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Suntō, Shizuoka Map
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3 months ago

Climbed this off season in May of 2017 with a guide. A guide is a must during that time of the year. Snow is deep and dangerous. This is a beast of a mountain with the altitude but worth every step. We glissaded down in less than an hour (speedy) almost launched ourselves off the mountain. Glissade was probably the most treacherous part because with the angles sometimes you just can’t stop. Worth every minute. I would definitely do this again.

Climbed Mt Fuji via the Subashiri trail on August 30th starting shortly after 1pm. Very enjoyable hike up under some patchy clouds with the occasional glimpse of the summit area. I chose this trail specifically due to it being the less traveled path and because it has a more forested approach which was very nice instead of the more barren trails. We arrived at the Fuji hotel at the 8th station just after 5pm after stopping at all of the stations along the way to have my hiking stick branded. The next morning we left the hut around 2am along with everyone else and this made for a slow climb to the summit. We arrived at the summit before dawn and began our hike around the caldera looking for a place to watch the sunrise. Found a nice spot, had some food and watched an amazing sunrise. After the sun came up I continued around the caldera to the weather station and back to the start point. It was very cold and very windy in spots but was well worth the effort, and the morning crowds that were actually not as bad as I was expecting. We descended via the Yoshida trail in about three hours.

Climbed up the Yoshida trail, but because of weather conditions (gale force winds), I had to descend this trail. The decent was very difficult, I could not imagine climbing it. I would not recommend anyone to ascend Fuji using this trail.

Challenging hike up a trail less traveled by the masses which was exactly what I wanted. Great views along the way up. Cloud coverage whilst at the summit. Lava rock running on parts of the way down made for a good time. Glad I chose this route first.

Met a guy at the summit who had climbed 3 times, I then told him I took the Subashiri Route and literally hopped off the couch and made it to see the sunrise and wasn’t completely dying...the guy says “you’re nuts! I’ve done it 3 times and wouldn’t take that route!!!” So maybe ignorance was bliss for a few fleeting moments, but it’s not easy, once you get above alpine (and crawling large rock “steps” through the humid forest) the footing gets loose, and just continues to get worse so be ready to pack light (unlike me who was ready for Lhotse

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

I have hiked on 4 continents, hundreds of miles and hands down this was the hardest hike I have ever done, also the most worthwhile. I did this halfway through a deployment so my fitness was way down, but it is still a long, steep and super challenging hike, very crowded at the beginning of the trail but the closer to the peak the smaller the crowd. It is very steep with sharp rocks, lots of facilities along the way to get your hiking staff branded (for a price of course) or grab a snack or water. Once you get to the ridge it is another mile or so to the peak and even steeper. I heard a proverb “a wise man climbs Mt. Fuji, only a fool climbs it twice” and it is true, a challenge, worthwhile but not for the faint of heart.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

This was by far my hardest hiking experience. Full disclosure, I haven't really exercised before the hike so that may have added to my struggle. It took me over 6 hours to hike from the 5th station to the 8th station where we stayed for the night before we woke up at 2:50 am to hike the summit in time for the sunrise. The hardest part for me was the sand run on our descent. Other factors that made this hike difficult is the elevation. I was not affected by elevation but my brother had to stay behind because he had trouble breathing. It was also raining the whole time during our ascent.

We planned two days trip to Mount Fuji. Saw The great sunrise after starting early morning hiking at 3 am. It's rained heavily so I suggest you prepare well on your rain gear. Take your time going up since the elevation change might effect your breathing. Overall it's a great trip

Hiked it many years ago when I was in Japan. The view from the top is quite amazing.

Friday, July 14, 2017