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Thu Jan 24 2019

Fun and beautiful. much better than Dunn River Falls

Fri Jan 18 2019

(1/13/19) I recently completed the hike in 4 hours, a long and arduous hike to the top that started around 3:30 AM at Abbey Green (2.5 mi) going to Portland Gap and from there, another 3.5 mi to reach the peak. For me, this is a moderate to HARD hike but the trail and PEAK is beautiful! Lush ferns, wild mushrooms, beautiful fauna! Trail is well maintained. Lots of switchbacks and Jacob’s Ladder. It gets steeper each time, like stairway to heaven lol! Also, it gets slippery up there with uneven steps and loose rocks. Wearing a good hiking shoes is a must- my Salomon trail runners did ok for the most part! it is helpful as well to have trekking pole to save ur knees but could be done without one if endurance is great. I think u dont need a guide if day hiking but since we started before day break, we decided to have one who knows the mountain well. Overall, if visiting Jamaica, this hike is definitely a ✅

Thu Jan 03 2019

awesome trail, challenging but easy to follow. had to rush before sunset so pushed through in about 5 hours but 6-7 is pretty comfortable I would say. If driving, recommend parking at the police station downhill and paying someone local to drive you up to Whitfield Hall (trail head) in a 4x4

Wed Nov 14 2018

this is the best waterfall and the only waterfall is able to climb up for people。we hold each other’s hands during the climbing。the tourguider didn ’t give us chance to take pictures on own,I guess because they expect you to buy the vedio DVD at the end,40USD

Sat Oct 27 2018

It has been my dream to hike Blue Mountain to reach to peak. We hiked from Whitfield Hall Hostel to the peak (about 7 miles). Let me tell you something friends, the soreness that I feel today is worth it. It is not everyday that one has the opportunity to stand above the clouds and laud such natural beauty. The Blue Mountain is not just home to the best coffee there are some endemic plant species, lichens, mosses and calla lilies that were so perfect they looked like plastic. As we emerged from the Elfin Forest at the peak I felt triumphant and fatigued at the same time. Whose great idea was this? Now that I am up here who the hell is going to take me down? I had this brainwave that Jeff would carry me on his back but he asked if I thought he was a jackass. The hike up was challenging yet doable. Going down was excruciating. I did not pack my hiking boots and feet suffered as they did have the support that was needed. Great hike. Bucket list item checked.

Tue Oct 23 2018

Tout simplement MERVEILLEUX le seul inconvénient (que je n’ai pas subi) vous devez arriver très tôt, dès l’ouverture par vos propres moyens si vous voulez profité des chutes pratiquement seule. Quand nous sommes parti c’était fou le monde en ligne d’attente qui arrivaient en bus des hôtels et encore pir les journées de croisière. Moi j’ai personne d’autre que nous sur TOUT nos photos. Versus les touristes en activité organisée comme c’est horriblement surchargé de monde. Un incontournable à faire dès l’ouverture!!!

Sat Jun 16 2018

Great trail for any time of day. We started around mid day and still were able to complete before 6 pm. Did a video review for anyone interested: look for Sailing Knotty Maria on YouTube or follow this link: https://youtu.be/cwA78g-SG1w

Tue Jun 05 2018

very crowded at times but enjoyable

Sat Mar 31 2018

Jacob's Ladder at the beginning of the hike was a challenge but overall a moderately difficult hike. I did the sunrise hike which starts at 2:30 AM.

Wed Nov 01 2017

Best Falls I've ever climbed. You fall down a lot, but just get up and keep going. That's part of the adventure. Lots of fun. I went in July of 2011.

Sat Jul 22 2017

amazing!!!! teamwork is key here! You can do it! The key is to feel with your feet before you step and listen to your guide!

Sat Feb 11 2017

Yeah it's not a trail where you actually "hike", but it's great for tourism and extremely fun and pretty

Tue Sep 20 2016

Great tourist trail. Not for someone looking for a serious trail to hike. Climb 900 feet up the side of a waterfall.

Mon Aug 29 2016


Sat Jun 11 2016

very beautiful waterfall easy hike not to long about half a mile recommend taking water shoes or sports shoes some of the rocks at the end are slippery fun crowd!

Sun Apr 24 2016

it was fun, but I wouldn't recommend going in the rain! it's only difficult if u don't follow the guides!

Mon May 12 2014

The most beautiful hike I have been on! The weather was perfect and the water cool, climbing up the rocks was easy - moderate, and the nature was amazing! Will definitely go again!

Mon Jan 20 2014

My wife and I completed this short river hike on our honeymoon and had an amazing time. The hike is very fun and extremely unique. I forget how much it cost to get into the park but it was well worth it for the fun we had.

Wed Nov 28 2018

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Sat Oct 20 2018

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