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over grown
5 days ago

Easy trail. Fun with some nice view points. Weather was nice out so didn’t overheat. Lots of bugs, banana spiders and overgrown paths.

A great hike for me and my wife, twin 11 and a 10 year old boy(s)! My boys liked the rope climbing and going through caves. a nice castle ruin at the end. Bring good treaded shoes or hiking shoes and bug spray. Best to use a camel back or back pack for water, you’ll definitely want to be hands free when trekking through this hike.

22 days ago

Loop Trail is a little hard to find but once you are on it, there are markers. There is some minor climbing but we were able to do it with 4 kids (ages 2, 6, 9 and 11) 2 year old was on my back but 6 year old had no problems. Fun short trail.

25 days ago

If you want to actually summit Mt Yonaha, the official track being displayed by All Trails is inaccurate. Look at "other recordings" for a track that will take you to the summit.

This is a fun trail that's not too technical, but unfortunately doesn't have any good viewpoints due to vegetation. Lots of side trail options for exploring.

4-6 parking spots at the trail head with plenty of additional street parking along an infrequently travelled road. Clean eco-toilets also available at trailhead. Starts out on an old road bed that hasn't been maintained in a very long time. Several small waterfalls can be seen along the way. About halfway to the summit you'll reach a set of information boards and a large rock monument. From that point the trail turns into a narrow washed out single track that weaves through a bamboo forest. You will climb a summit and then drop down to a right hand turn with a small sign that says 50m. Follow the trail across a saddle to the second summit where the actual benchmark is. At the benchmark you can go three different directions. To make it somewhat of a loop, take the left trail down until you reach a flat riverbed. Follow the riverbed until it turns into a trail again. You will take another left and traverse down a draw until you reach a small cabin where a nice old Japanese man lives. Just above his cabin you'll find the old road bed again. Follow the old road back to where the single track started. From there you'll back track to the trail head.

There are lots of trail offshoots but this is a good track for reaching the benchmark with minimal backtracking.

When you're done, make sure to check out the Okinawa Rail cafe about a mile down the road from the trail head. You'll be glad you did!

30 days ago

More of a park than a hiking trail. Fairly slippery after the rain. Trail is well-marked and doable for beginners. You get one good scenic view at a mid-point (at the castle-like structure) but no view from the top.

1 month ago

We did this tour in December. Very fun hike for all ages and skill levels. There is an optional fork in the path near the start of the trail to walk alongside the riverbed instead of the mostly paved, dry path - but you need water shoes for this, not sneakers. The trail takes 1 hour round-trip.

Follow the many road signs to get to the trail head, or key in the GPS code 485771741 if you have a rental car. At the trail head, there are wooden cabins (to pay the entrance fee), toilets, wooden cabin and a campsite.

Good hike, waterfall was awesome. Lots of stairs. Didn’t realize it would cost yen, 500 per adult 300 per child.

I hike this trail almost every weekend I love it!

2 months ago

We had a good hike up. It had rained 2 days before and trail was slippery in spots. I loved all the different butterflies we saw. We made an error and returned on what looks like a road on the map, but it is years overgrown. We bushwhacked it though and made it out. Don’t get fooled with small blue or red 2x2’s on the ground as they appear to be markers to grave/tombs. I did not see the rocks with the purple arrows mentioned in Alyx’s post.

Very quick trail. Not too many picture worth spots.

Cool little trail. Ok to bring kids. Half a mile up and half a mile down. Decently paved trail.

Short trail with a quick ascent/descent. Last section to the top is mostly climbing on rocks. Rocks can still be wet and slippery after a rain.

Great hike. Trail can be slippery but with proper hiking shoes and a walking stick if you need, a beginner at hiking can do it.

Waterfall is totally worth it. I even swam in the water which isn’t allowed apparently but seems like every does it any way. Extremely dog friendly and a easy hike. My mother in-law did it with a boot on for a broken foot. She is 50 something, so that should say something besides she is a beast lol

a difficult but rewarding hike

2 months ago

Awesome trail, I would not suggest bringing kids, dogs and to go with a partner. It’s a very long, tricky trail. Some parts can be tight and slippery. The App says it’s a moderate trail but I could argue it’s more in the Hard side.

2 months ago

4 months ago

A lot of snakes this time of year stay on the regular trail. We saw a few cool tree snakes but a lot of poisonous snakes.

4 months ago

Great trail with many steps. I walked it with sandals on with my wife and kids 7 & 5. They loved it. While I call this a walking trail, my wife calls it a hike. Cheers.

4 months ago

This was such a fun hike. We got a little lost but oriented once we hit the café. I took my 4 & 3 year old to do some bug catching and exploring; it was not disappointing. It was a great hike. Definitely take water and a walking stick for the spider webs.

Definitely one of my fav trails.

7 months ago

A beautiful walk through bamboo and forest. I was able to find the multiple geocache hidden here. I didn’t make is all the way to the far end since the geocache was towards the middle of the hike. Will definitely come back to explore.

trail running
7 months ago

One of my favorite routes to run! We currently have it marked with purple arrow painted rocks (from the Explore Okinawa free group on Facebook) but it’s fairly manageable to find, even if someone swipes a rock! Enjoy the views !
Be sure to take the extra set of stairs closer to Onno no Eki market to get to see more ruins, an amazing view, and a hidden cave!
Kids and dogs can conquer this hike even though the full route is around 4 miles, just pack plenty of water for the Okinawa heat!

This is a great route, but is paved and along the side of one of the busier routes in Okinawa. Hence why I chose to run it versus a leisurely hike (I didn’t want to be bored)
Still really cool to cross off the bucket list and will probably do it again with friends, but not my favorite route due to the road and lack of actual “trail”

One of my favorite “easy” trails on Okinawa. Great for kids, and leashed puppies (a rarity that a trail is dog friendly)! Consider your puppies paws first as the rocks are sharp so make sure they are used to hiking!
Lots of payoff, for a slightly less than a mile hike, you see a ton of beautiful things including but not limited to, small caves, memorials, a castle ruins, and an amazing tree (you’ll know it when you see it)!
Enjoy, be safe, and as always please be respectful! Join the free Facebook group Explore Okinawa to join our hiking expeditions and enjoy an amazing cafe after!

The rope bridge at the very beginning of the trail was really fun although the second part seemed suspect. The trail was well marked and easy to navigate. I also enjoyed the many caves and rock walkthroughs. The birds nest near the end was also a great photo op. Lastly, the castle ruins at the end makes this one of the funnest trails I've completed.

7 months ago

Great trail... great view at the observatory. There are a few narrow spots and a few places where the forest is overgrown a little. We took an 8 year old, a 5 year old and a 2 year old; they all did fine.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

We did this as a family, the day after a typhoon hit Okinawa. It’s an ok outing, but other than some very overgrown parts there wasn’t much to write home about.
The children found the crocodile meets that we found fascinating, but were disappointed that there wasn’t anything more interesting on the hike.
They definitely enjoyed the waterfalls at Henan River more.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Not too bad! You can get to the Waterfall in like 30-45 minutes if you don't stop. Water is nice and cold and super clear. There's a lot of steps you need to climb.
Beautiful place to spend a Saturday afternoon.

on Hiji Falls Trail

Monday, October 09, 2017

This is a nice trail, lots of steps. However it doesn’t allow pets. So don’t bring your dog they will turn you away.

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