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1 month ago

2 hours to go up. If you want to stay away from the crowd, you can choose a viewpoint in the hill. There is a small part at the end of the constructed viewpoint which is difficult to climb. Except from that, it is fairly easy.

off trail
2 months ago

it was pretty unsafe due to heavy rain. steep tracking with some track have elevation >60°. Breathtaking view in Surya Kencana and the Summit.

3 months ago

Hiking to Mt. Gede is my first 'real' hiking experience. Hiked from Cibodas basecamp at 7am and camped at Kandang Batu at 12pm. We prefer Kandang Batu post due to easy access to water, less crowded, and flatter terrain. The trade-off is, you have to go earlier for summiting if you want to catch sunrise on the top. Started our summit attack at 3am, but reached the summit at 7am. However, it was a great experience!

4 months ago

Very dusty at this time

nature trips
4 months ago

Its about 8 km to Ranu Kumbolo lakr, from Ranupane. Small trails for 2 person, a breathing filter masker is recommended since dry soil dust comes from the trakcer feom feon of you and everywhere. A rewarding trip when you reach ranukumbolo.. view spectacular

Best to start the hike before sunrise. Lots of people will try to ask you to take their horses to go to the top but they will only take you on a very short ride for a lot of money! Half of the trail is composed of stairs so it's fairly easy. You get to see spectacular views of Bromo and the caldera!

Attention il y a un gros bug sur la trace , oubliez la partie qui quitte la route et y revient à mi chemin (rivière asséchée par laquelle il est impossible d’accéder à la mère de sable à moins de faire un saut de 50 mètres dans le vide! Sinon génial point de vue !

7 months ago

Pretty amazing hike! It’ll take 3 days to conquer the summit. Beautiful and breathtaking, definitely worth it!


Tue Dec 04 2018

hard trekking for 31 hour thru and fro with 5hr rest in between and 1hr of sleep. did it for 2d 1n.

Fri Nov 09 2018

Really amazing place.


Thu Oct 18 2018

i'm lucky until the top

Sat Oct 13 2018


Sat Sep 29 2018


The view was great but very dirty tracks.

Tue Aug 28 2018

The track until the last camp point (Kali Mati) was easy. The summit attack is harder especially given the sandy and rocky surface. Spent 6 hours from Kalimati to Summit.


Sun Jul 01 2018


Sat Jun 16 2018

Nice trail, and very creepy when its night

Sat Jun 09 2018

if you are interested in mystical trail and you can get the permit, try mt Gede Rumpang Cliff trail. Get the experience stay one night at the edge area of the crater contiguous the climb trail to Kandang Badak. Via this trail you come to the volcano crater then you come to the trail to Mt Gede Summit if turn the left or if you go/climb straight you will come to Kandang Badak. In 1986 I had experience slept one night at that area (I got only one night stay permit from the Mt Gede Authority). Remember use good quality of ⛺ tent only. The view via Cibereum waterfall is better but the experience climb via Rumpang Cliff will give you unforgettable experience.

Good trails

amazing map

Mon Jul 10 2017

Completed this hike during the monsoon season. The trail was wet and there was heavy rain. This didn't stop people from hiking or camping on the mountain. Once you arrive you will have to check in at the ranger station and pay for ticket. I didn't see a single ranger on the trail though nor did anyone ask to see my permit. I paid 45$ for mine, since I am a westerner and they charge us more. Once you set off on the trail there is a river that is on your right side and is warm due to the volcanic active. There is also a lot of wild animals including monkeys. There is a point in the trail where you cross a hot spring waterfall and it is incredibly slippery. They do have hand rails to assist you though but the water is pretty hot. When we arrived at the camp ground, it was completely full and over crowded. I took a break and then continued on to Gede. The trail gets pretty steep and will require ropes to help you scramble up. Upon reaching the top there was a group of small stores that sold food and water. It also gets pretty cold at the top due to the elevation. Also, not sure if the stores are there 24/7 or if they arrive based on the willingness of eager opportunist. Once I took my photo and ate I head back down. The total trip took me about 11 hours. This wasn't the best hike I have ever done. I think it was due to the rain and the fact that the trail wasn't taken care of. This include trash and how people treated the area, especially at the camp site.

Mon Jul 03 2017

perfectly great journey. Difficult trek via Grenden Village (new trek) but the view was so amazing

Mon Aug 22 2016


Sun Aug 21 2016

Amazingly difficult trek to hike (Suwanting Vilage) but very rewarding on the way to summit. Great view and clean air to breath

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