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A great hike and great scenery all the way from Monterosso to Riomagiorre. The leg from Monterosso to Vernazza could be quite challenging for some as there are literally 100s of stairs to climb. We had great weather and quite a warm day, so ensure you have water. The track was closed between Corniglia and Riomaggiore, but it is an incentive for us to go back and do it again!!! The picturesque villages are just a bonus along the way and there are plenty of photo opportunities.

It was an amazing day from motonrosso to corniglia(the rest was closed)! The weather was overcast and there was practically no one on the trails! It was nice to have steps but I was sore for days after this hike!

3 months ago

3 months ago

Interessante circuito chiuso per naturalisti, botanici, selvicultori, geografi e geologi. Infatti ci sono elementi di forte considerazione che interessano le relative specialità di cui sopra.
In particolare le due lacualità dono vecchie formazioni intramoreniche di un chiacciao di 15.000 fa e con due testimoni di eccellenza come il Masso Giulio Andrea Pirona ( botanico e geologo) e Giovanni Marinelli che si trovano sul versante Nord del gobba morenica tra i due laghi: I due Massi sono erratici e lo testimoniano la parete Sud del Pirona completamente abrasa dalla spinta del ghiaccio ( 30.000 mc' il più grande masso erratico delle Alpi) e la parete Nord del Marinelli co spigoli vivi non abrasi dal rotolamento o dai balzi.
I sentieri sono ampiamente segnalati e possono essere pericolosi quelli in vicinanza dei laghi nelle stagioni intermedie e pure pericolosi in estate nei giorni umidi o piovosi per l'eccesso di radici superficiali fortemente abrase dai visitatori.
Il tratto suggerito si diparte da un comodo parcheggio evitando il fortissimo traffico e percheggi esauriti nelle piazzole limitrofe dei laghi.
In etate si possono trovare anche 1000-2000 persone per giorno.

It's seems like a dream as I hiked this ages ago with some fellow travelers while going around Italy. Extremely scenic while providing me with fond memories.

I visited Cinque Terre in late-October and although it was pretty much end-of-season, this fairytale land stole my heart. I absolutely LOVED this hike. You can piece it up as you wish, taking advantage of the train that stops at each town to supplement return hikes. My friend and I stayed in Vernazza and hiked different segments across a couple days to give us equal time to explore (and eat our way through) the villages. Be aware: although these trails are easy-to-moderate, any amount of rain can make them dangerously slippery with mud. This is a definite must while visiting northern Italy!

My wife and I hiked a section of this trail system back in 2014. Would have done the whole stretch from Riomaggiore to Monterosso, but the first section was washed out still. So we took the train to Riomaggiore anyway, then a ferry to Vernazza, and then hiked from there to Monterosso. What a great hike. It was definitely warm the day we did it. Bring water!!!. The coastal views back down the Riviera were awesome. Some great spots to get good photos. I would do this again for sure, but would wait till I knew some other sections were open again.

This was the most beautiful hike I've ever gone on. It was a warm day and at times very steep but the views were worth it! We started in Riomaggiore and ended in Monterosso. It was a bit more than 14 miles. Once in a lifetime views!

5 months ago

5 months ago

I spent some time living in Italy and have done this trail several times... and STILL I go back time and time again. It is unlike anything else.

This was such an amazing hike. Due to the coastal route being washed out we had to travel up and over all of the cities. Most people start in Montorosso and end in Riomaggio. We started in Levanto and ended in Riomaggio. This ended up being a total of 18.5 miles for us. Make sure you purchase your Cinque Terre pass upon arrival and get it stamped when you start the hike. This pass is only about 30 Euros pp and includes all your buses and train rides for the day. Since we were staying in Levanto it was our train ride back that was only about 15 mins. If you start in Levanto it will add about 6.5 miles to the trek. It is definitely worth it. We only saw one group the entire way to Montorosso. Once you get through Montorosso it was so crowded and some people are out for a leisurely stroll. You have to be aggressive and say pardon on your left/right and just pass otherwise you will be struck forever. There are so many groups of kids too. Most of the groups are only going through one town and not doing the entire hike. We started at 9 am and ended at 5:30 pm. Killer dinner in Riomaggio too.