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Fujiyoshida Shi, Yamanashi Map

Hiked up with a group. Trail was closed beyond 8.5 station and could not summit. Weather turned - 120 km/hr winds with powerful rain and sleet - no views due to the weather but totally worth it!! The hike itself was not too hard, the weather and altitude made it harder. Stayed overnight at 8th base, heard the wind howling all night long! Everyone sleeps in sleeping bags, close to each other! Very hard to sleep. If you ask and pay, you can buy some cheap Sake

no shade
washed out
15 days ago

went up on a whim without a lot of preparation in sneakers and t-shirt. the weather conditions were well enough, lot's of fog but not very cold until the 8th station. due to a landslide everything beyond 8.5 was closed of, which was a shame, but the view from 8.5 was worth the climb. it's notable that the mountain huts are merciles about exhaustion or bad weather they won't allow you shelter even if you buy overpriced soup or coffee. you have to drink it on the bench in front of the hut, which are the worst place to rest since the wind really gets you. also toilets are available, average price is 200¥ but bring your own soapbar and a towel. the climb itself is pretty easy. first you walk up slops of gravel, then you pull up steep rocks and stairs. the way down was currently the emergency rout and had no solit footing, just gravel und dust on very steep slopes, exhausting to walk on not out of a fear of falling but because the aggressive red sand gets everywhere. it took me 5h up including lot's of small rests and 2.5h down.

Great view of Fuji towards the beginning, unfortunately for us it was clouded in fog so try and pick a day with favorable weather. Trail is pretty consistently steep whole way through and it picks up towards the end. Trail was pretty clear cut, no questionable paths. Overall it was pretty enjoyable, would recommend.

Beyond awesome trail - spent the night on the mountain in order to wake up to see the sunrise

1 month ago

Lovely views throughout the climb. Canopy provides nice shade for the warmer days. Some points can get pretty steep. Perfect balance between challenging and rewarding. Keep an eye out for boars and snakes!

We left our car at the train station and hiked from point to point. I didn’t start recording until one or 2 miles of walking to the city. The trail was beautiful in this late March and in great condition. There is a steep Rocky is sent that was free of snow. It took somewhere around three hours to get to the peak. Downhill was much faster after walking the Ridgeline. The Ridgeline was very enjoyable as well as seeing the views of Fugi on the ascent and the ridge. Snow was a delight at the peak! The hat was closed, but there were two vending machines. We grabbed cokes from one, decided to wait on the beer machine – Ha! We had a six and eight-year-old with us. We started at 11 AM and finished at 5:45. We stopped for a sugar break at the peak. So enjoyable! Enjoy!

Not a review, but a question. Has anyone done the Shoji Trail that starts at Shoji Lake, and ends at Subaru Fuji 5th Line? Need help planning this route.

Greatest hike i have ever done

The most emblematic trail of Japan !

This is a really great hike, mainly due to the whole experience of staying at a hut overnight, the summit, watching the sunrise and some good views. Just to note, it is not an overly picturesque hike so worth managing expectations We hiked from the 5th Station and stayed at a mountain hut at the 8th Station (this took 3hrs). Then we left our hut at 12:30am and reached the summit ~4am ( 3.5hrs) - there is a lot of traffic at the summit so it was slow going to get to the top Some tips: - this website is a great resource: https://www.garyjwolff.com/climbing-mt-fuji.html - it’s very windy and cold at the summit, think it was minus 10 degrees Celsius so packing warm cloths is a must - take headlamps/torch for the dark - hiking poles are worth getting - booking a mountain hut in advance may be worthwhile during peak periods - the descent is hard going as the trail is mainly made from crumbly gravel, which causes you to slip and slide around

Difficult, but well worth the effort.

Was an amazing hike, only made it to station 7 due to weather but the view there is still breathtaking and three climb was challenging.

Went last week! Loved it! It was really hard. I recommend climbing from about 2pm, staying in a hut near the 8th station, hiking to the top (but even at the station is okay) to see the sunrise, then hiking down. Took about 6-7 hours up and 4-5 down. Useful items were sunglasses and a scarf to cover my mouth and nose for on the way down. Good hiking boots are a must, and a walking stick is really helpful.

This climb is amazing. We had clear skies above the clouds and watched the sun rise from the top. Took us 8 hours from the 5th Station with lots of rests, as you gain 5,000 ft. Started at 7 pm and got to the top at 3 am the next morning. The last few hours are slow going not just because of the altitude but also the string of other climbers going up the same narrow trail. But it was well worth it! Weather can be tricky so check before you go, give yourself some leeway in choosing which day to climb.

Just hiked Fujisan last night! I hike in the Cascade Mountains outside of Seattle about once a week and stay quite fit, and I’ve gotta say this was harder than I expected. I really liked the challenge though. The altitude makes a big difference, but I was sure to take several small breaks, especially when feeling light headed, and didn’t get sick at all. It was SO cold, especially around 2am with the wind blowing. I did not stay in the huts after all the reviews of terrible sleep, and I was fine - but it may have been nice to get out of the cold and refresh for a couple hours, even without the sleep. If you’re not staying in the huts, know that there is nowhere to take reprieve from the cold and wind so prepare to be out in it for the entirety of your hike. For some reason, I had the misconception there would be somewhere to sit inside and have a meal or coffee. but not true unless you are an overnight hit guest. Overall, I’m glad I did it. But it will take some years before I’m willing to do it again :)

Hiked in one straight shot, but I would not recommend it simply due to the altitude change and need to acclimate: many others, including myself, get sick closer to the top. I missed the crowds going up by starting the hike at night, and made it to station 9 for the sunrise (it is a better chance of seeing the sunrise here, those at the top didnt witness it due to fog). If hiking at night, make sure you have a headlamp because you will need your hands. IMPORTANT: there is nowhere to get water on the way down, so buy more if you need it at the top, and use the facilities as it will be at least 1.5 hours before there is another opportunity. unless you run down, which I highly discourage due to mud and loose dirt. 2 hiking sticks will make this trek down mich easier as well. I did not stop to rest at a station, but if you plan to then you need to make reservations ahead of time.

Hiked alone. Met folks along the way. Sunrise was incredible. Rested at Basecamp 9.

Amazing hike at a slow pace makes this doable by almost anyone. Definitely recommend climbing it in two days. Would love to come back!

100% worth it. I hiked alone but made friends along the way. There were often bottlenecks due to crowds in August. Bring plenty of yen because everything on the climb up is extremely expensive. To stay the night and finish the hike in the AM for the sunrise book a hut in advance - reservations run out far in advance. Full blog post: https://thejourneyofmyfeet.wordpress.com/2013/08/19/idiots-guide-to-hiking-mt-fuji/

We chose to forgo the sunrise and climb up and down in one day. We took the first bus from Fujisan Station to the fifth station and arrived about 7:30 am. The station was kind of chaotic and we didn’t start hiking until about 8 am. We reached the sixth station in about 35 minutes. We found the times listed on the trail markers to be accurate, maybe a little generous. After the seventh station, there is a section that’s very rocky. We were glad we had hiking poles for this especially (and the decent). Most of the trail is loose lava rock on wide paths. We arrived at the top about 1:45 pm and only stayed long enough for a few photos and a bathroom break before we started down. Going down for us was much harder than going up. Its almost the same kind of trail as going up but it’s so steep and the rocks are so loose that everyone is sliding around trying to stay up. Everyone fell at least once. Japanese people were mostly running down which seemed to work well if you have the energy/nerve. We got to the bottom before 5 pm. Overall, I recommend doing it all in one day, but I wish we could have started earlier. We had amazing views on the way up that were nonexistent on the way down. We had fewer people hiking with us and most of them seemed to be Japanese. The weather was great. We didn’t have any rain and it was barely chilly at the top. Finally there were sections that were scary enough with full sunlight; I wouldn’t want to be trying to do it in the dark.

hard, windy, cold at times, but the views..... amazing

Monday, May 21, 2018

Superb views! Easy to get to and very very beautiful! Some parts of the trails are rather narrow and the bridge youd have to cross is a bit run down but other than that super beautiful! Don't forget to study the map so you dont take a wrong turn or else youll end up somewhere completely else! Lots of views of mount fuji along the trail and the surrounding mountains!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

You gotta do this once in your life!!!!!! I actually did this trail when I was 17 years old! My parents took me there and remembered how hard it was for me to get all the way up without any hiking experience or fitness background. Now, I do lots of workouts, hiking and want to do it again with my teens. Gotta go home first- and will see you, Fuji-san, soon!! xx

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Going up was great and not as hard as I first anticipated. Going down was...wow!...talk about having to endure something. You can’t opt out either because you have to get down, lol! Definitely glad I did it!!! It did give me a craving to climb more mountains now

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

It was tougher than expected. We left 5th station at 5:20 PM on August 28th. We made it to one of the huts of station 8 at about 8:00 pm. Spend the night there and started towards the top at 2:00 AM. The crowds were big and the ascend was slow and in the middle of rain and wind. We made it to the top right before the sunrise. The hardest part is the descend in loss gravel and very steep trails. There was no one around us that did not end up the floor, us included. It is worthy but the crowds make it very slow if you plan to see the sunrise.

Did it about 3 years ago; amazing view at the top. Had snow in July. Sleeping accommodations are expensive and they essentially line you up like sushi, but it makes a fun memory.

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