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Tried this trail on Sunday day morning as a familyof three. We liked the trail in general but because of dirt and moisture on the tracks, we only managed a part of the loop of around 4km. We definitely will be back in dryer weather.

4 months ago

Excellent trail with lovely views of the lake and river along the way!! January made it a bit muddy and wet in places but overall warmly recommended!! Note comments on parking!! We had the same difficulties finding white sands car park and ended up on a road less travelled!!!

brilliant walk

6 months ago

lovely walk. when weather is right .

7 months ago

Nice Trail but make sure to find the correct area to get on to the trail if not use to the area. We eventually found the white sands entrance and went from there. Be careful as the water level can be quiet high and some of the path extremely difficult to pass. But nice little hike all the same.

9 months ago

lovely walk! great views

road biking
10 months ago

Cycled on a gravel bike from The convention centre Dublin to Maynooth. Nice path as far as Ashton and then the real fun starts for a few km. proper forest like tracks with roots and rocks in the muck. Once past Deep Sinking it is gravel and grass.

on Carrauntoohil Loop

11 months ago

Brilliant hike that offers the opportunity to hone in skills on various surfaces/trail types. Anything from an easy stroll entering from Cronin’s Yard to challenging scrambles up Devil’s ladder and sustained incline to the peak. Once in the saddle before ascending to Carrauntoohil, there is a magnificent drop to the Bridia and Black valleys. On top I had 360 view just below the cloud bank— which moved in at great speed. Coming down the zigzags you need a good head for heights and the vertigo pull. Good level of fitness needed especially on the descent that puts strain on your knees and ankles on the loose rocky terrain. Good ankle support boots that are waterproof can help navigate boggy marshes to rocky ruts. My hiking poles came in handy as I twisted my knee coming down and had to lean heavily on my poles to get down safely.

The way is like a gift, everything is beautiful, the lakes, the stone wall, I advise to start by the lake curra the prospects are more interesting in this direction.

Moderate if your physically fit it's quiet a hike to the lake definitely take the short cut no need to be martyrs

Fri May 24 2019

no shade
off trail
Thu May 23 2019

Very hard. Very worth it. Make sure you have proper footwear and lots of water. Also a snack is advisable. If you are afraid of heights...don't even consider this hike. 6 to 7 hour hike. Be prepared for any and all types of weather. Soooooo worth the climb on a clear day. Stunning!!!

Well worth doing. Beautiful views and an easy walk. Picnic area at start/finish.

Sat Mar 30 2019

beautiful hike. Definitely follow Kevin's instructions below regarding parking. takes about 2hours.

Just finished walk in 2 hours. Parked outside O'Mearas shop in Flagmount which is on the loop. Walked north for about 1km and turned left at entrance to "White Sands'. The road sign for Cahermurphy forest has been knocked down. Follow orange arrow markers for the loop.

Mon Feb 18 2019

Walk from Leixlip to Drumcondra. Took about 3 hours, 30 minutes. Easy level walk, mostly on paved or gravel surface, some sections on grass/mud. Nice walk from rural to urban area.

I originally designed this walk and cannot reconnect with it to update and fill in more details; it was originally on Everytrail. Any suggestions please

was amazing experience!

Loved the hike! The scrambling up the rocks are not too extreme although you should be in decent shape/athletic. The day started off clear with blue skies and it was beautiful. At the peak the clouds had rolled in. We hiked up the scramble rocks, made it to the peak, and on the decent we walked down a little ways, walked along the ridge (pretty narrow) and down the switchback. I recommend this as your plan. Great beautiful hike!!

Fri Sep 21 2018

Great hike! My boyfriend and I did the entire thing in about 3.5 hours. We went up the chute and down the switchbacks considering it was very stormy throughout the entire hike. If you are a strong hiker you won't need poles and it is a very laid back approach and you will want your hands for the chute. For the chute, we didn't encounter anything that appeared treacherous though I can see people getting in trouble if they aren't wearing enough layers as it got really cold especially as we approached the top. A good rain jacket, rain pants, and gloves are what I would recommend above everything else.

We were a bit nervous as we left Cronin's yard because of all the warning signs and memorials at the trail head. But I'm glad that we marched on as it was a great 6hr hike with epic views. We recommend going up the devil's ladder but going down the zig zag for a safer route back down. Be sure to watch your steps as people trip and fall regularly. As we hiked up the ladder, we came across a woman who had trip going down from the summit and looked pretty scratched up... Just be careful and check the weather before heading to make sure you don't get caught in rain, fog or high winds. It can get very slippery since most of the hike is on rocks. Unless you're expecienced, we wouldn't recommend doing it in the winter or in bad weather. Besides, you'll miss all the stunning scenery!

Nice view and good track. Took the Devil's ladder to go to the top and the loop back down Ladder seems quite dangerous going down but is fun going up The Loop may be longer than the Devil but takes the same amount of time Should be done on sunny day. We needed 7,5h including two bigger breaks

Sun Sep 24 2017

Worth it in the end, but don't make a loop out of it. Stay on the marked (eastern) trail and make it an out-and-back. Great for pictures!

Tue Feb 14 2017

This was our first hike when we were in Ireland. We wanted to go up to the top of Galtymore Mountain, but the lack of signs or trails put a halt to that. We soon realized that going cross country is just how you would do it. It was certainly a pleasure walking thru the grassy meadows below the mountain though. It was like walking on sponges. The grass was green and deep. So we parked a short ways up the road to this area once we got off the main road. However, the cutoff to this spot is not signed, and it took us a while to find it. We started walking up the road as it does continue past a gate that we figured we better not go through. Turns out we could have, but then the loop wouldn't have worked. So once at the very end of the dirt road, we climbed over a fence that had a set of steps and into the grassy fields. No trail. Nothing. Wide open and that was it. So we made a beeline in the general direction of the mountain. After getting to the base of it, we had second thoughts about bushwhacking up the slope of it. We did see another guy who was doing just that though, so that must be the way they do it. But we decided to just head for the lake and call it good. So after going over a few small ridges and down through some gullies, we were at Lough Curra. A nice little glacial lake with crystal clear waters. From the lake, we were able to find a fairly well used trail back to our car. This was a nice little loop and nice to be in the Irish country side where everything was green, green.

Mon Feb 13 2017

My favorite hiking partner (my wife) and I hiked to the highest point in Ireland in June of 2009 on a clear blue sunny day. The mountain is quite impressive as you approach it, and it appears to be very steep. We hiked up between the two lakes below it and ascended the infamous Devils Ladder. This is a steep chute filled with talus and boulders the whole way. You have to pick your way through as there is no real trail in this section. It took us almost an hour to go up this short pitch. Kinda sketchy in a few places. Once at the top of the ladder, it is wide open to the top. We arrived on top after about 2 1/2 hours of hiking. It is pretty steep, but you are not fighting high elevation here. The views are endless up there. You can see both the Kenmare and the Dingle Bays on the ocean, and countless lakes all over the Killarney area. There is a huge cross on top with a couple of memorials for some hikers. We had the place to ourselves too ,which made it nice. After about a half hour or more on top we started down. When we got back to the top of the ladder, we decided to take a different route down from there. So we kept hiking on the ridge trail from there, and that goes back down to the main trail avoiding the ladder. Really nice along this ridge top. It was steep going down the switches here, but beat going down the boulders. We got back to the main trail and then it was just back to the car from there. Beautiful hike on a gorgeous day. If ever there, it's a great way to spend a day. We rolled into the corner pub on our way back to our B&B for a few celebratory pints. Great way to end the day!!! Would do it again for sure.

excellent heritage guide to the wonderful heritage of Ballinrobe

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