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2 months ago

I'm not sure why Kolak chal and tochal are labeled together as despite them merging at the top, they have separate entrances..
in any regards my review is for kolak chal , entering from niavaran.park jamshideyeh.
it's a moderate to difficult trek , and the only reason I would give it the higher rating is because it has a very steep incline , almost all the way up (3.5km distance ,2.5km elevation) with very little to no rest (meaning it's pretty much up hill all the way) which not only kicks your butt on the way up but kicks your knees on the way down. nevertheless it was beautiful in autumn and once at top you can get some eggs, lentils or pinto beans to get charged up for the return downhill. make sure to get some cinnamon tea and rock candy, hits the spot in the cold weather!