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Beatific! Especially at sunset.

Amazing views from the summit, but the last hour to reach it seems very long (very climb trail)

mountain biking
5 months ago

Not too easy with mountain biking. many stones and steep climbs. halfway through the road the road is blocked by brambles.

fantastic place

5 months ago

Un giro turistico del Lago di Barcis che se fatto come da GPS ha pure una parte di buona difficoltà di percorso.
Molto scenico l'intero giro in giornata non piovosa e visita di due forre che si incontrano nel tragitto.
Consigliato dopo 2 giorni di percorsi di allenamento.
Punti storici di rilievo.

Absolutely beautiful hike. It's quite easy but still surprsingly varied. Obviously, lots of people (we were there at 9am already, and almost all parking lots were taken). Be aware that when parking lots are full, there will be police who will not let you get anywhere close to the lake, and if we understood it correctly, entry is actually blocked from 10.30am-2pm. So definitely either go there in the morning or evening.

Fantastisch. Vooral het ommetje langs de koeien.

Beautiful scenic trail, short difficult climbs but well worth the effort. Have a beer at the Rifugios to take in the views. Many short offshoot trails to explore. 30€/vehicle for toll road to parking lot or 8€/person for the bus, bus was big and looked to be able to transport everyone waiting. 0,20€ for bathroom at Rifugio. Coming from years of living in the flatlands of Texas and not training for hiking at all prior to this trip, I found this trail to be easy to moderate, definitely not difficult with a decent base level of fitness (friend did this without problems while carrying a 15 kilo child on his back).

Brilliant walk

on Cellina Gorge

6 months ago

The trail leads through the forest and half of it leads through a canyon. Instead of going through the canyon you can also decide walk back on the road. To walk through the canyon you need to purchase a ticket and wear a hardhat. There's also an optional "train" that will take you through the canyon.
The woodland trail is decent, some place are a bit slippery/muddy, so proper shoes are recommended.
The canyon path is all flat and very easy to walk. Parking near lake Barcis can be a bit difficult as it is very busy during the weekend and summer.

First off my fellow hikers please do not follow my map! My GPS tracking looks like I’m a caged mouse scurrying around looking for her cheese! I couldn’t even find the gelato store when I got off the Ferry in Varenna

Amazing views. Definitely a must see. You can get different views all the time during the hike. At the end you can catch the bus so no need to go back on the trail.

A splendid little hike. Very easy, Suitable for all ages and skill levels. There were a couple place that appeared to be trail closures, but it didn't appear to be serious and everybody was moving through unimpeded. Make sure to try your hand at skipping rocks from the rocky beaches, my record was 5!

Walked around the lake in early June. Beautiful and easy hike. You could see the reflection of the mountains nearby very clearly on the pristine waters. Absolutely magnificent. Suitable for children, elderly. Dog friendly.

nature trips
8 months ago

10 months ago

I did this trail completely by accident April 2017 and never recorded. An annual voluntary event at Lake Garda is the 40 mile (65 KM) / 12 hour COL Darby Challenge.

The COL Darby challenge started in the city of Peschiera del Garda and goes through the cities of Mattarana, Lazise, Pai, Malcesine, and ended in Torbole.

The Uploaded pictures are along the city of Malcesine but the entire 40 mile route on the eastern side of Garda looks similarly amazing.

In a nutshell, this trail was absolutely remarkable. During my 40 mile hike, I stopped in Malcesine to get a beer and something to eat… I wish I remembered the name of the bar because it was awesome.

If you wish to do this 18 mile hike, definitely do it because it’s gorgeous. But I recommend doing the entire hike along Lake Garda… It is the best and took me less than 11 hours with several beer stops… It was pretty much a 40 mile long pub crawl! Just don’t get drunk and you should be fine!

trail running
11 months ago

Ran on the Greenway path two mornings in a row from our Air bnb in Ossuccio on Lake Como. The path is fantastic and well marked by signs in many places. Most of the path is flat along the lake shore but part of it goes up above the lake into the foothill neighborhoods by a big church and then back down to the lake shore. Beautiful views the whole way, lots of birds, and you pass through one cool small village after another on the lake from start to finish. Wubba lubba dub dub!

11 months ago

Short walk from the stunning views at the top of the Pigra cablecar is the Belvedere lookout. Easy walk through town then through some woods to a bench and picnic table at the lookout.

11 months ago

Hiked up to Castle Vezio from the main square of Varenna where the ferry docks. Short but steep walk up starting among the restaurants downtown up past some residences up the hill and further up next to some woods until you reach the top of the hill where the castle is. Tickets are 4 euro per person and you can walk around the whole castle which isn't huge but the views are spectacular looking south at Bellagio and the split of lake Como. Amazing views of the lake and surrounding mountains. Very cool spot and did the whole journey from the ferry up and back down in less than an hour to catch the boat back to our next destination.

Monday, October 16, 2017

beautiful views all the way up!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Interessante circuito chiuso per naturalisti, botanici, selvicultori, geografi e geologi. Infatti ci sono elementi di forte considerazione che interessano le relative specialità di cui sopra.
In particolare le due lacualità dono vecchie formazioni intramoreniche di un chiacciao di 15.000 fa e con due testimoni di eccellenza come il Masso Giulio Andrea Pirona ( botanico e geologo) e Giovanni Marinelli che si trovano sul versante Nord del gobba morenica tra i due laghi: I due Massi sono erratici e lo testimoniano la parete Sud del Pirona completamente abrasa dalla spinta del ghiaccio ( 30.000 mc' il più grande masso erratico delle Alpi) e la parete Nord del Marinelli co spigoli vivi non abrasi dal rotolamento o dai balzi.
I sentieri sono ampiamente segnalati e possono essere pericolosi quelli in vicinanza dei laghi nelle stagioni intermedie e pure pericolosi in estate nei giorni umidi o piovosi per l'eccesso di radici superficiali fortemente abrase dai visitatori.
Il tratto suggerito si diparte da un comodo parcheggio evitando il fortissimo traffico e percheggi esauriti nelle piazzole limitrofe dei laghi.
In etate si possono trovare anche 1000-2000 persone per giorno.

Amazing hike .. views from the top are breathtaking. Take lots of water

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

This is a super easy hike and has unreal views. It involved 3 modes of transportation for us that day. We walked down the street from our hotel to the gondola station. We took that to the top, which involved getting off the first one and on another. Then we walked the Via del Pan trail all the way to Lake Fedaia. Then it was a bus ride back to town. What an awesome day and the views of the Dolomites of Northern Italy from here are amazing. The Marmolada glacier is right across the valley the whole way. Many different mountain groups can be seen along this trail too. All part of the Dolomite section of the Italian Alps. When we arrived at the lake, we walked across the street and had a couple cold ones while we waited for the bus. This was our first hike in Northern Italy, and it was great. Hope to return some day and explore other areas.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Was a great hike up to the mountain crest trails. You start out in a little bit of forest paralleling a creek. Eventually you hit a little meadow then a larger valley area with beautiful scenery. Then you hit some switch backs to make your way all the way up the hill side. I then hit the trail 349 and went up through the saddle and down into the basin where there was one of the 3 lakes. Then continued onto the second smaller lake and hit trail 339 and made my way back to the trailhead in Malga Valmaggiore. I would recommend this to get away from everyone. When driving up there watch out for logging trucks on the very tight road. In some case you might have to back up to a turnout spot to allow the oncoming car to get by.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

You start out in a little dairy "town". This hike leads up to 3 nice and relaxing lakes. Great little day hike. There are plenty of routes that loop back to the trailhead if you want to make it longer. I would recommend going from trail 339 to 349.

on Lago di Sorapis

1 month ago

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