ridge Trail. The only restroom and freshwater is located at the Swinging Bridge. The only other spot for water or restroom would be at the playground. You would have to go down the Water Bars or the NEW Ridge Extension trail and go to the Playground. The NEW Ridge Extension trail is right in front of the Restroom.

Great hike with lots of little spots for wading in the water or shallow pools for kids to play in.

very nice walk and good get away!!!

Easy hike- took my 7yr old and puppy. Small but pretty waterfall and pretty walk along the creek. A lot of families, kids, bikers, runners. Felt safe. Overall very nice

Very cute easy trail that is very well maintained! Came across a handful of mountain bikers throughout the 3mile hike and plenty of people and dogs. Wasn’t as crowded as I thought it’d be (definitely not as bad as sugarloaf mountain). The falls are tiny but cute and it has 2 small pools below it that you can hang out in. The top pool is only about 3ft deep at its deepest and the bottom pool is max 2ft deep. Great spot to bring a friendly dog (my 10lb dog loved it, couldn’t bring my 30lb dog because she doesn’t do well with large numbers of nearby dogs while on leash)

Sorry to see all the negative reviews. As pointed out in the description there is an active range on some days. When the gates are closed you should not go around them. It’s an active range.
To see if the range is active check https://mobile.twitter.com/NSAAnnapolis.
Yes it is overgrown. MWR doesn’t take care of it. More folks should complain to them. www.navymwrannapolis.com
There is an Contact Us link on the page.
Hope this helps.

Great little hike fascinating ruins. Wasn’t a fan of all the graffiti.

Once again I have found another great location to share and hike the Howard County ( Elkridge side ) of the Patapsco Park. The Park gates don't open until 9AM but by then the humidity is becoming unbearable. If you wish, you can hike earlier by driving up to Landing Rd. and parking along the side. I got there at 7:30AM and it was a bit crowded. There is two locations to park. One is for Cascade and the other is for Morning Choice Trails. The only trail that was a bit overgrown was the Barley and Hops. All the rest I looped are wide and well maintain. All the trails in this area are basically flat and easy to hike. If you park at the first location you can also hike the Rockburn side. If you want Help or a few special maps I made . - Message me at baltoken@yahoo.com

Waterfall was nice but too many mountain bikers the day I went.

MESSAGE ALERT: If you drive into the Avalon section off of Washington Blvd. Beware, Only the Howard County side of the Park and trails are OPEN. When entering, turn left toward the Playground. The road is OPEN up to the Swinging Bridge. The road is blocked off at the Lost Lake Pond, the other way. The paved Grist Mill trail is pretty much gone. All the footbridge have washed away. The Glen Artney area is even worse. The stream and the parking lot at the Soapstone Trailhead is now a 8 foot deep trench. The Swinging Bridge is CLOSED. The Baltimore County side (trails) may end up being CLOSED all summer. ** If you need a special map I created it could help you learn the Howard County side. ** baltoken @ yahoo.com ( Ken )
PS: With only one side open. Go early or you are not getting in. Over Crowded and they stop cars from coming in. Two rental pavilions are open and they need parking for them first.

Good workout for a beginner like me.

19 days ago

Attempted this recently - completely overgrown and not taken care of at all. There were several trailheads but none were able to be hiked. Also, be sure to check for ticks if you do attempt, found 6 on myself and 2 on my wife.

This was a beautiful park!

Great hike today!!!! Dam project is underway but does not limit this hike. Grist Mill section is paved. Carried the 2 year old in the pack down and up, a few rocky seconds but we would do it again. He had a great time throwing sticks in the river and walking through the tunnel. Beware of limited parking at the Hilltop entrance, it was full even on this chilly day (Sunday) and we'll be making a DNR "donation" for unauthorized parking. We will do this one again!

Beautiful and peaceful!

With my son, we traveled down one of the four split trails. We had such a great time! I don't know if the trail colors mean anything about their level of difficulty, but some trails run right by the water and others don't. Anyway you walk, it's a nice scenic view, and you will meet fellow hikers along the way.

One of our favorites! Plus, meeting a few scientists is always fun.

The ruins covered in graffiti were so interesting. I loved the hike and exploring the area.

1 month ago

Moderate hike with waterfall fairly close to beginning of trail! Definitely recommend!

Ok. Very crowded. Tons of kids and bikers. Trails are pretty narrow so you literally have to move to let people pass — pretty enough but far too many people. There are most definitely not enough signs.

its a fun trail peaceful not a lot of traffic some mountain bikers but its nice pretty trail.

With the temperature getting hotter be sure to carry plenty of water. Hiking along a stream makes it even better. You can dip a towel in the stream to cold off. The SAWMILL is one of my favorites because it's a main connector for traveling three sections of the Patapsco. Always enjoy the boulder hopping and cascading water along the SAWMILL. You can also sit on top of the TRAIN TUNNEL when you hike the DRUGS trail. It's a steep trail so I recommend always go Down it.

Really pretty woods, fairly dense, and nice trails that are well-marked. Easy to get in 2-3 miles, and up to 5-6 if you don’t mind running the same path twice. In suburban area so kids, dogs aplenty when I was there early Saturday morning. I did these woods as a “long run” in the very beginning of trail half-marathon training after a slight ankle roll earlier in the week because its a trail but was not super technical. A safe option and A great day overall.

Nice walk. A lot of people and bikers on the trail.

Great location and trails.

2 months ago

Today was my first time .,very clean we’ll kept and friendly person at the gate İ it’s was peaceful hike enjoyed my day recommend highly

A pretty and well maintained trail with a cute little waterfall! The hike itself is fairly easy and I was able to bring my dog. I am unfortunately giving less stars due to getting lost. This trail intersects with several bike trails and the markings are very confusing. We ended up getting a little lost and did part of a bike loop. Thankfully we were able to find our way back to the original trail. Some very friendly hikers helped point us in the right direction. ☺️

Just the best hike! Took four kids from 4-10 years old and everyone had a great hike. Beautiful to see spring rising

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