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Okinawa, Japan Map
19 days ago

If you want to actually summit Mt Yonaha, the official track being displayed by All Trails is inaccurate. Look at "other recordings" for a track that will take you to the summit.

This is a fun trail that's not too technical, but unfortunately doesn't have any good viewpoints due to vegetation. Lots of side trail options for exploring.

4-6 parking spots at the trail head with plenty of additional street parking along an infrequently travelled road. Clean eco-toilets also available at trailhead. Starts out on an old road bed that hasn't been maintained in a very long time. Several small waterfalls can be seen along the way. About halfway to the summit you'll reach a set of information boards and a large rock monument. From that point the trail turns into a narrow washed out single track that weaves through a bamboo forest. You will climb a summit and then drop down to a right hand turn with a small sign that says 50m. Follow the trail across a saddle to the second summit where the actual benchmark is. At the benchmark you can go three different directions. To make it somewhat of a loop, take the left trail down until you reach a flat riverbed. Follow the riverbed until it turns into a trail again. You will take another left and traverse down a draw until you reach a small cabin where a nice old Japanese man lives. Just above his cabin you'll find the old road bed again. Follow the old road back to where the single track started. From there you'll back track to the trail head.

There are lots of trail offshoots but this is a good track for reaching the benchmark with minimal backtracking.

When you're done, make sure to check out the Okinawa Rail cafe about a mile down the road from the trail head. You'll be glad you did!

25 days ago

We did this tour in December. Very fun hike for all ages and skill levels. There is an optional fork in the path near the start of the trail to walk alongside the riverbed instead of the mostly paved, dry path - but you need water shoes for this, not sneakers. The trail takes 1 hour round-trip.

Follow the many road signs to get to the trail head, or key in the GPS code 485771741 if you have a rental car. At the trail head, there are wooden cabins (to pay the entrance fee), toilets, wooden cabin and a campsite.

Good hike, waterfall was awesome. Lots of stairs. Didn’t realize it would cost yen, 500 per adult 300 per child.

Waterfall is totally worth it. I even swam in the water which isn’t allowed apparently but seems like every does it any way. Extremely dog friendly and a easy hike. My mother in-law did it with a boot on for a broken foot. She is 50 something, so that should say something besides she is a beast lol

paddle sports
2 months ago

We stopped by late on a Sunday afternoon to paddleboard. Wind pushed us back sometimes when we rounded the peninsulas but it was flat where there shelter. Very tranquil. We even startled a cuttlefish or squid at one point, left a big ink cloud. Watch out for shallow rocks near the surface if you circumnavigate the island Miyagi is on. I took off one star just due to the water quality further back in the bay. There’s a lot of brown froth from erosion that was kind of gross and filmy.

paddle sports
2 months ago

I found this to be very challenging, yet, beautiful! I went on a Monday and no one but I was on the water creating a sense of shear tranquility. Seemingly, the only ripples on the water was that from my kayak. Moreover, the splash from my paddle would scare the schools of fish sending them flying in the air. Only one word to describe this experience.. Magical! I loved every second of this paddle and would do it again. Filmed the whole event using my GoPro, https://youtu.be/WbCNnLDsCWU

a difficult but rewarding hike

2 months ago

Awesome trail, I would not suggest bringing kids, dogs and to go with a partner. It’s a very long, tricky trail. Some parts can be tight and slippery. The App says it’s a moderate trail but I could argue it’s more in the Hard side.

3 months ago

A lot of snakes this time of year stay on the regular trail. We saw a few cool tree snakes but a lot of poisonous snakes.

Great short trail that goes to the base of Hiji falls. I did it in sandals with my kids, 7 & 5, and my wife. We walked in the stream for the most part, so would recommend small backpack if you are carrying anything and plastic bags to keep electronics safe. My wife calls this a medium hiking trail. Cheers.

4 months ago

Great trail with many steps. I walked it with sandals on with my wife and kids 7 & 5. They loved it. While I call this a walking trail, my wife calls it a hike. Cheers.

Definitely one of my fav trails.

A great quick hike when visiting northern Okinawa

Absolutely perfect! Cliff jumps (15-20 ft) on the way to the waterfall. Once you’ve made it to the waterfall, a rope swing and a nice pool area for the family. Definitely doing this again.

6 months ago

Amazing trail. Easy to get to. The water fall at the end was worth getting wet

This is a great route, but is paved and along the side of one of the busier routes in Okinawa. Hence why I chose to run it versus a leisurely hike (I didn’t want to be bored)
Still really cool to cross off the bucket list and will probably do it again with friends, but not my favorite route due to the road and lack of actual “trail”

Short hike with easy to reach waterfall. Very enjoyable as we walk along the stream to reach the waterfall.

What a lot of these reviews didn’t say is that you’re hiking in a river bed and have to scale some rocks to get to the waterfall. Make sure you wear shoes that you can climb in and get wet.

Still had a lot of fun with my husband and three year old in a carrier.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

We did this as a family, the day after a typhoon hit Okinawa. It’s an ok outing, but other than some very overgrown parts there wasn’t much to write home about.
The children found the crocodile meets that we found fascinating, but were disappointed that there wasn’t anything more interesting on the hike.
They definitely enjoyed the waterfalls at Henan River more.

We headed out as a family to this hike. It was fantastic. The children loved it and defined it as an epic adventure!

The hike to the waterfall consists of walking along the river. It was nice to be wet the whole time until reaching the waterfall. I really enjoyed this hike. Next time I'll definitely waterproof my phone.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Not too bad! You can get to the Waterfall in like 30-45 minutes if you don't stop. Water is nice and cold and super clear. There's a lot of steps you need to climb.
Beautiful place to spend a Saturday afternoon.

on Hiji Falls Trail

Monday, October 09, 2017

This is a nice trail, lots of steps. However it doesn’t allow pets. So don’t bring your dog they will turn you away.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Loved this trail! Given the heat, having to walk through the river was so refreshing! Some areas the water was up to my hips (I'm 5'1). My husband loved the cliff jumping into the deep end almost to the end of the trail. And swimming through the waterfall was amazing. I also loved the ropes other okinawan locals put on branches to swing into the water! When we went there were a few children field trips enjoying the hike too so if your kid is adventurous, they'd love this hike for sure!

Saturday, July 08, 2017

After many years on Okinawa, I finally completed this hike from tip-to-tip of Okinawa (or at least close enough). I hiked for three days and I took a rest day before completing the third day of hiking. Day 1 (18 Feb 2017) was from Hedo Point to a hostel in Nago City (~30 miles). Day 2 was from Nago to Chatan (~30 miles). Day 3 was a rest day. Day 4 was from Chatan to Peace Memorial Park (~18 miles). Much of the route was along Route 58 which is a busy 2-4 lane roadway (especially in the mid-section of the island) going North/South throughout Okinawa. The first half of the hike is along the coast and the ocean is almost constantly present on your right side. The last day was in mostly built-up areas until the rural section near the end. I enjoyed the hike and the challenge of doing mileage day-after-day. My pack was relatively light and I was able to get food/drink from Family Marts, Lawsons, and the ever-present vending machines.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

We completed this fun hike through the waters of the Henan River and visited the Ta-taki waterfall at the turn-around point. We entered the water at the corner of the parking lot, but there is another entry point if you walk up the road along the river for a bit. Overall, all four members of our group (youngest was 8 yrs old) completed the uploaded track and only required getting wet to a level of about 3-4 feet deep. There of plenty of areas that are suitable for swimming if you wish. Please read and follow all directions on the sign at the parking lot (see uploaded picture). It is especially important to stay out of the "river" during/after any rain as flash floods can occur. Overall, a very fun outing for a very hot Okinawa summer day.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

It's great if you just walk up the river itself the entire way. It's only a few inches deep and a couple parts where it is waist deep. My 14 year old and my dog loved it. Going back tomorrow with the 10 year old.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

It was a very well kept trail perfect for a family stroll

Monday, February 13, 2017

I liked it better 20 years ago when you had to get wet and pull yourself through the jungle.

27 days ago

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