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Nice easy trail. Great for kids to walk and explore safely. Great views on a fine day.

So beautiful lovely walk/hike. Gets steep for a bit beautiful view of Killarney a ways up. Waterfall is stunning

20 days ago

This is a lovely, easy trail which leads to a picturesque waterfall amidst the Comeragh Mountains. Upon arriving to the falls, you can scramble your way up the rocks and steep hillsides to the top of the falls and enjoy gorgeous views of the surrounding landscape.

Great hiking
One side( right) steep and a little more difficult , but we’re protect from the hard wind .
Going down , on a easier way . Also rainy , partially fog and windy day. But worth a lot the gorgeous journey .
It’s possible to do the hiking just t’ll the lakes , around 2h round trip .

Perfect moderate trail that includes the famous cardiac steps at the start abs opens up to a lovely view of the lakes. Also includes a forest trail.

Excellent hike. Not too strenuous.

Beautiful views of rugged terrain and herds of sheep throughout the hike.

2 months ago

Short trail but the waterfall is beautiful!

I did the blue walking loop , fairly easy small up and down but nice stroll through the woodlands

3 months ago

Awesome, steep, great views from the get go!

amazing trail but if you are an outdoor enthousiast prepare to, stop and queue a lot and be constantly surrendered by tourists.

I would recommand doing it in low season and on week days.

amazing trail but if you are an outdoor enthousiast prepare to, stop and queue a lot and be constantly surrendered by tourists.

I would recommand doing it in low season and on week days.

Beautiful hike and really worth it! Views over the Killarney lakes from the top are amazing.

If you are a good hiker and used to going up mountains/volcanoes, this hike is fairly easy. A lot of loose rocks, so better not to do it in wet weather and better to do it with trekking poles, but nothing that feels like a strong workout.
And I’d say, taking your time, being careful with the terrain and with good gear, really accessible to all sorts of hikers.

very good quiet area

Unquestionably my favourite trail in Dublin. Rain or shine, summer or winter. However, best in summer when Deer park forest is in full blossom. Also a great trail to pick magic mushrooms in October. Not a hard trail, no need to dress like an astronaut! Wonderful cliff jumps into the sea near the Bailey lighthouse and great cliff fishing spots as you get close to Howth village. Suitable to run, not cycle.

Amazing hike. I did this hike with my boyfriend, both of us are quite serious outdoorsy people and love Ireland (he's from IE) so this was a great trip for the two of us. Whole thing took about 4 hours, we went during a hurricane last October, it was stormy but dry on ascent, just before summit it started pouring and didn't stop for the duration. Be prepared to scramble, climb and get soaked.

Rain wear, hiking boots and hiking poles are advised.

A really nice hike that is mixed between Road & Track. As a family we have done this dozens of times. Plenty of rest/picnic areas. Now it’s tough in parts but all in all a nice few hours out. Beautiful scenery of Dingle, Rossbeigh, Glenbeigh & Glencar. Aged 6plus for tired legs. Not a busy route either! Enjoy this

4 months ago

This is a nice walking trail. It is an easy walk and beautiful views.

Amazing views from the top. Steady upwards drag with a bit of a “hike” at the very last part. So uncrowded it’s hard to believe.

4 months ago

It’s a nice easy hike that is beautiful & easy on the foot. Not a very busy route at all, which makes it even better. The views are unreal at the top!

rain was forecasted for early morning so I decided to leave at 1. headed off through the woods, the road splits with signposts both way, I swung back to the right and continued until I met the open scrub land. crossed over the fence and headed off up the spur of Slieve. tough ascent, most of the elevation gained is getting up here. stopped 3/4 times to catch my breath and kicked on again. I tried to keep to the left side of this spur so I would get some shelter from the winds coming in from the west. you should see a cairn near the top. crush will be directly to you're left at this point. continue along and you'll catch a path which after a few hundred metres you'll see a wall to your right. great place to get some shelter if needed for a few minutes. once you get along this wall it's a gentle pull up compared to what you've come from. be careful not to go to far to the left there is a nice drop down to the lake curragh. once up the top I had a quick coffee and a little stop for a few snaps. met two guys up there who had travelled from the opposite direction, since the weather was good I pushed on to galtybeg. if the weather was bad I would defo head back down the way I came. after descending down galtybeg and veering off to the left before cush towards the forest. I had to cross one or two little streams before I met a little steps over a fence back into the forest. to backtrack a little, after descending galtybeg I would be warn ppl to be very careful, I thought it was very difficult. it made me glad I choose my initial route and if I was to it again I would go up and come back the way I came, i just feel that a simple slip and you could do a ankle EASY!! I slipped on my bum and I slid at least 10 feet and the mountain was very dry today. it would be a nightmare to try come down when the weather closes in or if it rain. good hike on the whole with of course great views of Tipp cork waterford and limerick. back to the car at clydagh bridge by 5.30. 2 up and 2 and half back but that's taking in a traverse over to galtybeg!

Beautiful views of waterfall and wildlife.

4 months ago

went from carlingford to long woman's grave. walked up over sleive foye. great views of the bay and the Mourne mountains. trekked over to long woman's grave. bit of a climb in places. very boggy but best of views

Doll face was used

Beautiful landscape and spectacular trail !

This is not a moderate trail. The hiking is intense with probably 1 to 2 miles of flat terrain. Pack plenty of water for the 5 hour trek and wear good hiking boots. A couple of sandwiches and etc. is also a good idea. The payoff is breathtaking vistas of emerald pastures and blue lakes. . Also enjoyed mingling with the cows and horses along the way. Beware of electric fences on the first part of the hike. And if one enjoys blackberries, there wee an abundance along the route. I give this a thumbs up and 5 Stars.

4 months ago

Lovely scenic and varied walk. Starts in native woodland and opens to coastal path with views of the old head of Kinsale. Ends in lovely Courtmacsherry, home of a historic lifeboat and several nice cafes.

Great views if you’re lucky with weather. Took us four hours. Rescue helicopter came and pulled someone off of mountain while we were finishing.

4 months ago

Great views.

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