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Short trail but the waterfall is beautiful!

I did the blue walking loop , fairly easy small up and down but nice stroll through the woodlands

Amazing hike! Tough one but worth it. And more signs would be helpful, especially in foggy weather you can otherwise get lost easily.
WATCH OUT: The navigation is misleading though - at the first intersection, do not stick with the signs for the loop (left) but stay west (right) of the river. If you follow the recorded navigation, you will end up in a muddy swamp-like area in between both official trails. The way up to the mountain then has no signs but leaves it up to you to figure it out...

Beautiful hike and really worth it! Views over the Killarney lakes from the top are amazing.

If you are a good hiker and used to going up mountains/volcanoes, this hike is fairly easy. A lot of loose rocks, so better not to do it in wet weather and better to do it with trekking poles, but nothing that feels like a strong workout.
And I’d say, taking your time, being careful with the terrain and with good gear, really accessible to all sorts of hikers.

Amazing hike. I did this hike with my boyfriend, both of us are quite serious outdoorsy people and love Ireland (he's from IE) so this was a great trip for the two of us. Whole thing took about 4 hours, we went during a hurricane last October, it was stormy but dry on ascent, just before summit it started pouring and didn't stop for the duration. Be prepared to scramble, climb and get soaked.

Rain wear, hiking boots and hiking poles are advised.

1 month ago

This is simply a MUST DO for anybody in Kerry that’s looking for a beautiful walk in the most amazing scenery. The horses, walkers, runners & busy route just make this hike/walk better. It’s an all tarmac walk so good runners & water is all one needs. Enjoy

rain was forecasted for early morning so I decided to leave at 1. headed off through the woods, the road splits with signposts both way, I swung back to the right and continued until I met the open scrub land. crossed over the fence and headed off up the spur of Slieve. tough ascent, most of the elevation gained is getting up here. stopped 3/4 times to catch my breath and kicked on again. I tried to keep to the left side of this spur so I would get some shelter from the winds coming in from the west. you should see a cairn near the top. crush will be directly to you're left at this point. continue along and you'll catch a path which after a few hundred metres you'll see a wall to your right. great place to get some shelter if needed for a few minutes. once you get along this wall it's a gentle pull up compared to what you've come from. be careful not to go to far to the left there is a nice drop down to the lake curragh. once up the top I had a quick coffee and a little stop for a few snaps. met two guys up there who had travelled from the opposite direction, since the weather was good I pushed on to galtybeg. if the weather was bad I would defo head back down the way I came. after descending down galtybeg and veering off to the left before cush towards the forest. I had to cross one or two little streams before I met a little steps over a fence back into the forest. to backtrack a little, after descending galtybeg I would be warn ppl to be very careful, I thought it was very difficult. it made me glad I choose my initial route and if I was to it again I would go up and come back the way I came, i just feel that a simple slip and you could do a ankle EASY!! I slipped on my bum and I slid at least 10 feet and the mountain was very dry today. it would be a nightmare to try come down when the weather closes in or if it rain. good hike on the whole with of course great views of Tipp cork waterford and limerick. back to the car at clydagh bridge by 5.30. 2 up and 2 and half back but that's taking in a traverse over to galtybeg!

Beautiful views of waterfall and wildlife.

Doll face was used

This is not a moderate trail. The hiking is intense with probably 1 to 2 miles of flat terrain. Pack plenty of water for the 5 hour trek and wear good hiking boots. A couple of sandwiches and etc. is also a good idea. The payoff is breathtaking vistas of emerald pastures and blue lakes. . Also enjoyed mingling with the cows and horses along the way. Beware of electric fences on the first part of the hike. And if one enjoys blackberries, there wee an abundance along the route. I give this a thumbs up and 5 Stars.

2 months ago

Nice scenery but share the road with cars and horse carriages

We started through the gap and back over the mountain tops. The views are astonishing and really worth the climb.

Navigation was pretty difficult since I'm used to well marked routes (like in the dolomites or triglav national park). This one isn't market at all. At an easy pace and a few walks off the path it took us 6h. Use of GPS or map and compass are recommended.

Great views if you’re lucky with weather. Took us four hours. Rescue helicopter came and pulled someone off of mountain while we were finishing.

2 months ago

Great views.

this walk is in glencar Sligo /letirim boarder and nowhere near manor Hamilton

2 months ago

Beautiful walk

Ahhhh, the faeries, no doubt!

Beautifull nature, only thing that is missing are marked trails

Great outing. I did it in clockwise direction starting at castle Donovan. Road first and then up the hill. Very well signposted. Top is exposed and boggy but great views. Took me 2.5 hours to do loop but allow 3 hours for relaxed walk with stops etc. Road section back down hill to castle Donovan has plenty of black berries to eat in august!

One of the best hikes I’ve ever done!

Tough trail. You'll want to be confident in your hand and foot work for this trail. Ideally, wait for the weather to turn clear on the mountain - we went on a cloudy day and it was all wet above Devil's ladder.

The ladder isn't especially difficult for a seasoned scrambler, but it's high consequence due to the exposure, and can easily become soaked in rainy or cloudy conditions. Be very careful and choose your descent path on the ladder well.

Pack or wear a rain jacket and a lunch for the summit, since you'll want to leave early. Dogs not welcome on this trail.

trail running
4 months ago

Loose stone trail up with nice views from the top. A good leg opener for any trail runners going on to tackle Tountinna from the Graves of the Leinstermen side. Always freezing here in winter!

trail running
4 months ago

Mix of grass & stone trail with lovely views of the river Shannon, hydro electric canal and disused navigation canals. Relaxing, easy, flat trail with refreshments in Clonlara!

Nice well paved river path that brings you close to the city centre with lovely bird viewing. Continue along O'Callahan Strand for duck & swan viewing & feeding, great for the kids, and onto Clancy's strand for the Treaty stone, King John's Castle and other historical sights.

4 months ago

This hike was incredible.

The trails are confusing, so hopefully I can help a bit. The trail shown on the above map is if you walk from the town if Killarney. If you drive to the upper lot of the falls, you have a few options.
Torc Mountain Waterfall has 3 main routes.
Yellow (easy/shortest)
Blue (moderate)
Red (longest and most difficult)
I did the red, which also includes part of the yellow and blue.
Red is a 3 mile loop that took me about and hour and 20 minutes (with photo stops). It is a big downhill potion towards the lake, then you follow the lake for a bit, then you hit the locally named “Cardiac Steps”. It is about 1 mile of straight up, switchback, rock staircase. I am from Colorado, USA and these are steep. Many steps were at knee height.
After that you follow the ridge back to the car lot. Incredible views (I could not have asked for a clearer day) shady most of the way, and absolutely breathtaking.
One of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever done. Unfortunately you cannot summit from here, you have to do the Torc Mountain trail for that, but you get plenty high!

Lovely scenic walk, easy trail.

This was an amazing hike with beautiful views. You need to make sure that you are prepared physically and mentally for this hike. It is difficult--take your time and stay safe! I definitely underestimated the amount of loose rocks.

We also sawany mountian rescue vehicles and the Irish coast guard out during out hike to rescue someone.

Amazing way to explore city.

5 months ago

Challenging trail but completely do able. Views from the top are the best reward. Will do again.

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