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Glorious views, well maintained, nice variety - cliff, stream, oceanside - glad we did this off-season as it has many narrow spots.

27 days ago

We hiked this route starting from Manarola in 2.5 hours with our 40lb (18kg) packs on our backs. It was certainly challenging on the way up, but the views were stunning most of the way! Volstra is a small town that you'll pass through. It has a couple of convenience stores and small restaurants if you want to take a break. The markings can be a little confusing at times as there are many paths for the locals to get to their various grape vines. Just keep looking for the red and white stripes painted on various rocks and posts.

28 days ago

I would recommend this trail if you want to get fantastic views of the Mediterranean and the Cinque Terre. It was very strenuous until Volastra then it evens out with views of the sea and vineyards and olive groves. It took about 2 1/2 hours. Definitely worth it!

beautiful path among olive groves and woods of pines and holm oaks. easy hike, with ascent and descent.

great trail to walk not too testing, parts of the trail were closed off due to landslide. However we did manage to carefully get across. The weather was cloudy and wet which left the stone steps much to be desired for, when climbing up them and scrambling around to get a grip on something so you don't see your life flash before your eyes when there's a drop in the other side. Other then that it was exceptional with breathtaking views of Carnaglia and Varnazza which you could only get by taking this hike. Took us around a hour and 8 minutes to allow us to absorb the beauty that surrounded us. would definitely recommend just ensure you wear appropriate footwear and a walking stick would be ideal but not necessary.

Loved the Trail, has some good views for the sea. People were complaining about crowded people, well I didn't see anyone (Lucky Me). However before reaching Vernazza, found a closed road because falling rocks, I had to bypass that area easily and safely. Before that I had to find and alternative road which made me drift away from the city and toward the mountains. Anyway for people attempting the road its safe, just pass the warning sign and continue.

Easy trail with beautiful scenery. Crowded during tourist season, but worth the views.

Beautiful views. The weather was fantastic in August. Bring water.

I just arrived in Corniglia & I dragged my ~30-lb. suitcase up the 381 steps of the Scalinata Lardarina. One heck of an introduction to Cinque Terre!

We started from Monterosso to end up in Vernazza. It was absolutely beautiful. We ended up getting the day train pass from the Spezia train station which included the trail entrance fees. Definitely should wear good hiking shoes or tennis shoes. The first half was all up hills with lots of little stone stairs so if you have joint issues, might be a bit challenging. But you can take it leisurely so very doable. The views are spectacular of the sea and also the. Vineyard studded hill side. We made it to vernazza just before sunset. Stunning. No bathroom on the trail so go before. Would definitely recommend. Took us close to 3 hours because we went on a leisurely pace, stopping to take thousands of pictures. Bring plenty of water As well.

Amazing views! Great hike and easy to navigate. There are a LOT of large and unequal stairs/steps and my knees (whereas normally I'm advanced) ended up getting a major workout! But I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Absolutely amazing!

Spectacular views along the magnificent trail. It was quite strenuous coming into Monterroso, but worth the effort.

beautiful. arrived by ferry to vernazza. hiked to corneglia. had lunch and hiked back to vernazza. by then hike was elbow room only.

Really super trail but someone should have posted something about hunting season being open. Lots of shotguns heard along the way.

Not much you say other then... wow. :o

Many steps. Avoid too hot days

My favorite hike so far! Absolutely breath-taking views. I was in awe the entire time. It is definitely more strenuous than I thought, but very doable even for a novice hiker.

There are a lot of stairs on the Monterosso side. We went from Vernazza to Monterosso in October. Beautiful weather, bordering on a bit too warm. However, there is a lot of shade, and let's face it, you don't mind with those views!

trail starts by a blue house in Levanto. glorious views of the sea through out. lots of steps up and down on both ends of the trail.

The views you get on this hike are awesome. All the villages and the mostly untouched coastline makes for a unique experience.

Difficulty : Moderate, It can be steep at times but not the biggest struggle if fit. Walk to or from Monterosso with this hike to make a great days hike, with time in each village. Mod - Heav Traffic.


Trail is very beautiful though it can be quite rough and steep at times, though walked past plenty of people over 65+ and some were overweight walking this path so for most people it can be done. Add on as many other walks in this area to create a bigger hike, as I believe most people walk or have walked from Corniglia - Vernazza with this hike.

Moderate - Heavy Traffic, Moderate Difficulty


Beautiful! Wish I had my hiking poles with me.

If there was a UN World Heritage Hikes list, this would be near the top.

great hike. trail is very narrow in places. uneven terrain and stairs in numerous locations. I left Vernazza at 830am, when I arrived in Monterossa there was an attendant charging people for access to the trail. no attendant at Vernazza. I have no idea if you hike early it's free or I just got lucky. the climb from Monterossa is very, very steep and long.

It’s definitely a challenging trail.

This app is hopeless, the maps won’t load even if you have pro.

7 months ago

Sooo many stairs! So worth it! We did the hike from Corniglia to Manarola and the climb was steep at the beginning but a much steeper decent into Manarola. Beautiful views, patches of shady forest, gorgeous vineyards and olive groves.

Incredible views throughout! Definitely not for the faint of heart or those wearing flip-flops. You will sweat. A lot. Bring water, wear sturdy shoes or better yet hiking boots. Bring a few euros for a chance encounter with an 80 year-old man selling fresh squeezed orange juice and grapes along the way!

Gorgeous views and oftentimes shaded paths. There's a fair amount of climbing stairs both up and down and uneven ground so I definitely recommend hiking boots or good sneakers. There's a path down to the sea partway along.

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