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6 days ago

If you're looking for a great view, you won't find a better one around! This hike is truly spectacular. We started the trail in Praiano, where you walk up approximately 5 million steps to get to the actual path. We had almost reached the top when we got caught in a storm -- thunder, rain and hale! Luckily we happened to be right next to a cave/ overhang so we hit out there until it eased up a bit, then we ran up the last flight of steps to the monastery. Once up there, we were offered espresso and water and got to pet these 2 sweet pups who lived on / near the monastery property. Luna and Lilly! Aside from the views, that might've been the highlight of my day. Haha. So -- after the rain stopped and we dried out a bit, we continued up the mountain to the trail. This is the one part of the hike from Praiano that gets tricky. Others have said the trail of the gods is easy and you could do it in sandals, but this part is rocky and pretty treacherous unless you're really fit. I would recommend hiking shoes if you're joining up on the trail from Praiano, because while it's not necessary for the rest of the hike, it is helpful if it's slick outside for these rocky bits near the monastery. Don't get me wrong, it's not really hard, but it can be a little scary if you're not used to being at the edge of a cliff.

10 days ago

Must do! a beautiful hike! I would HIGHLY recommending stopping once you hit the highway. Everything after that is not very scenic, long and a lot stairs. We did the whole trail and got lost for a portion of it. You will have to cross the highway and walked through the woods unmarked.

Amazing hike!!! Breathtaking views along the way! Would definitely do it all over again if in the area. Did this hike as a part of group tour and with a guide and so glad I did it this way as not sure if I’d be able to find it on my own...trails here are not marked very well...if in Amalfi coast take the time to do this hike. It’s so worth it!!

Super nice hike. Definitely worth exploring!

Not possible to enter during Feb (maybe due to heavy rain past days)

Beautiful, definitely recommend

Took the bus from amalfi to Praiano then took what felt like a million stairs up to the path of gods. If you decide to start here just be prepared to be walking up steep stairs for about an hour. Definitely worth it but a little harder than we expected. When the path ended, we had trouble finding our way out to positano but it was also getting dark. Start to finish it took us about 5 hours but we were probably a little slower than normal because my wife is 6 months pregnant. Ended taking a taxi back to amalfi for $75 euro because we were too tired to find the bus.

4 months ago

Path of the Gods was a hiking trail with amazing views! For the most part I did not feel the trail was very difficult. It was well traveled so easy to follow. The most difficult part was the 1700 steps down at the end. Very tough on the knees.

Magnificent hike no question one of the best of our lives. Hike towards positano to walk towards the breathtaking view

Fantastic hike with unbeatable views. Did the day after traveling here to kick some jet lag. Would not recommend it if it recently rained/is raining...would be too slippery/muddy. Follow the red dots on your hike to know you're on the right path...

5 months ago

Awesome! Definitely recommend doing the hike from Praiano (sign for Furore, across from Marina di Praia) and download a map before you go. It doesn't always follow the yellow blazes. Once you hit the actual Path of the Gods, the work is done. Just enjoy the beautiful views.

Amazing. Gorgeous views. Very hard, especially in the rain wearing a skirt and sandals. Were not sure we were on or off trail at some points. No rails and felt a bit dangerously near a steep cliff at points. Glad I did it.

6 months ago

No exaggeration… This is the most beautiful trail I’ve ever been on. If your mother passes away and you are in this area for only one day to attend her funeral…I would highly recommend you skip her funeral and do this trail instead if you can’t do both. Seriously though, this trail is legit!

It was the most incredible hike of my life!

7 months ago

The most incredible views, absolutely fell in love! I would do this hike again in a heartbeat.

Just one word..: amazing!

8 months ago

Great hike! End in Positano to hike downhill. It is not difficult. Our 5 year old twins did the main hike in about 4 hours.

Beautiful hike!!!!!! Views are amazing from the top .. worth every sweat!

8 months ago

Breathtaking views...first time I've felt "high" hiking a trail!

10 months ago

Beautiful overlook of the Mediterranean Sea, terraced farms, goats, etc... a must. Arrive I'm Bomerano early (we arrived at 8am and was plenty of parking available) because the parking lot can get full.

10 months ago

This was a pretty easy hike besides lots of stairs. Trail is marked very well all along the way. If you are staying on the Amalfi Coast you hop on the bus and take it to Poistano and then you grab a smaller bus to Nocello and start there. You hike to Praiano and can grab the small bus back to Poistano and then hop back on the big bus. You can do this all in reverse too. You can get bus tickets right inside the hotel or shops. Total cost was less than 10 euros per person. There were several groups that had paid for guides but we went solo. NO GUIDE necessary. You can not get lost. There are signs all the way that say Path of the Gods.

Awesome way to see the coast! Unbelievable views!

Incredible views throughout. More challenging than expected. Lots of steps at the end to get down to Positano.

Great hike, quite an elevation change in the heat.

We did just the Valle delle Ferriere. It is gorgeous. Moderate hike. Took 2.5/3 hours roundtrip to go up from Amalfi, get to the end, and turn around the way we came.

8 days ago

3 months ago

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