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paddle sports
1 day ago

I found this to be very challenging, yet, beautiful! I went on a Monday and no one but I was on the water creating a sense of shear tranquility. Seemingly, the only ripples on the water was that from my kayak. Moreover, the splash from my paddle would scare the schools of fish sending them flying in the air. Only one word to describe this experience.. Magical! I loved every second of this paddle and would do it again. Filmed the whole event using my GoPro, https://youtu.be/WbCNnLDsCWU

a difficult but rewarding hike

Walk it clockwise (like recommended here) - otherwise you’re against the masses which is not fun at some narrow parts.
Very tourist/ non-Japanese friendly (english speaking tourist info/ maps at isehara station and on the loop everything in romaji/ English)
Very easy accessible from Tokyo by odakyu line from shinjuku.

Decent hike though very crowded, many families with small children and views are so so if sight is not perfect.

This is a really great hike, mainly due to the whole experience of staying at a hut overnight, the summit, watching the sunrise and some good views. Just to note, it is not an overly picturesque hike so worth managing expectations

We hiked from the 5th Station and stayed at a mountain hut at the 8th Station (this took 3hrs). Then we left our hut at 12:30am and reached the summit ~4am ( 3.5hrs) - there is a lot of traffic at the summit so it was slow going to get to the top

Some tips:
- this website is a great resource: https://www.garyjwolff.com/climbing-mt-fuji.html
- it’s very windy and cold at the summit, think it was minus 10 degrees Celsius so packing warm cloths is a must
- take headlamps/torch for the dark
- hiking poles are worth getting
- booking a mountain hut in advance may be worthwhile during peak periods
- the descent is hard going as the trail is mainly made from crumbly gravel, which causes you to slip and slide around

on Mount Yakedake

10 days ago

Japan North Alps is one of the beautiful mountain ranges in Japan. There are so many famous mountains in this area. Yakedake may not be that popular, but still worth to climb if you like less hiker.

10 days ago

One night stay at Oren Hat is my recommendation, but it is still possible to out and back to the peak of the Iodake in a day. You will find Mt. Fuji if you walk to the north edge of the peak.

Lots of stairs! Although the stairs do maintain a natural feel since they're made of rocks from the area. What they trails may lack in being unpaved they make up for in size, with about 2.8 km of stairs, you'll feel the burn. Great views of the island and surrounding area, totally worth it!

16 days ago

Awesome trail, I would not suggest bringing kids, dogs and to go with a partner. It’s a very long, tricky trail. Some parts can be tight and slippery. The App says it’s a moderate trail but I could argue it’s more in the Hard side.

17 days ago

A lot of staircases, but all the time in the forest.

Climbed Mt Fuji via the Subashiri trail on August 30th starting shortly after 1pm. Very enjoyable hike up under some patchy clouds with the occasional glimpse of the summit area. I chose this trail specifically due to it being the less traveled path and because it has a more forested approach which was very nice instead of the more barren trails. We arrived at the Fuji hotel at the 8th station just after 5pm after stopping at all of the stations along the way to have my hiking stick branded.
The next morning we left the hut around 2am along with everyone else and this made for a slow climb to the summit. We arrived at the summit before dawn and began our hike around the caldera looking for a place to watch the sunrise. Found a nice spot, had some food and watched an amazing sunrise.
After the sun came up I continued around the caldera to the weather station and back to the start point. It was very cold and very windy in spots but was well worth the effort, and the morning crowds that were actually not as bad as I was expecting. We descended via the Yoshida trail in about three hours.

1 month ago

A lot of snakes this time of year stay on the regular trail. We saw a few cool tree snakes but a lot of poisonous snakes.

Difficult, but well worth the effort.

Climbed up the Yoshida trail, but because of weather conditions (gale force winds), I had to descend this trail. The decent was very difficult, I could not imagine climbing it. I would not recommend anyone to ascend Fuji using this trail.

A really nice moderate trek if you are visiting Kyoto for a single day and love to visit a picturesque place in Kyoto.

Great short trail that goes to the base of Hiji falls. I did it in sandals with my kids, 7 & 5, and my wife. We walked in the stream for the most part, so would recommend small backpack if you are carrying anything and plastic bags to keep electronics safe. My wife calls this a medium hiking trail. Cheers.

1 month ago

Great trail with many steps. I walked it with sandals on with my wife and kids 7 & 5. They loved it. While I call this a walking trail, my wife calls it a hike. Cheers.

2 months ago

This was the most memorable hiking experience I ever had! Maybe, partially - because it was the first one, and maybe because it was the only time in my life when I was hiking in a highly volcanic area. The views of crater lakes filled with rich teal water, were amazing!

Was an amazing hike, only made it to station 7 due to weather but the view there is still breathtaking and three climb was challenging.

Great trip. We did the trip with our child in the backpack and it was really challenging. We only met locals and it was a great experience. Unfortunately the restaurant near the top was closed and we were starving after his challenging uphill hike....

2 months ago

This was such a fun hike. We got a little lost but oriented once we hit the café. I took my 4 & 3 year old to do some bug catching and exploring; it was not disappointing. It was a great hike. Definitely take water and a walking stick for the spider webs.

Went last week! Loved it! It was really hard. I recommend climbing from about 2pm, staying in a hut near the 8th station, hiking to the top (but even at the station is okay) to see the sunrise, then hiking down. Took about 6-7 hours up and 4-5 down. Useful items were sunglasses and a scarf to cover my mouth and nose for on the way down. Good hiking boots are a must, and a walking stick is really helpful.

Challenging hike up a trail less traveled by the masses which was exactly what I wanted. Great views along the way up. Cloud coverage whilst at the summit. Lava rock running on parts of the way down made for a good time. Glad I chose this route first.

This climb is amazing. We had clear skies above the clouds and watched the sun rise from the top. Took us 8 hours from the 5th Station with lots of rests, as you gain 5,000 ft. Started at 7 pm and got to the top at 3 am the next morning. The last few hours are slow going not just because of the altitude but also the string of other climbers going up the same narrow trail. But it was well worth it! Weather can be tricky so check before you go, give yourself some leeway in choosing which day to climb.

Definitely one of my fav trails.

A great quick hike when visiting northern Okinawa

Met a guy at the summit who had climbed 3 times, I then told him I took the Subashiri Route and literally hopped off the couch and made it to see the sunrise and wasn’t completely dying...the guy says “you’re nuts! I’ve done it 3 times and wouldn’t take that route!!!” So maybe ignorance was bliss for a few fleeting moments, but it’s not easy, once you get above alpine (and crawling large rock “steps” through the humid forest) the footing gets loose, and just continues to get worse so be ready to pack light (unlike me who was ready for Lhotse

2 months ago

Great hike through tall trees, pretty epic finish at the top. There is a water machine at the top but I’d recommend bringing plenty. There are several trail options, all good, some busier than others. There is a good free paper map at the bottom of the trails.

Just hiked Fujisan last night! I hike in the Cascade Mountains outside of Seattle about once a week and stay quite fit, and I’ve gotta say this was harder than I expected. I really liked the challenge though. The altitude makes a big difference, but I was sure to take several small breaks, especially when feeling light headed, and didn’t get sick at all. It was SO cold, especially around 2am with the wind blowing. I did not stay in the huts after all the reviews of terrible sleep, and I was fine - but it may have been nice to get out of the cold and refresh for a couple hours, even without the sleep. If you’re not staying in the huts, know that there is nowhere to take reprieve from the cold and wind so prepare to be out in it for the entirety of your hike. For some reason, I had the misconception there would be somewhere to sit inside and have a meal or coffee. but not true unless you are an overnight hit guest. Overall, I’m glad I did it. But it will take some years before I’m willing to do it again :)

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