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19 hours ago

This was a nice hike. Did it about a month ago. There are a few spots to go off trail and enjoy the stream. We went after a nice rain so it was a bit muddy, but very enjoyable. The waterfall at the end offers a refreshing view.

1 day ago

The bench at the top of the Nu'uanu Lookout is in memory of our son Daniel Levey who fell July 21, 2003 at age 19. Daniel loved nature and hiking. The bench is to provide rest for hikers, a fabulous view, and ta reminder to always hike safely. Enjoy.

Kid friendly easy hike to the Kaniakapupu ruins. 10-15 minutes to get to the ruins. Muddy and lots of mosquitoes.

I really enjoyed this hike. It was an easy trail and I liked the waterfall but the water was a bit cold. I liked the tall and beautiful trees especially in the beginning of the hike

This hike is very lovely through the forest and along a few streams. We parked near the Hawaii Nature Center to begin the hike, and headed to the left (counterclockwise) to hike the loop. It is wet and somewhat muddy but very enjoyable. The trees will cover you from the rain and/or sun.

11/10/2018-Started around 0800 and came across 4 groups of hikers (total of about 16 people). We managed to find a stall in the parking lot and finally got to see the streams after a good rain! So awesome! It was drizzling most of the time and only came down a little harder for a few minutes of our trek out.

on Manoa Falls Trail

3 days ago

very easy trail but endured much rain and mud ( it is after all in a rain forest). the falls we're beautiful but they were roped off so no getting under them

the trail itself was very difficult to find and it was quite apparent that many hikers found different ways to get to the falls which were well worth it!

I would totally do this hike, main reason there was NO crowd. A good workout, nice views but do be careful it is muddy and gets slippery.

This was actually a great site to see but the trailhead in this app is very very misleading. A hidden gem if you can find it!!!

Okay so my husband I went to check out this trail for an easy hike. It was not too hard to find with the instructions of past reviews, we made it out to the ruins quickly but couldn’t seem to find where the trail continued from there. There’s a more open field to the right of the ruins and many areas that could lead to possible continuations of the trail, but we decided to turn back due to us feeling overwhelmingly bad vibes or “juju” as we like to say, as well as hearing what sounded like gun shots and we didn’t want to risk getting lost on out in the middle of the forest. Come to find out, this trail is actually known to be haunted!! Google it!

I loved this hike. The view at the top of the ridge was well worth it. BUT. This trail IS and/or can be very difficult. I had a relatively good route up and only slowed down at one part with tree roots and the many stairs toward the top, however I would definitely recommend either shoes with good traction or even hiking boots! The route going down, on the other hand, due to being tired and rain while I was going up.. was very difficult. It got significantly more muddy and slippery. I would not recommend this hike to anyone that does not have experience in hiking or someone looking for a fun hike. It can easily turn into not so fun!

My recommendations:

1. Shoes with traction or hiking boots
2. Lots of water
3. Start early! It gets hot! And it’s not a super quick hike. You’ll wanna get done before sundown.
4. Travel with a buddy! There are some dangerous spots. Always have a bud to be by your side!
5. Positive attitude (it is a bit difficult! Keep your eyes toward the sky!)

Wonderful hike, went up fresh after a little rain which made the upper third of the hike very muddy and slippery. Altogether a beautiful view and trip, lots to see along the way as well!

Pretty easy hike. Very lush and waterfall at the end, definitely recommend wearing bug spray!

Also recommend hiking the arboretum right there - very lush and beautiful scenery. Another small waterfall, but far less busy!

Very muddy and slippery, would advise hiking shoes as running shoes would get soaked and stuck in the mud.

At the falls right now. My boys, 5 and 7, love doing this hike. Love this hike!!!

11 days ago

Expect muddy, all shady. We enjoy the trail. Ending with plenty strawberry guava.

12 days ago

Definitely requires good shoes, would advise against flip flops and slippery tennis shoes. Went up there a couple days ago and one lady had to be airlifted, she fell and was laying there for a while until help arrived.

This was a pretty challenging hike, especially after some solid rainfall in the morning. Would definitely recommend wearing sturdy hiking shoes, as a lot of the trail is muddy and wet—as a result it is very slick. The different terrains as you make your way up in elevation is a cool part of this hike. The stairs up to the top were particularly frightening for us, however definitely worth the view. Will admit we did this one on a whim and were a little unprepared in terms of gear, water, and bug spray, but when prepared it is definitely a good one. This was our last of our trip and it sent us out with a bang!

14 days ago

Humid and muddy, excellent views , we did see a waterfall. Took us approximately. 2 hours. I am currently out of shape and would rate it challenging for me. The experienced hiker of the group rates it as moderate due to the slippery mud factor after the recent rains. Very lightly trafficked. We went on a Sunday and saw only 2 other hikers. I agree with other posters, park at the beach down the street.

Did not hike so I cant speak about the hike.
$16.85 to hike.
perhaps we missed access point for trail hike?

Overall a great trail. Two of us and our two dogs completed it. A couple of updates from some of the other comments.

Definitely park at the beach park. No real room to park at the entrance without trashing someone’s lawn. Plus it gives you a place to rinse off afterwards.

Definitely bring bug spray

Definitely hike the loop in a clockwise manner

There were no trees blocking the trail.

It was muddy but we just had some pretty big rain storms the past week. Wear shoes with a good grip and you don’t mind getting dirty

The “water fall” is only about 6-8 feet tall and you are actually higher than it as you walk by.

Took the counter clockwise route as suggested by many; as advertised, it was a workout but we'll shaded. The trail is muddy in most areas, so ware appropriate hiking boots. lots of changing fauna and plenty of birds. Nice hike all in all.

16 days ago

The first section of the hike, the actual Kalawahine Trail, is pretty great. It's muddy (but not terribly muddy), mostly flat, and filled with tons of awesome tropical trees and foliage. Very forest-like if you are into nature walks like that. I took it to Pauoa Flats Trail, where it got really muddy and kind of hard to walk through. My hiking shoes were absolutely caked in mud. I made it to the Nuuanu Lookout portion and attempted K2, but I was getting tired and a little sketched out by the steep cliffs, but if I went again with someone, I will definitely finish K2. Overall, if you're into trees and plants and don't mind getting muddy, then this hike is for you.

16 days ago

Hiked the ridge after the valley. Total miles - 8.06. Fairly wet and muddy with both hikes. The views atop the ridge are awesome.....from Diamond Head thru Hanauma Bay and Koko head, across Makapu Pt and all the way to the Moks and K-bay.

May ready for the stairs - thanks Sierra club for keeping those maintained.

on Manoa Falls Trail

16 days ago

Great hike. A little muddy and slippery today but overall good. Beautiful scenery.

Our first family hike with our dog and it was great. This is good for beginners.

Pretty muddy today and one part was sketchy but overall it was with it in the end. I loved it!

worth it

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