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20 days ago

An enjoyable hike through city streets that helped pass the time quickly as there is plenty to look at. The back end of the hike is through agricultural area that have minimal traffic so a lot more peaceful than the early part of the hike. The hike ends at the Peace Park but we chose to continue on through more agricultural lands ending at the Cape Kyan Peace Tower.

This was majorly disappointing for us since you cannot actually tour the Palace. This route just has you walking around the perimeter, which I thought was a waste of time.

27 days ago

An extremely enjoyable portion of the hike traveling along the coastline passing through many small towns. Plenty of chances to pick up supplies at the many Lawsons or Family Marts found along the route. Plenty to look at throughout the movement. The last portion of the movement is within the city passing the Kadena Base with plenty of stop lights and a lot of traffic. A long day but a lot of fun.

1 month ago

Starting at Cape Hado, a hilly start but quickly settles in to a route along the shoreline. A couple of tunnels that can be bypassed if the sea conditions are calm. Light traffic early in throughout the hike until you get down to Nago where the traffic picks up significantly. The early part of the hike has limited resupply points so either carry plenty of liquids or pick up some at the limited shops you pass.

The bamboo forest is unbelievable. I would fully recommend getting there as early as possible as it is a tourist trap, gets super busy.

Great trail! Waited by the temple at the start for 40 minutes until 830am when it opened only to realize the trail started the next street over and behind the temple. Still managed to beat the crowds! Went through the bamboo forest and then over and up to the monkey sanctuary. Easy hike without much of a climb

Very easy trail, really not even that much of a trial, more of a touristy nature walk since it’s always crowded with tourists. Still, if you’re in Kyoto this is a MUST DO.

4 months ago

Very pretty walk

4 months ago

Small walk, though along a pretty river and easy to get to

A great walk through the palace

4 months ago

A must do in Osaka, so beautiful. It is an easy walk

This is one of my fav things about Kyoto, easy walk!

5 months ago

If you have a layover in Narita this is a quick walking tour that gives a good amount of exposure to daily Narita life. We passed by temples, a little forest, home, a bit of shopping and food.

Monkey park takes about 20 mins uphill to the summit. The halfway point rest area was air conditioned and had comfortable seating. Bamboo forest was BEAUTIFUL. *Make sure to get there early (around 8am) to avoid crowds!*


Beautiful temples but bamboo forest sooo crowded and not very impressive. Not a difficult hike/walk

A great way to spend a day away from the crowds. This route follows part of “The Kyoto Trail” and was well marked and easy to follow.

Sat Jan 05 2019

It was super crowded but worth the walk. Must visit place in Tokyo.

Sun Dec 02 2018

Nice fall foliage walk — super easy. Stop in on the shops and cafes to meet some terrifically hospitable people.

This is a great route, but is paved and along the side of one of the busier routes in Okinawa. Hence why I chose to run it versus a leisurely hike (I didn’t want to be bored) Still really cool to cross off the bucket list and will probably do it again with friends, but not my favorite route due to the road and lack of actual “trail”

Wed Apr 18 2018

An extended walk after Philosopher’s walk, culture and beautiful cherry blossoms with colorful kimonos.

Wed Apr 18 2018

Lovely city trail with cherry blossoms, canal and old buildings, peaceful walk.

road biking
Sat Feb 17 2018

Did it on rental bikes which was extremely fun and delightful

Stayed in Japan for two weeks and this was definitely a highlight. Beautiful castle with a wide moat surrounding its gates. Wonderful views from inside.

Alright walk, it's not a trail and just a casual stroll at most through the gardens of the imperial palace, but if you can't get out of the city, it will do.

Elaborate Description, fully detailed Waypoints, not to forget useful Tips, really commendable!

good place to walk. very flat. you can find some nice cafes along the path.

So I actually did this by accident. I was just exploring on one of my off days, when I just happened to summit a mountain and found out what I had done. It was an amazing hike: very beautiful. I saw a fox, which made my day. Plus a few deer. It was greatZ highly recommend.

After many years on Okinawa, I finally completed this hike from tip-to-tip of Okinawa (or at least close enough). I hiked for three days and I took a rest day before completing the third day of hiking. Day 1 (18 Feb 2017) was from Hedo Point to a hostel in Nago City (~30 miles). Day 2 was from Nago to Chatan (~30 miles). Day 3 was a rest day. Day 4 was from Chatan to Peace Memorial Park (~18 miles). Much of the route was along Route 58 which is a busy 2-4 lane roadway (especially in the mid-section of the island) going North/South throughout Okinawa. The first half of the hike is along the coast and the ocean is almost constantly present on your right side. The last day was in mostly built-up areas until the rural section near the end. I enjoyed the hike and the challenge of doing mileage day-after-day. My pack was relatively light and I was able to get food/drink from Family Marts, Lawsons, and the ever-present vending machines.

Sun Feb 05 2017

The scenery is beautiful, of course, especially during cherry blossom season or fall foliage, but it really is more of a stroll than anything else. The path is flat for the most part; the plus side is that it's almost barrier-free / wheelchair-friendly, the downside is that it can be VERY crowded.

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