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Overall pretty good hike, I thought it was beautiful even though the view at the top wasn’t that good, but there are good ones on parts of the trail, definitely a hard one. Some noteworthy mentions: 1) I did this at the end of February and there was a lot of snow on the top, the locals said that it’s not as much as usual, but it was a substantial amount, there was some ice too. I managed alright, besides alot of slips, in worn out tennis shoes 2) after the water falls and you get to where there are two tunnels on either side, go right. A couple miles later when you get to the top of the ridge, turn right, I don’t know what the mountain to the left is. When your coming down and you’re on the first portion of road, when you get back on the trail there will be a sign but the words are faded out, turn left. 3) relatively maintained trail, follow the pink ribbons (I got lost at one point because I didn’t realize that was the marker and was climbing up a steep section of mountain, quite frightening to look straight down). The wood on some bridges is questionable and rotting, but the metal is alright.

Way shorter and easier than I expected, great for kids and elderly people. As an experienced hiker I was hoping for more of a challenge but it is great for nice day out.

washed out
15 days ago

This hike is still closed until June.

Definitely a great hike and a bit challenging at times the only thing I absolutely hated was that there is no parking whatsoever. We asked a sake shop to use their parking while we hiked the first time and we offered them 1000 yen but they let us stay for free. But we weren’t so lucky last time and had to turn home.

18 days ago

One of the highlights of Kyoto. This is actually quite the workout! The route is covered with a 1,000 bright red/orange painted gates (torii). The experience is quite surreal and unforgettable. Several parts of the trail were practically empty, since most tourists do not do the back loop found on this route. It's much more peaceful.

26 days ago

The mount Tanzawa is a wonderful hike but i dont recomend climb the mount in the winter if you dont have necessary equipments for hike in the snow. Dont have too much hikers in the trail in the winter.

1 month ago

I like to hike here in October... there is a beautiful 3-layer-colors of mountain view!! Green at a foot of mountain, and climb up higher, colors are change to yellow and red of autumn colors, and top of Yake-dake there is a view of Hodaka mountain which is covered by snow... green and yellow/red and white.... just beautiful. ※Helmet required!! Yake-dale is an active volcano.

fun half day hike. good views on the second mountain.

Really pleasant hike (actually more of a walk) through town, up to some temples in the hills then back down to town and more interesting temples/landmarks.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail with changing terrains and spectacular views of Kobe/Osaka and the Ocean. Can be steep at parts but the trail is well kept and easy to follow.

2 months ago

This was the first trail I tried suggested by the AllTrails app and I loved it. It was easy to do (I did it in a sunny December day), has beautiful sights along the way and it’s well marked both in Japanese and in English.

Get two peaks on one trail. First peat Mt Komagabayashi and Mt Mison in one trail. Lots of steps but beautiful views.

Great short hike from the rope way. We made sure to wear micro spikes because of the snow, saw some folks struggling that did not come prepared. Plan to visit the Nashirho hut for hot beverages, snacks and even ramen with a great view.

Oze is one of the most popular hiking course in Japan. Always there are so many people there but there were few hikers because of the typhoon last Sunday. The weather was actually very nice. Lucky. I’ll share some pictures in Oze. You can see Mount Shibutsu and Hiuchigadake.

Moderately challenging (generates a sweat for the average person). Lots of shade from surrounding trees, pretty much all uphill hike and coming down. The higher up you go on the path the less tourists you see actually continue (the most crowded part is clearly the beginning section, after that it’s less congested).

November is a good season for this trail. Sunshine flow on the forest and kiss my face. But too many rocks.

over grown
3 months ago

As I walked around, I gazed at a very big tree. Then, I walked across the stepping stone bridge at the river.

off trail
3 months ago

This trail was really nice. Although I saw people post about how there wasn’t much a view, if you get to the 490m elevation sign and immediately take a left you’ll walk down a narrow trail that puts you right at the side of the mountain. Amazing view. Got lost on the way back so make sure you have a whole day set ahead of you. The boars can scare the hell out of you.

The last 3k is crazy hard. Did this on Nov 10 and ran out of daylight. Ended up camping in the lodge just below Yarigatake and completed the climb in the morning. Didn’t summit as it was windy as hell and good thing too as it started snowing shortly after. Crampons would be good since the last bit is snow bound.

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