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Best trails in Abava River

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Explore the most popular trails near Abava River with hand-curated trail maps and driving directions as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers, campers and nature lovers like you.
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Map of trails in Abava River
Top trails (3)
#1 - Drubazas Botanical Trail
Abava River, Courland, Latvia
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Length: 1.2 mi • Est. 36 m
A trail for those who enjoy botanical walks. The trail stretches up and down the slope through the Abava valley grasslands. It contains 2 loops – the short (1,2km) and the long one (2km). Here you’re gonna observe one of the densest and prettiest juniper glades in Latvia. The diverse humidity conditions of the slope and soil differency has facilitated the creation of several grassland types. In the dry calcareous grassland on the top of the slope you may see the mountain clover and some protected rare species - such as fragrant orchid Gimnadenia Conopsea and purple milk-vetch Astragalus Danicus. At more humid areas you may spot the purple hawk’s beard Crepis Praemorsa. Ar the rich fen you may see some more protected rare species, such as a small insectivorous plant - common butterwort Pinguicula Vulgaris, March hellerborine Epipactis Palustris, Davall’s dioecious sedge Carex Davalliana, Baltic spotted orchid Dactylorhyza Baltica, birdseye primrose Primula Farinosa. The trail has been created under the project “Grassland conservation in the Abava river valley” implemented by the Latvian Fund for Nature and the AVALON Foundation (the Netherlands) funded by the PIN-MATRA Fund (the Netherlands).Show more
#2 - Sabile Horse Trail
Abava River, Courland, Latvia
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Length: 3.4 mi • Est. 1 h 35 m
The suggested starting point of the Horse trail is at the active recreation complex “Zviedru cepure”, where a free-of-charge parking lot is available. The Horse trail leads to Sabile, therefore the start of the trail is marked with a sign “Sabiles taka” (Sabile trail). Further on, the information stands along the route, mark the trail as “Zirgu taka” (the Horse trail) together with objects to be visited and detailed route information. The Horse trail has got its name from the route itself, as it introduces to the route that had been used in the old days, when more distant locations had to be reached by horses. The trail stretches along the forest, meadows and Abava River, allowing to enjoy the charming views of the Ancient Valley of Abava, incl. the so called “Egypt of Sabile” - a resting site famous among the locals – once a meadow, now a very nice pine stand on the coast of Abava River. The trail is “point-to-point”, therefore the total distance to Sabile and back is 6km.Show more
#3 - Virsaiši Waterfall Nature Trail
Abava River, Courland, Latvia
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Length: 1.5 mi • Est. 43 m
Virsaiši has became known to a wider society only in 1998, when geographer Ivars Strautnieks measured it’s height and width of water course while studying geological and geomorphological objects at Abava Valley. The waterfall was shown to the geographer by locals. It is 1,7m high and it’s width in spring and autumns seasons may reach 4m. This waterfall is specific due to it’s water flow, which does not fall vertically as it is generally assumed, but flows down over a sloping dolomite outcrop. Since 2001 the waterfall has been acknowledged as a state protected geological and geomorphological nature monument. In 2010 it was chosen as the Geological monument of the year. Trail to reach the waterfall is 1,5km long. Yet, since it is a point-to-point trail, it will take 3km overall to hike upwards and back. Few stages of the trail can be very slippery under wet weather conditions, making it difficult to climb up and down the hills. In addition, there might be some trees fallen down on the route, as the trail stretches through quite a wild forest, barely touched by civilization. Up the gully, right at the waterfall, there is a resting area with a fireplace site.Show more