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3 bc this is just for the river walk, but 5 for the narrows. Bottom-Up isn’t an option to review on this app. A previous trip I did the river walk bc my friend wasn’t a big hiker plus the conditions borderline that time of year. The paved HC accessible route just not for me and wasn’t at all a good impression of what Zion has to offer. The longer harder hikes are a game changer for those capable and willing to work a little. Anyways this was one of 7 back to backI hikes I did in a 6 day period between Bryce and Zion. I rented gear and at this time of year there’s not a crowd in the river (and Subway permit odds extremely high if you do a two day gear rental). A few times you have no option but to be waist deep so the full drysuit was reassuring even though many times I was too warm. Walking stick very helpful to test depth and determine direction of walking or at times when the extra sturdiness helpful bc of the current.

Fantastic views so def worth a look. Trail is not too difficult but is overcrowded with many non-hikers.

Paved path with lots of areas to walk down to the river. We went Dec 12th and it wasn't too crowded. Great way to see the beginning of the narrows and looking up all you see is canyon walls. There was also dirt paths by the river you could walk but you do have to come up to the paved path at some points. We also saw the dipper bird! Very beautiful and peaceful hike, easy and wheelchair assable.

Awesome vegetation. Beautiful hike. Paid $5 for parking at a nearby snack bar place. Had restrooms and a place to wash off your shoes. Was a little muddy (December) and slippery in some places.

2 days ago

Well worth the hike up to the top for amazing views. Great spot for sunrise or sunset. Was fairly busy but everyone has good hiking etiquette. It is pretty tough but not too bad of take your time. Took me 25 mins to get up to the top. There is only one part of the walk that is a little risky with the wooden rail slats having abit of a drop underneath but there is an alternative route at this part

Bad ass trail! The steps are old wooden slats from a rail car line. It can get pretty tough when it gets steeper. Really sketchy part is 15-20 ft drop under the slats for about 30 of em at the midway point.

3 days ago

Great sunrise spot looking out to sea and back over Honolulu. Was really busy even at sunrise with at least 50 people or more. Did this walk on Monday 10th December. Car entry is $5 and if on foot is $1 per person. Definitely worth the price for the views. It toke us 15 minutes to get to the top with no stops.

on Manoa Falls Trail

3 days ago

Lovely short hike up to the amazing falls. $5 for parking at trailhead and was fairly busy on a Monday 10th December. The path is very easy to follow and is a little slippy at times and rather muddy.

3 days ago

Great views from the top. At times the path is slippy but nothing too bad and small climbing areas but nothing too difficult or dangerous.

3 days ago

This was a nice couple hour hike. I'm not sure I would agree this is an "Easy" trail. The trail around the bottom is "Easy", but the climb to the peak is pretty steep, more like "Moderate". I do a weekly 8 mi hike that climbs 3000 ft, so I'm in pretty good shape and I was puffing at the peak. Also the trail is poorly marked and lots of loose rock.

Physically demanding -1000 steps! But worth it and easier than you’d think. I’m afraid of heights & this didn’t freak me out. It was fine. Views are spectacular

So Beautiful but so heavily trafficked. Go super early on a rainy day. Very easy

Very hard, but so worth it! You can go at your own pace and when you stop to take a break there is a gorgeous view behind you the entire time. Tricky footing sometimes so keep your hands free! Expect lots of squatting and climbing and the occasional use of hands if you’re clumsy like me. There’s a really great sense of accomplishment at the end!

Relatively easy because it is well paved. Entirely uphill. Very crowded with two way traffic. The biggest issue is that the crowds are mostly tourists who all have different ideas about what side of the trail to be on, how close to be, how much of the trail is ok to fan out on, and how fast to go. There is a stretch of the trail that goes through a cave, which, if you’re the kind of person who gets claustrophobic in elevators, might be a little uncomfortable. Lots of stairs and the viewing platform is very narrow and crowded. View at the top is totally worth it!

Crowded and touristy, but still a classic. I like to go in the late afternoon when most of the tours are gone.

what a great hike! incredible views! wear proper shoes!!!

an easy but muddy trail. beautiful waterfall at the end after a wonderful jungle like trail. saw many folks with inadequate footwear...this trail has muddy slippery spots! please dress properly and keep an easy hike fun.

If you want a hike that gives you views of the ocean and coast and not terribly touristy or hard, this is it.

* Steep from the get go. Bring actual footwear with grip
* Gets windy, people lost hats and shades. I almost did
* Past the second pill box is really overgrown. Bring a machete a wear long pants.

I went to the fourth "pill box" at the 1 mile mark is tiny compared to the first 3. (#1 is by itself, 2 and 3 are together) and after that the trail is really overgrown. I saw some folks ahead of me really struggling so I turned back as I didn't have a machete, or long pants.

Even though this hike is a must see for Honolulu/Oahu it's not much of a "hike" good elevation and workout with a view, that's it.

* WAY too touristy. Lots of folks who have no business going up will be there. No trail etiquette in the slightest
* Paved all the way up. Badly at that. Times were you will trip and fall
* If you're a hiker, take the "hard" route when it comes up. Stairs to get the blood flowing.
* Views are great. Crowded. Tourist spot in tight quarters.

This hike is mostly stairs other then the very beginning and the very top. It can get a bit muddy and is definitely not for someone who doesn't hike/workout regularly. I hike and workout regularly and it winded me.

*Mostly "Stairs" made from an old rail. So not even and not spaced like you would want.
*Gets muddy and slippery after a storm
* Lots of stairs in disrepair and the state should definitely charge for this hike so they can maintain
* The views are amazing. Especially at sunset

Theres a "Safe Bypass" that this group is pushing about halfway up to save the stairs. I hope they get this word out more.
Notes on the bypass as I took it on so if you plan to here you go
*It has rained so very slippery
*Very steep so you'll be on your butt on the way down
*Overgrown and narrow. I'm 6 foot. Lots of ducking and getting caught/scraped (wearing shorts)

It was raining and windy, but the views were totally worth it. The trail can be slippery when wet so would recommend good shoes.

5 days ago

Lovely 360 views, headed here for sunrise and was still quite busy. The trail on from the pillboxes was pretty quite. It rained while we were there and the path did get pretty slippy and would recommend shoes with a fair amount of grip. Also on the way down there is a lot of small paths branching off so use all trails to get back down. It was a Saturday and there was a guy in a car just before the trail head ensuring people don’t park there but there is plenty of parking along the road further on down.

I went right after sunrise and was the only person on the trail. It felt like I had been dropped into another world! The foliage was incredible and the views were wonderful. I would highly recommend this trail but a few things to know: 1. Bring bug-spray! There are tons of mosquitos 2. The trail is very very slippery even when it hasn’t rained in a while. It’s basically thin layers of mud on smooth rocks most of the way up. Wear shoes with grips and keep your hands free to help with balance in case you slip.

Too many tourist.

A nice and family-friendly hike that offers a beautiful waterfall as a prize at the end. Witnessed a proposal.

It is an easy hike, however, it has a narrow path at some points of the hike and there are points where there is oncoming traffic (due to it being heavily crowded) and u cannot pass the person in front of you. Took about 20 minutes to reach the "summit". The whole path is paved. Entrance Fee- Not sure about the Parking fee, but I hiked up to the gate it self and it was a dollar. On Saturdays, if you go in the AM for the hike, you can enjoy KCC famers market right around the corner.
The stairs (towards the last part of the hike to reach up top) in the pictures are optional, but more fun. There is an alternate and an easier path as well. Definitely worth the view if you are visiting HI for the first time such as in my case.

7 days ago

Good climb! The best way to challenge yourself on this one is to go to the top then back down to the bridge and then back up to the top again before heading all the way back down to the bottom. Start early, it got to 82 F by 10 am so sweating was not an option it just happens.

The trail is well used and could do with a little TLC (maintenance) several places have been repaired do to ware and tear but there are several more that should be looked at.

Oh thats the Koko Head Shooting Complex and it is open to the public. I think the facility is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Hanauma Bay (across the road) also closes every Tuesday. Best day to hike around this area? Tuesdays!!!!!

To avoid the crowded stairs, you can try going up the east rim via the ‘arch’. Check out alltrails Koko Crater Arch From Halona Blowhole and Koko Crater Arch To Peak. Both tracks are essentially identical but for some reason one is rated Hard and the other Easy.

Don't get me wrong for we enjoyed the hike/workout/amazing views and glad we did it . There were a lot of people and we were OK with that as we were all there to experience this unique hike. It was not easy but we took our time and had lots of water. Unfortunately, our enjoyment (tranquility) of the day was lost due to the relentless machine gun/rifle/hand gun fire at the shooting range located adjacent to the park. I'm not sure if no one else ever experienced this as no one mentioned it in their review, except for complaints about people playing music (we heard some people playing music without headphones and it was nothing compared to this annoying noise!) Perhaps we just had bad luck and were there on one of the days the the shooting range was open? So to sum up: if you want to do this hike and enjoy it, then plan on a day/time that the shooting range is closed or bring your music/headphones or earplugs. And wear good shoes and bring plenty of water!

on Calico Tanks Trail

8 days ago

This is a fine hike, nothing spectacular, except for the view near the end of the trail. OK for families with kids.

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