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it is in Veneto Region, not Piemonte (Piedmont)! please correct it. Thank you

One of my favorites in the Dolomites!

4 days ago

Did it 2 adults and 3 kids (10,11,16) started on the 23rd of July 2018. The hike was just perfect- good trail, great views, good weather, good food (most of it) . All the family had a great time.

Look out for the ficchi tree in September - lovely ripe purple figs

on Monte Catillo Loop

10 days ago

This is a good well marked loop. Parking near the trail head may be challenging but there is a parking lot in town center. In the summer it’s very dry up there. There are some nice views of Tivoli and the Roman valley. You’ll want mosquito repellant for sure. There are some picnic areas on the mountain and you pass through a horse area with a trough with running water. I’m not sure if it’s potable though. I’d say 70 percent of the trail was in the forest shade. The description says it’s kid friendly but they may have some trouble on the really rocky parts.

This is a beautiful stretch of coast all located in Liguria (not in Piedmont). Best in spring and autumn (but the sunsets in the winter may be magic).

Stunning hike.. did this from Corniglia to Manarola. Bring lots of water and a hat.. but if you are here, don’t miss this hike!

Very nice walk on gravel road most of the way. Only near San Gimignano is there traffic.

Brilliant walk

on Forra del Cellina

19 days ago

The trail leads through the forest and half of it leads through a canyon. Instead of going through the canyon you can also decide walk back on the road. To walk through the canyon you need to purchase a ticket and wear a hardhat. There's also an optional "train" that will take you through the canyon.
The woodland trail is decent, some place are a bit slippery/muddy, so proper shoes are recommended.
The canyon path is all flat and very easy to walk. Parking near lake Barcis can be a bit difficult as it is very busy during the weekend and summer.

Very nice trail, with a beautiful view. We did it in about 2 hrs. There is a local restaurant at the bottom of the trail, where you can have lunch afterwards.

The terrain is manageable by most people. There is nothing technical or hard but lots of ups and downs and steep sections. There’s were some people wearing walking sandals but a better choice would be to wear athletic shoes and definitely not flip flops. Some might find it difficult if doing the hike in one day. We started in Monterosso around 8 o clock in the morning to avoid the August heat. Remember to bring lots of water on a sunny summer day as many parts of the trail are not shaded. We made 30- 60 minutes stops in each town then took the train back to Monterosso. We regretted not spending more time in each town. This was one of the most beautiful hikes we have done with lovely views of the sea and grape vineyards along the way. As we proceeded along the trails we were treated with gorgeous views of each colourful towns as they came into sight.

24 days ago

Great hike but be prepared to climb! Bring tons of water, there is a fountain in Volastra to refill bottles/camelbaks. Unbelievable views and trail drops you right into the top of the towns.

First off my fellow hikers please do not follow my map! My GPS tracking looks like I’m a caged mouse scurrying around looking for her cheese! I couldn’t even find the gelato store when I got off the Ferry in Varenna

Started in Praiano and made my way up to Bomerano. The trail up from Praiano to Bomerano definitely has some overgrown plant areas but the trail is generally easy to find. Views of the Mediterranean get better as you go up and the mountain inlet is covered in local lemon farms built into the mountains side. There were some small sheep as I got close to Bomerano, but they were heavily guarded by guard wolves. The wolves chased me as I made my way on the route I had planned so I had to take a 2 mile detour into the town of Bomerano rather than cutting through it to get straight to the trailhead. The hike from the start of the Path of the Gods to Nocelle is one I will never forget; they were some of the best views I have ever seen. After resting in Nocelle, I continued on to Positano. I felt like I walked down 1,000+ stairs to make my way to central Positano. I caught a ride back to Praiano on the hourly shuttle and finished up the day at Marina di Praia Beach. The whole hike took me around 7 hours. The hardest part was making my way up to the trailhead because it was a 2,000+ ft. climb up. A definite must-hike if you are staying on the Amalfi Coast.

on Cinque Torri Loop

26 days ago

28 days ago

First hiking with this app. Great for following progress on the track. Track was harder than we expected especially around the summit. We had a 8 year old son with us.

Rating it only a 3 because it was a LOT harder than the easy ratings I saw here. My iPhone app said we did over 59 “floors”. It is only 2.3 miles or so, but the up and down, and the footing made it pretty tough on this 64 year old! Took us 2.5 hours going from Monterosso to Vernazza. Views were spectacular to be sure. But it was not easy.

Eccellente camminata su sentiero rotabile ma in piena Riserva del Cansiglio pertanto non transitabile.
Escursione di grande respiro di 16 km e di forte rilevanza ambientale e naturalistica per il novero di specie protette. Possibile anche per scialpino o fondo nel periodo invernale.

1 month ago

E' un tratto piacevole e lungo di vialzaia o strada arginale del Torre in DX idrografica. Parte da Pavia di Udine seguendo l'Alpe Adria N°1, si sviluppa coerentemente per l'intera tratta e si riaggancia all' Alpe Adria N°4 nella parte sottostante Godia.
Nella parte iniziale fino a Lovaria segue il sedime originale della Bariglaria ( Bi-Rotularia) romana che consentiva una scorciatoia per andare da Aquileia a Tricesimo solo a carri monoassi ( appunto birotula come la "biga") in meno di una giornata.
Si deve sottopassare 4 ponti ( vedi foto) di cui il terzo per uno stretto sentiero.
Consigliabile in giornata asciutta, ventilata e non molto calda.

Amazing views. Definitely a must see. You can get different views all the time during the hike. At the end you can catch the bus so no need to go back on the trail.

Stunning views from the top.

1 month ago

A splendid little hike. Very easy, Suitable for all ages and skill levels. There were a couple place that appeared to be trail closures, but it didn't appear to be serious and everybody was moving through unimpeded. Make sure to try your hand at skipping rocks from the rocky beaches, my record was 5!

The views along this trail are stunning, particularly in the area around the Malga Vaciara restaurant. The route isn't extraordinarily demanding physically, but miles 1.5-2.5 have extremely steep drops off the narrow trail. Not for the faint of heart, or those afraid of heights. For the weary hikers, it may be better to do an out-and-back to the Malga Vaciara, where one can enjoy a nice lager and wonderful vista.

Pick any trail in this region. You will not be disappointed!

Easily manageable, with very nice views and forests. We would recommend to skip alm by the lake - too many tourists and have proper lunch at Barenbadalm - its much less crowded and provides panoramic view as well!

We cut it by half, walked from Hochmuth and then took route 25 to the pass from the Leiteralm. While being quite steep ascent and descent are easily manageable. We even met couples with kids. Most beautiful and same time most complicated part is route 23 to the Mutspitze, though still can be done without any special equipment.

1 month ago

In a hot day of summer just to walk under fresh conopy for almost 8 km. Track easy also for car, no difficulties.

excellent and fun

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