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Nice easy loop around Revello. Most of it on easy to follow steps and alleys but there is a brief 5-10 minute section that is a tiny goat trail. Depending on the season it might be overgrown. There is also a brief 5 minute section along a busy road. The rest is beautiful.

Absolutely amazing!

Loop of the Grivò stream before climbing to the "Dei Zuc" castle and then to the Cucagna castle. Two castles assigned by the Patriarch Popone of Aquileia to the Auspergh Counts of Carinthia. The first one is from 1248 and the top one from 1027 was built by the same Counts who later expanded it in 1300.
They are 2 of the 10 or 11 Castles ranging from Nimis to Natisone (from Cregneu to Biaicis) that's why the Roman numeration.
You arrive and take the trail tour to the Church of San Rocco for medieval paths!

Spectacular views along the magnificent trail. It was quite strenuous coming into Monterroso, but worth the effort.

Not much you say other then... wow. :o

If there was a UN World Heritage Hikes list, this would be near the top.

3 months ago

Simpatico appuntamento annuale su tracciato di 7 14 e 21 Km, competitivo o ludico-motorio a cui partecipano sempre quasi un migliaio di persone. Si svolge sulle golene di SX Tagliamento tra i comuni di Flaibano e Dignano spingendosi quasi nel comune di Sedegliano verso Sud.
Il tracciato è ben curato, vario e si presta sia al running che walking or hikjing come pure a ippovia o montainbike.

3 months ago

L'ambiente golenale di Sx Tagliamento della mezza asta non si differenziano da Morsano al Tagliamento fino a Dignano. Ciò nonostante la golena di Sx idrografica del lungo tratto tra Dignano e Pannelia offre una cenosi vegetale e morfologica particolarmente omogenea che non si ripete neppure in Dx idrografica. La marcia annuale di San'Odorico al Tagliamento (San Durì in friulano), è l'unica frazione di Flaibano in Provincia di Udine.
Nel 2018 s'é svolta la 9^ edizione.

This app is hopeless, the maps won’t load even if you have pro.

trail running
4 months ago

Incredible hike! The whole thing is actually 32km long.. took me 6hrs to finish.. I confusing in some of the villages to find the right way.. I have the gpx file if anyone wants it.. email me at dagham67@gmail.com

This hike was a spur of the moment, the wife and I decided one morning to see how much ground we could cover. We are very active, in our minds it was fairly easy. There were some breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea but there was also a lot of time off the coast. Will do this again next time we are in the area, great way to breakup the gluttony of vacationing in Italy!

Great coastal trails with village stops!

4 months ago

Un giro turistico del Lago di Barcis che se fatto come da GPS ha pure una parte di buona difficoltà di percorso.
Molto scenico l'intero giro in giornata non piovosa e visita di due forre che si incontrano nel tragitto.
Consigliato dopo 2 giorni di percorsi di allenamento.
Punti storici di rilievo.

This is a beautiful stretch of coast all located in Liguria (not in Piedmont). Best in spring and autumn (but the sunsets in the winter may be magic).

5 months ago

The terrain is manageable by most people. There is nothing technical or hard but lots of ups and downs and steep sections. There’s were some people wearing walking sandals but a better choice would be to wear athletic shoes and definitely not flip flops. Some might find it difficult if doing the hike in one day. We started in Monterosso around 8 o clock in the morning to avoid the August heat. Remember to bring lots of water on a sunny summer day as many parts of the trail are not shaded. We made 30- 60 minutes stops in each town then took the train back to Monterosso. We regretted not spending more time in each town. This was one of the most beautiful hikes we have done with lovely views of the sea and grape vineyards along the way. As we proceeded along the trails we were treated with gorgeous views of each colourful towns as they came into sight.

excellent and fun

Fantastic hiking trail! breathtaking views and you can stop in all the town's to explore along the way. great day.

Well trafficked trail easier going south to north. Otherwise mostly uphill. Gorgeous vistas of the towns, terraces and sea. Do stop to take photos along the way. Don’t forget water and enjoy a cold adult beverage with lunch when you get to a town. Go early for less traffic and lower temps. If you are too tired to hike back, take the train.

Most beautiful hike I've ever done, it's a long day but we stopped in every city to explore before continuing. Loved the cat sanctuary!!!

Did this twice. It was amazing both times.

Great hike with my wife and kids. We hiked from Vernazza to Monterossa al Mare in March. Great views! My kids 11, 9, and 5 had a great time especially with the gelato reward at the end.

We started from Monterosso to Riomaggiore, a short section was closed when we hiked back in 2015. Beautiful hike through terrace of grape vines, scenic and colorful towns, churches, ancient towers. Great foods, yummy wines, and awesome experience. After completed the hike, the next day, we took boat trip from La Spezia to Monterosso, so we could see Cinque Terre from a far, spectacular views, well worth it.

Sections of the trail were closed when I hiked here in March 2016, so I only walked from Monterosso to Vernazza. I loved every bit of it. The colors of the water, the vineyards and terraced gardens, the boats, the sunny harbor and dark, narrow canyons of the village paths...

As good as it gets.

This was the best hike I have done in Italy

Monday, December 18, 2017

Loved this. Hiked only
Part of this and had to train to two of the cities. It is simply beautiful but quite a challenge both climbing uphill and steps and then rocky down. But worth the views completely. Very good. Would so
Do it again if I get to go back.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

A great hike and great scenery all the way from Monterosso to Riomagiorre. The leg from Monterosso to Vernazza could be quite challenging for some as there are literally 100s of stairs to climb. We had great weather and quite a warm day, so ensure you have water. The track was closed between Corniglia and Riomaggiore, but it is an incentive for us to go back and do it again!!! The picturesque villages are just a bonus along the way and there are plenty of photo opportunities.

Monday, September 11, 2017

It was an amazing day from motonrosso to corniglia(the rest was closed)! The weather was overcast and there was practically no one on the trails! It was nice to have steps but I was sore for days after this hike!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

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