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Arad, Southern District HaDarom Map
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4 months ago

Short hike, great view. Better to do early morning, before it gets too hot.

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5 months ago

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7 months ago

10 months ago

I did a self-supported race summiting Masada via the Snake Path 9x through the early morning to afternoon. This route is arduous, but fulfilling whether you are hiking up/down one time or multiple. 9x will give you just over 10k ft of ascent or 3,050 meters and about 25 miles or 40 kilometers. If you want the real experience, forgo the gondola ride all together. For ultra runners and those in mountain running, this is a technical, mostly single-track course that's more like stair climbing than running trail as its composed largely of stone steps. For the gravel sections, it's loose stone with embankments you can use to your advantage. You don't want to fall on the downhill on this trail as the risk of injury is real. I made the mistake of going out too hard and did not use poles on the first 4 trips. This caused my legs muscles everywhere to lock up for the remainder of the day so if you're make a serious workout out of this, slow and steady with spot on nutrition and hydration is a requirement. FYI, you'll burn through electrolytes as it's dry and hot here. Miscellaneous: - Have your receipt for the entry to the trail handy as you'll be asked for it nearly each trip - if you want to get in additional running, but more flat, try running from the trail entry to park entry- it's a long road but not flat. For zero grade I went to Arad and ran alongside the Dead Sea in town to finish my miles. - this is a very special place to run...the views are unique and beautiful - the Dead Sea couldn't be a better place to soak your legs in afterward, I had zero swelling the morning after...just start early enough so you can get into the sea before dark

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11 months ago

Masada hike - Israel IE with Yale SOM

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Wed Feb 13 2019

Sat Dec 29 2018

Awesome experience!

Wed Nov 21 2018

Short. Heavy Traffic. Nice climb

Wed Oct 31 2018

amazing trail, went on it downhill in 90 degree weather. took about 35 minutes

Sat Sep 15 2018

Great place for a full-moon night hike. No flashlights needed! The moon lights up the entire desert and all the canyons

Tue Aug 28 2018

Worth every step. Take extra water and a hat- all sun.

Sun Jul 15 2018

Amazing hike! You must go before sunrise

Fri Jul 06 2018

Just completed this loop last week. Trail is not well marked to start from either Roman Ramp or snake path, but once you are on the trail it is well marked. Starting from the snake path you start like you are going up the snake path like everyone else, as the mountain's plain begins to get give way to the rocky sides of the moutain you see a wide path to the right, it is just inside the borders of the ancient roman wall. This is where you turn. There are no markers here, but as long as you are going along parallel to ancient roman wall you know you are on the right trail. Soon you will see a marker identifying with the red and white markings. Keeping going until you see the turn to the green and white marked stones, this is where you ascend around the northern side of Masada and see Herod's winter palace above you. The turn is just at the roman camp "D". This is a well marked trail, climbing upward, with hand holds on ocasion, constatnly climbing up. Eventually you level off just east and below the modern concert seating used for outdoor concerts under the stars. You should end up right at the base of the roman ramp, but you need to go opposite of the flow of people going up the roman ramp, back towards the parking lot for several meters and look for the red and white marked train. It is just west of the water storage shed and can take a few minutes to find, once again this area is not well marked. Walk along and then Climb up the red and white trail which takes you up the back side of Ma'ale Eleazar. There is a little bit of loose rock and scree, but fairly manageable. As you ascend you will crest at the junction with the black and white trail. Turn left here and walk along the crest of Mt Eleazar with views of Masada to your left and the Dead Sea and Jordan in front of you. As you walk along the black and white trail you will come to a sign that warns of a dangerous descent. This is the hardest park of the trail. However if take your time and are deliberate with your footing this will be no problem. The trail is obvious, but it is steep with jagged rocks and some scree. Just don't rush this part of the trail and you will be fine. At the bottom you will be at the bus ramp for the visitors center. Walk in and reward yourself with a cold drink. I did this trail in July, but we started at 5:00 and were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise on the trail. I am 56 and my wife is 51 and we did the trail in 3 hours and 10 minutes. There is water in the roman ramp parking lot and visitors center at snake path, otherwise there is absolutely no water. We brought 3 liters each and it was plenty for the entire trail, didn't need to fill up. Unless you have hiked in the desert before and are comfortable with the environment don't hike this in the summer. Temperatures can get 100-110 degrees Farenheit. The hike is really amazing and gives you a different perspective of Masada. The canyons that trail off the sides around them are very beautiful. The lighting and views are spectacular. This is an "A+" hike.

Tue Jun 26 2018


Sun Mar 25 2018

Awesome short duration intense hike. If you have not hiked or been active take the gondola instead. Take one or more water up with you and the same amount goi ng down. If planning to walk down after hiking up be sure to take a good break of 60 minutes. I made it up in 31 and down in 21. I took one shade/water break early and a few quick water breaj s up, sat with a man for a minute who almost turned back about 2/3 of the way butf I heard he finished after an hour. it was about 95*F when I hiked Mesada. I'd love to do it again some day. Be ready, and if hiking back down be sure footed and know your quads will get a good workout. Bring water!

Amazing track

Thu Dec 14 2017

I just returned from Israel and hiking this trail was on my bucket list. I had a difficult time convincing my group leader that I was trained and had prepared well to climb Masada. He tried to get me to ride the cable car up and hike down, which I refused this option. Hiking down is much more difficult and dangerous for me. I’m 62 yrs young and its too hard on my hips and knees! It was breathtaking with views of the Dead Sea that are spectacular. This hike would be grueling in the summer heat, and the worst part for me was it is totally sun exposed with no shade. I took my worship flags with me and I flagged all the way up Masada, praying for the peace of Israel and protection for the Jews. I’m grateful for the opportunity. I will definitely hike it again when I return!

Mon Jul 10 2017

Current favorite trail I've done. I went, mistakenly, at midday which made it that much harder, but the ruins at the top make it very worthwhile. Took the tram down.

Tue Jun 27 2017

Beautiful for sunrise hike!!

Sun May 14 2017

Done in 35min, start early

Fri Apr 28 2017

I did this hike 2 years ago on a spur the moment decision. I was waiting in line to go up the tram and 2 of my friends decided they were going to hike it so I decided to join them. I had never hiked any kind of mountain previously. I would say that at this time I was not in the best shape and I struggled a lot with this climb. I completed it and was so proud of myself. I will be returning in 4 months and am hoping to do this again. I am in much better shape now than I was then.

Sun Apr 23 2017

Great views.

Sun Feb 19 2017

The hike was hard and the heat was about 102 but it was so worth it. I'd do it again in a heart beat. The views, the culture, there's nothing like it.

Wed Oct 19 2016

Truly a spectacular hike site for views and for culture. The hike isn't terribly long, but it is rather vertical, so young children are certainly discouraged and no pets. The top is completely open so if you're going in the summer (even arriving for sunrise) please be aware it is very warm and be sure to bring water. There are place on top to refill them. Highly recommended if you have the time.

Wed Aug 17 2016

hard but so worth it

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Sat Jul 02 2016


Thu Jul 30 2015

07/24/2015 - Hiking up Masada at sunrise has been on my bucket list for over a decade. It was a thrill to be able to do it. The path consists of a number of switchbacks that make it's way up 350 meters over 2 km. It's a tough climb in the heat. Even at 5:30 AM it was hot, so doing this hike in the winter would make it much easier. The reward at the top overlooking the Dead Sea to Jordan and the surrounding desert make this location a dream. Learn about the history of the site before going and the reward is much greater. More on my hiking blog at cairnguru.com

26 days ago

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