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2 days ago

It isn't really a trail - it was a walk down an asphalt road with no sidewalk or shoulder. Speed limit is 50 mph on parts and 35 on some. It wasnt that safe considering the road is a typical Ireland road where 2 cars can barely pass each other. There is one part off the road where you walk a trail through a meadow to a castle and that part was pretty.
Oh and there is no loop. It is in and back unless you walk through private property.

3 days ago

Awesome, steep, great views from the get go!

Loved this hike, hard for some like me but not difficult. Defo want to do it again.

3 days ago

Pram friendly relaxing easy walk.

excellent hike. stunning views. clear enough paths to follow, but can be steep at parts. would suggest some / good level of fitness. So worth it.

À noter que la portion du centre des visiteurs jusqu’à Doolin était fermée aujourd’hui. Pour combien de temps ? Il faudrait vérifier..

Je suis partie de Liscannor pour me rendre jusqu’à Doolin.
J’ai débuté la randonnée vers 9h. Il n’y avait personne d’autre que moi.
Évidemment, rendu au centre des visiteurs, c’est bondé de touristes mal habillés et mal chaussés pour la température d’Irlande.
C’était super beau, mais oh combien haut. Malgré que je suivais la piste, je trouvais ça proche du bord certaines fois. Vous aurez compris qu’il ne faut vraiment pas avoir le vertige. La portion du centre des visiteurs à Doolin était malheureusement fermée.

Brilliant hike. Ancient church ruins and graveyard, hill climb in well maintained wooded paths, high open terrain with plunging and rocky views, ruined mine works, rocky stream, pretty lakes, leafy flat woodsy stroll, and boardwalk around enclosed meadows.

Loved the hike! The scrambling up the rocks are not too extreme although you should be in decent shape/athletic. The day started off clear with blue skies and it was beautiful. At the peak the clouds had rolled in. We hiked up the scramble rocks, made it to the peak, and on the decent we walked down a little ways, walked along the ridge (pretty narrow) and down the switchback. I recommend this as your plan. Great beautiful hike!!

The city views are nice in the first hour but the best part is after the traffic noise from the m50 subsides. I was actually shocked how audible it was and for how far. I would also add a word of caution for the very last stretch is on a main road with no foot path. I found that very stressful especially with a dog in tow. When you’re in the middle though it is spectacular. I would do it again, maybe figure out a different way of getting back.
I did it in five hours including two stops for a cuppa! one of which was in a lovely cafe just before the precarious bit of road.

amazing trail but if you are an outdoor enthousiast prepare to, stop and queue a lot and be constantly surrendered by tourists.

I would recommand doing it in low season and on week days.

amazing trail but if you are an outdoor enthousiast prepare to, stop and queue a lot and be constantly surrendered by tourists.

I would recommand doing it in low season and on week days.

Very pretty. After hiking we stopped at a place in town to eat and watched surfers!

We parked our rental at the northern end of the trail and took a shuttle to the southern end (7 euro per person, it’s completely worth it). Absolutely beautiful trail. The southern portion is very maintained, safe, and easy enough for virtually all skill levels (without physical limitations). As stated by others, the closer you are the visitors center, the more crowded it becomes. As we proceeded to head north from the visitors center, the crowd dissipates and the views are incredible. Unfortunately, due to more recent landslides, it becomes somewhat questionable/frightening at times (it was also intermittently raining, typical for Ireland, making it more slippery at times). Taking the trail from north to south would increase the difficulty, as it would be more of an incline than what we experienced starting at the southern end.

We part of this trail in Aug’18. This is a beautiful walk. We didn’t do the entire thing due to weather but it was well worth getting a bit wet. Definitely recommend it if weather permits. I would go back just to do it again. PS the further you go the fewer tourists...they start to dwindle / turn back...at least when we were there. Make sure you wear the right clothing and shoes as well.

Did the trail with three kids (7-13) while on vacation, so not ideal gear. Took us about 2.5 to get up and 2 to come down but the kids felt a great sense of accomplishment. Ankle high boots would have been great, but it’s definitely better with shoes that have a firmer sole. My trail runners were fine but the softer road shoes were not ideal.

beautiful! managed to catch the sunset as well! a must!

Beautiful hike and really worth it! Views over the Killarney lakes from the top are amazing.

If you are a good hiker and used to going up mountains/volcanoes, this hike is fairly easy. A lot of loose rocks, so better not to do it in wet weather and better to do it with trekking poles, but nothing that feels like a strong workout.
And I’d say, taking your time, being careful with the terrain and with good gear, really accessible to all sorts of hikers.

would call it more moderate-hard due to several difficult stone sections with difficult footing.

views from the top and even on the way up are very good in good weather

Wonderfull views & the winds felt amazing. Short but intense a great way to get warmed up for the other Wicklow Trails.

My favourite walk, anywhere.

very good quiet area

27 days ago

Break away to the north from the 500m mark and make your way along the cliff top. Cross the river that feeds Lough Tay at 300m (for an especially beautiful river crossing) and make a B line to the peak at Djouce (for a singular view of Wicklow and Dublin). Then follow the boardwalk (sleepers) back to the car park. A long walk but beautiful. Maybe 6 hours all in all with breaks. Tired legs.

Unquestionably my favourite trail in Dublin. Rain or shine, summer or winter. However, best in summer when Deer park forest is in full blossom. Also a great trail to pick magic mushrooms in October. Not a hard trail, no need to dress like an astronaut! Wonderful cliff jumps into the sea near the Bailey lighthouse and great cliff fishing spots as you get close to Howth village. Suitable to run, not cycle.

We did nice family walk. On half way and we have been stop by one very rude ranger. Walking with river is not allowed. This all is private property. the only paths are the black one on map. do not use thos trail if you dont want to have problems!

I love this walk and do it as often as possible.

1 month ago

Great hike! My boyfriend and I did the entire thing in about 3.5 hours. We went up the chute and down the switchbacks considering it was very stormy throughout the entire hike. If you are a strong hiker you won't need poles and it is a very laid back approach and you will want your hands for the chute. For the chute, we didn't encounter anything that appeared treacherous though I can see people getting in trouble if they aren't wearing enough layers as it got really cold especially as we approached the top. A good rain jacket, rain pants, and gloves are what I would recommend above everything else.

Amazing hike. I did this hike with my boyfriend, both of us are quite serious outdoorsy people and love Ireland (he's from IE) so this was a great trip for the two of us. Whole thing took about 4 hours, we went during a hurricane last October, it was stormy but dry on ascent, just before summit it started pouring and didn't stop for the duration. Be prepared to scramble, climb and get soaked.

Rain wear, hiking boots and hiking poles are advised.

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