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This was the best hike I have done in Italy

Loved this. Hiked only
Part of this and had to train to two of the cities. It is simply beautiful but quite a challenge both climbing uphill and steps and then rocky down. But worth the views completely. Very good. Would so
Do it again if I get to go back.

What an amazing hike! Incredible views and great sights to see along the trail. Madonna della rupe, the church of San Michele (Michael the archangel), and the statue of Christ at the top- all make this a beautiful trail and an awesome way to see the mountains in this area. There is a maintained rocky trail but it does include some loose terrain and some steeper areas. I wouldn’t call this a kid friendly trail but anyone in decent shape should have no problem. I highly recommend this trail, it was an awesome experience.

Beautiful and vibrant city... Easily walking!

Nice touristic attractions

A great hike and great scenery all the way from Monterosso to Riomagiorre. The leg from Monterosso to Vernazza could be quite challenging for some as there are literally 100s of stairs to climb. We had great weather and quite a warm day, so ensure you have water. The track was closed between Corniglia and Riomaggiore, but it is an incentive for us to go back and do it again!!! The picturesque villages are just a bonus along the way and there are plenty of photo opportunities.

2 months ago

Dalla Chiesa di Tossino(strada da Faenza per Modigliana) si sale (guado per ponte inagibile) a Torre di Ceparano. Ritorno per crinale sud e discesa da strada di San Casciano o San Cassiano sino a statale, indi a Tossino.
From the Church of Toxin (road from Faenza to Modigliana) climbs (turn for uninhibited bridge) at Torre di Ceparano. Return to the south ridge and downhill from San Casciano to state road, and to Toxino.

Hike from Bomerano to Nocelle to Santa Maria del Castello to Positano Centrale

Eye of the Gods. We didn’t do the out and back as described. However, we did add the hike from Santa Maria del Castello to central Positano. In total, it was a long 8.9 miles.

We were staying in central Positano, so we took a car from Positano to Bomerano and started with many others on the “Path of the Gods” trail. The trail was at first easy to moderate and when we arrived in Nocelle, that’s where we diverged from the “Path of the Gods” and this hike truly began. In fact, we didn’t see any other hikers for the next 4 miles until we got back near Positano.

There’s a right turn straight up stairs that keep going up, out of town, to the end of the stairs and out into the beautiful landscape. The climb is strenuous and my wife was going to kill me if I said we’re almost at the top again. I can really only recommend it for those who are very fit and healthy. The climb is an elevation gain of 1,500 feet in less than a mile and the path down, though more gradual, took its toll on our knees on down.

Recent fires burned the landscape at the top of the climb in addition to wooden steps that were there to aid in the ascent making the climb more difficult in some areas. The trail seemed to be gone in one area and we had to climb large boulders and look for the painted red dots that marked the trail across the rock.

Once at the top (for real this time) the views are amazing and you can look down through the “eye” which gives this trail its name. It’s something most who visit Positano never even know is there.

The trail continues in an easy descent parallel to the coast above Nocelle, looking way down on Montepertuso (which itself is 1,500 steps above Positano) past more burn areas including the burned wooden trail railing in some places and onto Santa Maria del Castello. From there, we walked a short distance down a road to another path that led to a stone trail with stairs that continued for nearly 2 miles down 1,700 vertical feet to central Positano where we were staying.

beautiful views all the way up!

Excelente. De los mejores ever.

Gave it four stars for the it's a volcano factor. Awesome views and some some steam from the crater made this is a great outing. Not a rustic hike by any means and expect lots of people.

The photos are long exposures which then doesn't document the people/crowds. Even at night. There will be crowds. Still 5*.

Rome is amazing. It's fountains so beautiful. Great for night time too.

It was a warm day. We were very hot. Lots of history amazing.

Do this one at night. It's amazing and the photography opportunities are outstanding.

Fantastic self Tour of Rome. Photos suggest you can see interior of Coliseum. You can only if u pay to get in.

Deleted this app because to get any use of it you HAVE to subscribe for a whole year and pay about $35. i would have subscribed for a month (2.50) or even 3 but thats not an option. Too bad. Looks like a good app.

It was an amazing day from motonrosso to corniglia(the rest was closed)! The weather was overcast and there was practically no one on the trails! It was nice to have steps but I was sore for days after this hike!

5 months ago

Interessante circuito chiuso per naturalisti, botanici, selvicultori, geografi e geologi. Infatti ci sono elementi di forte considerazione che interessano le relative specialità di cui sopra.
In particolare le due lacualità dono vecchie formazioni intramoreniche di un chiacciao di 15.000 fa e con due testimoni di eccellenza come il Masso Giulio Andrea Pirona ( botanico e geologo) e Giovanni Marinelli che si trovano sul versante Nord del gobba morenica tra i due laghi: I due Massi sono erratici e lo testimoniano la parete Sud del Pirona completamente abrasa dalla spinta del ghiaccio ( 30.000 mc' il più grande masso erratico delle Alpi) e la parete Nord del Marinelli co spigoli vivi non abrasi dal rotolamento o dai balzi.
I sentieri sono ampiamente segnalati e possono essere pericolosi quelli in vicinanza dei laghi nelle stagioni intermedie e pure pericolosi in estate nei giorni umidi o piovosi per l'eccesso di radici superficiali fortemente abrase dai visitatori.
Il tratto suggerito si diparte da un comodo parcheggio evitando il fortissimo traffico e percheggi esauriti nelle piazzole limitrofe dei laghi.
In etate si possono trovare anche 1000-2000 persone per giorno.

5 months ago

It's seems like a dream as I hiked this ages ago with some fellow travelers while going around Italy. Extremely scenic while providing me with fond memories.

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